Life is good

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6 Responses to “Life is good”

  1. I actually watched this teaser, despite my habit of turning trailers off immediately, if they start with random scenes from later in the video attached to the beginning. Simply because I wanted to see more of John Wick. I wasn’t disappointed.

  2. Yes. Yes it is. And I love knowing, without them showing it, that every shot Keanu fires is a kill shot. Very satisfying.

  3. So good. They wrote the Fishburne role with him in mind and Keanu helped arrange it. Source – At NYCC panel.

  4. I just wet myself. Again.

  5. Jesus Christ. How many more dumb MATRIX jokes can the Internet come up with?

  6. Obviously we can’t say for certain based on the trailer but I think it’s safe to say that John Stahelski might be one of the best action director in the world. At this point I’d rather see what he is going to do next than anything Isaac Florentine and maybe Gareth Evans. Though obviously I can’t wait to see what David Leitch’s next movie looks like.

    On a complete side note, I recently was watching some of Live Free or Die Hard. I really wish that Len Wiseman could make friends with people that write good screeplays because he’s so underrated as an action director. Everything I’ve seen from him has had some really clear, well shot action scenes yet almost everything he does just isn’t all that cool. All people remember him for is PG-13 and remakes. I’m hoping that with R rated movies doing well again that he can just make his R rated version of Die Hard even if it’s a stupid origin story.

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