As John J. Rambo may or may not have shed his last blood on cinema screens, perhaps it’s a good time to remember him in all his glory when he had been pardoned by the president and was free to hang out with his pals like Turbo and Touchdown, fighting mostly non-lethal battles with the mercenaries, bikers and cyborgs of the S.A.V.A.G.E. terrorist organization. That’s why I watched and wrote about “First Strike,” the first episode of the 1986 cartoon series Rambo: The Force of Freedom.


As always, thanks to everyone who has been able to support the Patreon. That extra monthly check has improved both my life and my writing by allowing me to work fewer shifts of the day job and focus on the good shit here. I hope the quality of the reviews here as well as the bonuses over there like the TWILIGHT series help to express my gratitude.

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3 Responses to “Patreon bonus: RAMBO: THE FORCE OF FREEDOM”

  1. I like how Rambo doesn’t wear a shirt in the movies because he keeps losing it but he doesn’t wear a shirt in the cartoon because that’s his uniform. It’d be like if they made a DIE HARD cartoon and McClane didn’t even own a pair of shoes.

  2. As a modest patreon of this glorious site I would even be happy with no Patreon exclusives…your continued excellence is reward enough. Cheers.

  3. Love this sight. Love your writing. On behalf of the silent long-term readers, thanks

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