Atomic Blonde trailer

I mean honestly, I didn’t need any more information after the fight at the beginning. But yes, this is from the co-director of JOHN WICK. It’s based on a graphic novel, adapted by Kurt Johnstad, who I think did a good job on the 300 movies. And kudos for noting Charlize’s Academy Award after showing her kick a dude down some stairs. I got high hopes.

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  1. Will they have a cover of the George Clinton song “Atomic Dog” but dog replaced with Blonde?

  2. I fully expect Blondie’s ATOMIC to be on the soundtrack.

  3. Wish I could be ad excited as you guys but I’ll just sit in my corner and keep waiting on KICKBOXER: RETALIATION.

  4. Grimgrinningchris

    March 11th, 2017 at 4:58 am


    I JUST watched this trailer and my first thought was “Vern! I bet he’s gonna review this trailer”. Come over here… and VOILA!

    That’s some hot shit!

  5. Like I twooted at you Vern. Lack of ‘Salt’ style waif-fu is promising but the whole thing feels in danger of being overstuffed and hyperbolic to the point where it will fail in giving women around the world the direct access to edifying action tropes that they so richly deserve.

  6. Hope I’m wrong though.

    Here’s to an age of female action stars not requiring magic to make them effective

  7. Good Lord, this thing looks fucking perfect.

  8. Yep. This looks badass. And the soundtrack potential is immense.

  9. I haven’t watched this yet (I try to wait to see trailers in the theater whenever possible) but I for one am glad that Theron went back on her decision to stop making action movies after AEON FLUX. The woman seems to have been created in a lab for this kind of work.

  10. Well this one came out of nowhere! Really pleased to see Theron honing her leading lady action chops after solidifying her badass status with Fury Road (although I always considered her a non-action badass after Monster). I may be mistaken, but that intro fight looks like it was all her and not a stunt double.

    Also excited to see Sofia Boutella getting more exposure (*ahem*) after I felt her potential was under-used in Start Trek. Here’s hoping her relationship with Theron isn’t just for titillation, and they make either a great alliance or rivalry.

    So far 2017 is looking like an amazing year for high-quality theatrically-released action movies!

  11. Am getting a Luc Besson vibe from this one. Haven’t decided yet if its ‘good’ Besson circa LA FEMME NIKITA, or a slick vacuum like COLOMBIANA or LUCY.

  12. Welp I’m sold. I too enjoy Theron and was pretty vocal that if GHOST IN THE SHELL every got made and they absolutely insisted on not hiring an Asian actor to play Matoko, they should get Theron. I was SO convinced that this was a good idea (again only IF they wouldn’t cast an Asian lead which we all knew they wouldn’t) that I had to keep reminding myself that they cast Scarlett Johansson instead.

  13. Sofia Boutella, the chick with the slicer feet from Kingsman, and soon to be in the Mummy with Tom Cruise

    she’s going places

  14. Too bad that MUMMY looks pretty bad though.

  15. you’re right griff, it looks like empty bombast

  16. Speaking of trailers, how about the new Edgar Wright joint, BABY DRIVER?

  17. And the (more spoilery I guess) International trailer:

  18. Darth Irritable

    March 12th, 2017 at 7:26 am

    That stairwell fight was amazing, and how a battle with a capable, physically strong woman would have to go. None of this Black Widow shit.

    But holy crap… That girl must have a chin like prime Wanderlei Silva.

  19. I guess I’ll have to trust Edgar Wright on this one because neither trailer got me all that pumped. It probably has something to do with liking fight scenes more than car chases. However, it’s Edgar Wright so it’s probably fantastic.

  20. Nah, as you might know, I have a pretty troubled relationship with Edgar Wright’s movies (the only one that I really love is HOT FUZZ, everything else is just ok IMO, although I acknowledge his talent and the uniqueness of his movies.), but this is the first one, where not even the trailer got me excited.

    Of course the movie might be awesome, but everything about this looks and feels like one of those B-movies, that are able to get a ton of big names in front of the camera, because the director knows the right people or everybody involved thought it’s gonna be the next big cult sensation, and then crash and burn (no car chase pun intended) at the box office and are forgotten a few months after the home video release.

    The Halloween mask conversation made me laugh, though. It would be cool if the movie is more like this and not just a generic “One last job while protecting the new love interest” flick.

  21. caruso_stalker217

    March 12th, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    I gotta say, that trailer didn’t do much for me. There’s a lot here that I can get behind normally. Charlize Theron, John Goodman, people getting kicked down the stairs, ladies doing stuff to each other, etc. But this is leaving me a little cold. It doesn’t feel like I’m looking at anything I haven’t seen already. The choreography seems a little off to me too. Kind of awkward looking, like there’s no weight behind the blows. I don’t know.

  22. There is always somebody :)

  23. i want to see this my friends!

  24. Apparently that stairway scene is a tiny part of a 5 minute sequence, filmed as if there’s no visible edits. A couple of reviews I’ve read say it’s a classic action sequence. I’m so sold.

  25. Just wanted to let caruso_stalker know: You’re not alone.

  26. You two can watch Don Wilson movies-instead.

  27. They had me at lesbian sex.

  28. Early reviews coming out of the SXSW screenings this week are mostly extremely positive.

  29. So Harry loved Atomic Blonde and did his overly rediculous hyperbole praise bullshit and said it was better than John Wick. Ok, fine.

    What was hilarious to me was Harry coming up with some bullshit story about an eyelash getting into his eye so he could avoid having to type that he didn’t like Baby Driver. Dude, Edgar Wright won’t stop being your friend if you don’t like one of his movies.

  30. Found nestling within a review:

    “In a Q&A following the film’s premiere, Theron said that she trained alongside Keanu Reeves, who was preparing for John Wick 2 at the time — and that they would spar together in preparation.”

    I love this.

  31. Hopefully, Charlize Theron will star in a few more of them …

  32. International trailer out today (presumably NSFW):


  33. Hey, looks like we got this one to look forward too, as well:

    THE VILLAINESS Trailer (2017) Cannes Action Movie

    The Villainess Trailer - 2017 Korean Action Movie Subscribe for more: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=NewTrailersBuzz About the Villaines...

  34. Why are they saying it’s unprecedented?

  35. I just read there is a 7-8 min single take fight in this movie. As if I didn’t need more reason to watch. I love single take scenes more than anything.

  36. I have not liked one single thing I’ve seen from this in the trailers but:

    1) It’s by one of the JOHN WICK guys.

    2) Charlize + action movie = combo with a lot of goodwill thanks to our lord and savior MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

    3) It has James McAvoy.

    So I suppose on principle alone I will still have to check it out.

  37. “I have not liked one single thing I’ve seen from this in the trailers”

    I uh, I just don’t see how that’s possible. Not even the part where she wraps the noose around the guy’s neck and uses it to swing down to the floor below? Or the great-looking, crystal-clear outsized but based-in-reality stairway fight? Or the bit with the sniper and the umbrellas? Or… shit, man, are we looking at the same trailer?

  38. She just looks so slow and it all looks so weightless that it doesn’t impress me. It just distracts me. Could be completely different in the finished film. At least I hope.

  39. Broddie, you sound sexist lol

  40. Damn Broddie, you’ve been accused of being racist, not-progressive-enough, and now sexist all in the span of one-week.

  41. It’s truly amazing must be some kind of record.

    Even more bewildering because whoever cut the trailer and choreographed the fights probably isn’t even female. I guess I must hate men.

  42. #alleditorsmatter

  43. When was Broddie being racist?

  44. Last week in the SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING thread, Broddie said he thought it was funny how forced the the racial makeup of the cast was and then one guy came in and told Broddie (who is not white) that he was being a racist.

  45. Oh yeah I remember. I thought it was a weird comment but nothing to call somebody racist over.

  46. You all need to check out Todd’s review.

    Atomic Blonde is thrilling, gorgeous nonsense. More, please!

    (Just don’t think about this movie too hard.)

  47. College kids make out to dvd menus?

  48. I’d argue that considering multi-racial casting to be a ‘choice’ while not seeing the typical all-white casting as a choice is indicative of learned racism. It is a *choice* to have a young, white, heterosexual, cis-gendered, able-bodied male as the lead. I’m not saying it’s inherently problematic or in any way bad to have a lead like this, but only contextualizing it as a choice when the lead is anything other than young, white, hetero, cis, able-bodied dude is… well… look, it’s complicated.

  49. Broddie, here is an article explaining how they choreographed the fight scenes with the lead being a woman in mind.


  50. It’s going for a different, more down-to-earth style and tempo than JOHN WICK or most HK-influenced choreography. It feels more Korean to me. Every blow hurts a little more, and that affects the speed of the combatants. In any case, the choreography does not feel slow in context, and definitely not weightless. I thought the movie was good without ever fully taking off, but the fights weren’t the problem.

  51. Speaking of, have you guys heard of Cinemascore? I always find the reference in box office reports weird. Atomic Blonde got a B which they called middling. In my universe a B is a pretty good grade. I even hear an A- as so so. If I got an A- grade on school nobody would say I did so so. I don’t know guys.

  52. I’d say B, B- is fair. It’s better than average but not great. Which is a perfectly fine thing for a movie to be, except on the internet where if you’re not the best movie ever made you’re the worst piece of shit ever created.

  53. The twists near the end threw me off a bit.

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