I’m giving away two Blu-Rays of CODE OF HONOR starring Steven Seagal

tn_codeofhonorOkay, everybody remain calm, I know this is fucking crazy but two of you lucky individuals are about to have your lives changed FOREVER. Some day soon, a CODE OF HONOR blu-ray will arrive at your home, and from that moment until the end of your life, you will never have not once been an owner of CODE OF HONOR on blu-ray. These sort of momentous events cannot be planned for. The best we can do is just take a deep breath and let destiny do her thing.

Here’s how to enter: in the comments, write me a sentence or a paragraph about a movie character you like that operates by a code of honor. It could be a Seagal character or otherwise. I will (somewhat arbitrarily, I suspect) choose two winners at noon on July 5th, which also happens to be the release date of CODE OF HONOR starring Steven Seagal as basically The Punisher.

Please make sure to use your current email when you sign in so I can get a hold of you if you win.

One catch: Lionsgate will only ship inside the U.S. Sorry about that my international friends. I don’t make the rules. That’s just how the lion’s gate swings.

Action Superstar Steven Seagal Seeks Revenge In
Retribution Is Served on Blu-rayTM, DVD,

& Digital HD July 5 from Lionsgate

CODE OF HONOR_BluRay OCARD 3DSANTA MONICA, CA (May 9, 2016) –  Martial arts icon Steven Seagal tests his moral code in the action-packed Code of Honor on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD July 5 from LionsgateCode of Honor follows an ex-Special Ops agent as he protects his city from a vigilante. Currently available On Demand, the film also stars Craig Sheffer (Stand Up Guys), Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise), Helena Mattsson (Iron Man 2), Griff Furst (Focus), Rafael Petardi (Angels & Demons), Michael Flynn (feature film debut), R.D. Call (Waterworld), and James Russo (Django Unchained).

 When his family is killed in a drive-by shooting, Robert Sikes (Seagal), a former Special Ops operative, vows to rid his city of every last criminal. Sikes’s former protégé, FBI agent Porter (Sheffer), with help from a witness (Mattsson), tries to find his vigilante friend before the police — or the maniacal mobster Romano — are able to.

 OutlawVern.com raves, “If you are absolutely dead set on seeing no more or less than 1 (one) of the 2 (two) Steven Seagal films that came out last week, and you can’t be talked out of it, I highly recommend CODE OF HONOR for your specific circumstances only.”

Code of Honor will be available on Blu-ray and DVD for the suggested retail price of $19.99 and $19.98, respectively.


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  1. Apologies for that new about the author box at the end of the posts, by the way. I thought maybe I could use it to raise awareness of my books when people come in here through a link.

  2. Ogami Ito’s code of honor always confused me. You know, the guy from the Babycart/Lone Wolf and Cub/Shogun Assassin movies. Like, in one of those, he gives a guy a pass and lets him go, even though that dude just murdered three innocent people. In another one, he murders a small child in exchange for money. But he absolutely will not shut up about honor. He lives by the code of bushido. If he goes out of his way to help someone, he’ll say it was because of that code. It’s never made any sense to me.

  3. I always appreciated Mason Storm’s ‘Superior Attitude’ in Hard To Kill… but, just to be different, I’m going to choose Ruslan’s more brutal Russian Gangster Code from Driven To Kill. Plus, the knife fight in that strip club kicked ass!!!

  4. I vote Boyka. Even when he was a bad guy and an arrogant asshole, his fierce code of honor would not allow him to accept victory in a fixed fight. It gave him the drive to pull himself up from the absolute bottom, rebuild his body and spirit, and overcome enormous odds to be the best. It also allows him to respect a worthy opponent in the tenets of fight brotherhood.

  5. I’m talking about the Russian dude from UNDISPUTED II & III. Scott Adkins. You probably know that.

  6. I am going to take a weird left turn and pick Matt Damon’s Mike McDermott from Rounders. He makes choices with integrity and honesty, owns those choices and their consequences, honors his commitments and debts, and “he always doubles back” to help his self-destructive friend Worm (Edward Norton). He’s true to himself and to others. He’s also handsome, blue-collar in roots and sensibilities, quick-witted, full of confidence, calculating-but-gutsy, and a kick-ass poker player. He can hold his own with the big-time law professors, but he’d prefer to match wits with the poker sharks. He strives excellence and embraces his calling, even if it’s not the safe or socially acceptable path. There’s more than one way or genre to be a badass.

  7. Steven Seagal as Nico Toscani in “Above the Law” definitely had a Code of Honor! He walked into the jungle ( at night!) because he didn’t like the way his arch-enemy Zagon rolled. As the toughest cop in Chicago he kept to his code of honor roots as he kept the streets clean from drug dealers AND the CIA. He defeated Henry ( Code of Silence ) Silva and saved the day. A great character in a great flick. Also, I live in a small town in East TX and I need all the entertainment I can get. Thanks!

  8. Mine is actually pretty dishonorable. Nic Cage in Snake Eyes as Rick Santoro. He’s the kind of guy I can’t stand. He’s always on the phone with his wife or girlfriend, hitting on girls, taking bribes, and being an obnoxious ass to just about everyone. However, he’s oddly dedicated to Gary Senise as Kevin. Santoro takes everything Kevin says at face value, and that’s the reason Kevin has pulled off his “bad guy” plans, because he can count on his overly loyal scumbag buddy. Kevin thinks of himself as honorable, and Santoro is really only honorable to Kevin until he discovers the truth.

    I think its incredibly underrated.

  9. I’m as ineligible for the prize as a baby dingoes dinner, or a dingoes baby-dinner for that matter, since I hail from Down Under, but I’m putting Max Rockantsky forward as the most code-honoring badass motherfucker who ever rode that shiny and chrome highway.

    It’s not that he willfully puts himself out there as a hero, but that he does WHATEVER THE FUCK HE CAN to avoid people and their dilemmas. Until he can’t. Then the Road Warrior emerges and he does not give up. Max. My name is Max.

  10. Ghost Dog is the classic example for me. The film draws our attention to it step by step, first by showing us he has a code from an entirely different culture, then by showing us he is a man with a code in an age when codes are dying, and finally by showing us he not only lives but dies by the code.

  11. I would like to suggest Ralph Fiennes character of Harry from In Bruges. That character definitely had an odd code that he lived his life by.

  12. Mad Dog, the top henchman from Hard-Boiled. He’s a ruthless operator on the bad guys’ side throughout the movie, and we don’t know anything about him as a person (including whether he follows any particular code) until close to the end of the movie, when innocent civilians get caught between him and Andy Lau (I think) in the hospital shootout he slowly, calmly puts his gun down on the ground at the same time as the cop he’s been trying to kill. As I remember it the 2 don’t say a word to each other or anybody else about what they’re doing or why… it’s just instantly understood that their efforts to kill each other shouldn’t unnecessarily endanger bystanders. A great example of fight brotherhood, I think.

  13. Ben C. should win – excellent example.

    Another great John Woo henchman with a clear C.O.H. is Chong from A Better Tomorrow II. He’s been the evil foil to Chow Yun-fat’s badass Ken the entire movie, stalking the heroes behind his own pair of sunglasses (he probably also has a restaurant, and a twin brother to replace him in future movies). He even dispatches one of the main characters.

    During the chaotic final shootout when all hell’s breaking loose, one of the cowardly bosses is planning to make a break for it, cramming as much money into his clothes as possible. He drops a huge stack in front of Chong, saying something like “Here’s your cut!” before fleeing the scene. Chong stands there stoically for several seconds, glances down at the small hill of cash disinterestedly, then pulls himself up and heads out the door to find Ken and force him into one final exchange of bullets.

    A villain who knows what he’s there for and keeps his eyes on the goal – one twisted but noble code of honor.

  14. Ghost Dog! Classic.

  15. I am going to go with Harry Callahan. He has a stringent code upon which he views crime. He fights with his life and nearly sacrifices his career just to capture the Scorpio Killer in Dirty Harry and to protect innocents out there that get killed by those who the justice system does not imprison properly. However, Harry is also willing to bend his code for moralistic reasons, such as in Sudden Impact, when he lets Sondra Locke’s character get away with her murder spree because she was wrongfully raped and those who did it were never acquitted or convicted. Therefore, he’s likable in that he has both a bad ass code in that he has no tolerance for crime, but understands that everyone, including himself, is human, and that the rules can be bended or broken sometimes. How can you not love a guy like that?

  16. “Call me Bone.”

  17. Jean Reno character in The Professional comes to mind. He was somebody that was a loner, and had his own set of rules and style. However, when it comes to saving Natalie Portman’s character, he goes completely against all of his own set of rules and regulations to protect, teach, and befriend her. Morally amazing!!

  18. There’s so many crime fighters, super heroes, action heroes, etc to pick from, but that’s too easy. That’s not who I am. I don’t take the easy way out, so I’m gonna come out of left field with this one. I believe a great example of a movie character who played by a code of honor is Crash played by Kevin Costner in the classic Bull Durham. Now hear me out, my man Crash ya see he had been in the minors for a shitttttt long time so what happens when he gets tossed by down to single A from triple A; does he quit? Fuck no my man bites that bullet and does that the organzkation asks of him, he helps the shit head young pitcher played by Tim Robbins to harness his abilities and become a fine pitcher. On the other hand he could have been fucking Susan Sarandon’s fine ass the whole movie, so did he do it? No ya see my man Crash he plays by a code of honor he doesn’t just sleep with her because she’s hot. He wants to know her, he’s not interested in her shitty games. So he waits it out, plays it cool, & everything works out in the end. That my friends isn’t just a man who plays by a code of honor or ethics that’s a god damn American hero.

  19. My vote for the best Code Of Honor would have to be Martin Brundle Stoltz, son of Jeff Goldblum Brundle, in THE FLY TOO: YOUR FLY IS OPEN.

    So my man is 5 years old when he makes it with Daphne Zuniga from SPACEBALLS. Does he say “Hey, I’m 5 years old and technically this is a crime in most states, except for Arkansas?” NOOOO. He sucks it up like a man, takes one for the team, and decides not to BURDEN her with that knowledge. That is HONOR, right there.

    THEN he finds out that Old Man Peabody had played magic tricks on his awesome golden retreiver and turned him into a living, breathing bearskin rug with Jack-Elam-style-eyes. THAT he can totally forgive. BUT THEN he finds out that Peebs Bartok kept his mutated dog ALIVE, and is keeping him in a pit sorta like the Rancor monster where they just feed him Canadian style food like poutine, I guess since David Cronenberger directed the first THE FLY ONE.

    So what does this Honor-bound 5 year old mutated dude do? He sudoku’s the poor animal with some Zima (I think, I can’t remember the label) and everybody in the back row starts crying, and they call their mom after the movie because now they realize that Sparky didn’t go away to the farm when they were liddle kids, but was given away to an evil corporation to do experiments on.

    Is THAT a bridge too far for Martin??? Nope, he’s totally chill and figures that Peabody Bartok probably had a good reason for turning his favorite pet inside out like linguini. So when he finds out that he can straight-up cure himself with a “donor” person and stop hisself from turning into a pile of glop, his HONOR keeps him from grabbing (let’s say) the flowy-haired pervert security guard and booking directly into the pod.


    AND THAT. THAT is too far for Martin Stoltz Brundlefly. His sense of honor has finally been pushed too far. There was a line in the sand, these fuckers crossed it, and now he is going to make his own version of DEATH WISH 4.

    To make it right, he has to spin a cocoon all over hisself, go into hibernation, and then emerge as a four armed SuperFly so can (1) vomit a dude’s face off, (2) crush a dude’s head under an elevator (move FASTER, stupid!), (3) rip up the lady doctor that’s been sticking him with freaking needles HIS ENTIRE LIFE, (4) pet a doggie, (5) bend the flowy-haired security guard into origami and toss him like a football across the largest soundstage in Vancouver, BC, and (6) grab Old Man Bartok and get in a telepod so he can be cured, but turn Bartok into a giant fleshy, turd kinda monster beast that they can put into the hole HIS DOG was in earlier in the movie, where he’ll eat poutine for the rest of his miserable, nasty life. AND THEN a fly lands on the poutine dish. JUSTICE. HONOR RESTORED. TOSS THE MIKE DOWN. NO MORE SEQUELS, BITCHES. THE END.

  20. Mr. Shemp, I hope you were drunk when you wrote that, because you deserve nice things. Your take on THE FLY TOO is far and away the funniest thing I’ve read all day and while I’m at it want to celebrate YOUR code of honor and commitment to excellence. Vern, Mr.Shemp deserves not only CODE OF HONOR but the entirety of Seagalogy for his comment.

  21. Jerome, thank you kindly. Not drunk, just can’t refill my meds until Tuesday.

    BUT I didn’t keep it to a paragraph, so I’m probly disqualified – sorry ’bout that, Vern! Love you, brother!

  22. Mr. Shemp just won EVERY copy of CODE OF HONOR.

  23. Darth Irritable

    July 4th, 2016 at 10:04 am

    Is there any answer other than Ned Stark? Honorable to the point of stupidity, his code puts him and his entire family on the headsman’s block, but gives us Arya the assassin, and Jon the resurrected badass.

  24. Allinthereflexes

    July 4th, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Jack Burton. Big Trouble in Little China. You want a code of honor, Jack Burton’s gonna give it to ya.

  25. An interesting aspect of On Deadly Ground is that Forrest Taft had dropped his code of honor by the time the movie starts. He needs Hugh Palmer to confront him about it in order to get the plot moving. Forrest and Hugh clearly respect each other, or else Forrest wouldn’t have checked the classified records like Hugh asked, and Hugh wouldn’t have bothered to tell Forrest in the first place. Hugh still believed in Forrest’s code of honor even though Forrest had dropped it in order to take the big paycheck from Aegis. Without Hugh getting in his face for some truth telling, Forrest probably would have walked out of the bar without even playing the handslap game. Codes of honor are strong, but sometimes they need to be reinforced by the people we respect.

  26. Nikolai in Eastern Promises. A henchman in the Russian mafia has so many moral choices to make, I thought he did pretty well while being surrounded by criminals and psychotics!

  27. I want to thank everyone for giving thoughtful answers. It was actually hard to choose the winners because there were many who deserved it equally. I have contacted the winners, so the rest of you will have to buy CODE OF HONOR, or act it out to yourself based on my review of it.

    thank you

  28. Lionsgate is pushing his new movie Cartel as a theatrical release. It co-stars George St-Pierre and Luke Goss. It was hard to determine but I think GSP is the bad guy and he has a fight with Seagal. No fucking way do i believe fat slow Seagal has a chance against GSP. It also reminds me why I prefer JCVD is because Seagal almost never is vulnerable in his fights. They never feel like Seagal may lose and even the one time he does he really doesn’t.

  29. That fat piece of crap Seagal is always good for a laugh. His Reddit AMA is glorious, better than Harrelson’s (who’s also a living zit in his own right):

    I am actor Steven Seagal - live from Thailand, AMA! • r/IAmA

    Hi everyone! This is Steven Seagal (yes, really!) live from Bangkok and I’m ready for your questions. I kick some serious ass in my new movie...

  30. Vern, I hope you are doing well, it has been way to long since I posted but I am bummed out and feel like in need to speak to the OG seagalogist about the troubling times we live in. In response to the discussion around the reveal of all the horrific and disgusting behavior Harvey Weinstein has perpetrated against multiple woman, there is word that Seagal is guilty of over two decades of the same disturbing behavior. I am not naive, as an adult I continue to enjoy the golden era of Seagal’s films in spite of my knowlage of his personal politics and questionable behavior, but I have been able to separate the man from his work and rationalized ignoring it. I am not sure I can do it anymore. If the rumors are true I will never be able to watch another Seagal film without thinking about all the pain he has caused.

  31. Oh boy. I hadn’t heard about this. I’m already struggling with feeling like he’s a traitor to the United States. I’ve been trying to write about it, but have had a hard time getting it right. This is a true test of our abilities to separate the art from the artist.

  32. Yeah I have also been wrestling with him being a traitor and puppet for Putin, but this may be the straw that broke the camels back.

    Steven Seagal the latest star to be accused of sexual harassment after the Harvey Weinstein controversy

    "Inside Edition" correspondent Lisa Guerrero tells Newsweek the action star propositioned her on the set of a film.

  33. I have been able to dismiss the political BS, because I could rationalize him being misinformed or minipulated (who knows what type of dirt Russian intelligence has on him) and he could be a knowing or unknowing political pawn without being completely morally bankrupt, but being a sexual predator is another level of depravity.

    I think many people have a family member (or members) that are not bad people but we might be uncomfortable with thier political beliefs or decisions they might have made, and we still care for them and might even enjoy thier company despite their problematic characteristics. For some of us it might be an uncle or grandparent that we hold fond memories of from childhood but now they make you uncomfortable because they always forward you pro Trump fake news emails. Steven Seagal has been that one uncle for me, he dresses weird, he has a pony tail, he is way into martial arts, and he seems to be pretty full of shit and you are not sure if you can trust his stories, but those eccentricities are also what makes him unquie and endearing so I could ignore the political emails, but finding out he is sexual predator I am at a loss. I am sure Cosby fans have felt the same way.

    This is truly said and my heart goes out anyone who has been the victim of sexual abuse.

  34. I just realized the cruel and sick irony that the title of the film that this thread is for is called CODE OF HONOR.


  35. On the one hand I’ve felt that Hollywood’s hell all of entertainments all systematically repugnant frat boys club reality was in great need of a purging.

    Enough of the absolute power corrupts absolutely cliche always proving true. Some fucking restraint and professionalism especially towards women has been long overdue. Same with crew members in general. So seeing all these assholes really showing themselves for who they really were all along is swift justice a long time coming. On the other hand it’s depressing as fuck.

    It’s ok though I’m ready for a more fair and honest Hollywood reboot free of assholes for while. Until it eventually degenerates and corrodes all over again because human nature fucking sucks.

  36. I still watch LET’S DO IT AGAIN because to me it’s one of the greatest movies of all time. Anything I felt for Cos as a fan or a man completely died though. It’s kinda like Mel Gibson except I feel more sorry for Mel. He was conditioned that way by a fucked up father. Cos CHOSE to drug and rape women smfh.

    At the same time you wonder how the hell he normalized that devious behavior in his mind. Who the fuck was he around that that seemed to be a regular thing to do? You remember the president’s nonsense about locker room talk and then you go “oh”.

    Powerful people in this country are fucked up all over. Hollywood, corporate, music biz, politics all of it. The more of these idiots we see brought to the light the better.

  37. I agree that Hollywood has more scumbags in it that need to have light shined on them, but sexual abuse is not unique to Hollywood or men in power. Fame and power have given predators a greater access to victims and more resources to cover up thier actions and most sexual predators tend to be men, but there have also been at least 3 stories in the past couple months about female teachers having sex with thier underaged students. Sexual abuse is a problem everywhere not just in Hollywood, but all across the globe. I personally know to many people that have been victims of some form of sexual abuse and for many of them it happened when they were young, and it just disgusts and saddens me.

  38. I replied to your first post before seeing your second one. It sounds like we are on the same page, there is a culture of sexual abuse in our society that is not going to change unless more abusers are exposed and punished.

  39. I feel a bit the same way about Chuck Norris.

    Chuck was a hero of mine growing up as a kid. A legend in the Martial Arts community and he seemed like a kind & decent man as well. To learn the weird things he believes now makes me sad.

  40. Oh I agree. The amount of child abuse that happens is sickening. I knew a boy in high school that got sexually abused by a teacher. Since this was admitedly a hot teacher every other kid is giving him props. Meanwhile I’m one of like 3 muthafuckas that was grossed out by her after that.

    It was so wrong and pathetic. I just thought “lady we’re teenage boys you were our fantasy by nature but we are NOT supposed to be yours.” He was a kid that dealt with a lot of sexual issues with women after that.

    Had issues with intimacy which is something crucial to real sexual relationships. Sex was more mechanical to him. It broke him and he didn’t even realize it till we became men in our early 20s and he got some real help at my insistence.

    This was the late 1990s the fact that it happened before then and till this very day is definitely repugnant. Abuse of power is by far humanity’s greatest sin. So many people just give in like a bunch of Ellises. It does make you weep for the world not gonna lie.

  41. OUT FOR JUSTICE, is one of my favorite films of all time and I want to separate the man from the art but I am not sure if I can do it. It is hard for me to continue to enjoy the art without being reminded of the abuse.

  42. Totally understandable Charles. I hope Vern does write a piece someday about movie icons who are real life scum and how that affects us as viewers. How some of us may accept the distinction between artist and asshole better than others after a while.

    Even though I still watch the MAD MAX and LETHAL WEAPON series of flicks I totally understand somebody never watching anything by Mel ever again. I certainly wouldn’t blame them. His verbal abuse was beyond hard to stomach both times they were made public. Cop and baby mother.

    It definitely would be a great topic for the community to ponder on and it’s something that’s been shadowig badass cinema for a very long time. As far back as John Wayne and Charlton Heston. Even our beloved Uncle Clint sometimes crosses over that thin line straight to cuckoo land but goddammit I’d be lying if I said his directing skills get better as he age. It’s really interesting to think about. Like how far must they really cross the line before we finally go “I used to love that guy but FUUUUUUCK HIM!”

  43. I love Jon Voight on RAY DONOVAN. However I would never like to have a beer with Jon Voight. Ever.

  44. Broddie, I think there is a complicated and interesting conversation to be had. Thanks for sharing.

  45. It just dawned on me, did Seagal become a Russian citizen because they don’t extradite their own?

  46. There have been a lot of accusations against Seagal over the years and so sadly, this does not surprise me one bit.

    His recent UK TV interview with Piers Morgan was the final straw for me, and made for transfixingly awful television, with the possible nadir being Seagal almost saying the n-word about 6 times, before settling on

    He thinks he’s above the law. Well, he’s not above mine.

    So, yeah, I’m done with him.

  47. That interview was pretty atrocious I couldn’t sit through all of it. Speaking of interviews. Shout out to Ed Asner who also showed himself and how “Old Hollywood” still thinks its perfectly ok to disrespect women’s boundaries in an interview recently.

  48. Charles if I’m not mistaken after quite a long time of petioning for it and requesting it Seagal was indeed granted citizen status out in Russia.

  49. Karlos, it pains me to say it but I can’t say I am surprised either.

    I have seen clips of the interview, but couldn’t watch the whole thing. I feel like Keith David in THEY LIVE, I have been fighting putting on the glasses because I don’t want to be confronted with the truth.

  50. As a tired liberal who usually bemoans every single topical issue ever being somehow transformed into a
    racial one, I’d like to point out that the fact that I’ve heard zero about this story in the media kinda makes me think “yeah, we’re definitely racist as fuck”.

    Rae Dawn Chong on Twitter

    “Year ago represented by a huge very successful talent agency. They set up a meeting with Steven Segal for his... https://t.co/fqioUpI9nJ”

    Like, if you google Steven Seagal and Rae Dawn Chong literally nothing comes up! There’s like a billion bloggers who write weekly articles about “well if such and such victim were black instead of white, nobody would care”. I guess this proves them right even though I figure maybe at least one of the said bloggers would have written about it?

  51. Chong also has a gross story about Brett Ratner,

    Rae Dawn Chong

    I am on a roll...I have another nightmare story to share about an executive in a film company. Brett Ratner's film company wanted to meet or so I was told because I had at the time written a new...

    which is pretty similar to Olivia Munn’s gross Brett Ratner story. (it’s kinda weird how lighthearted and jokey the EW story is, when almost EVERY SINGLE THING Ratner says in the story would totally be a fireable offense today. What a difference a few years make!)

    Olivia Munn: Brett Ratner talks relationship on 'Attack of the Show'

    Brett Ratner appeared on G4’s Attack of the Show for just a little over six minutes, but that was plenty of time to cover a wide range of topics. The director took the time to delve into his …

  52. Wow. Glad to see her airing them out. I always liked her.

    “This isn’t a plane. It’s a canoe with wings.”

  53. Ha, now Ben Affleck is apologizing for groping a TV presenters breasts! This shit is snowballing…

  54. This is my 5th attempt to write something about the whole topic.

  55. BTW, as somebody whose favorite wrestler was Chris Benoit I totally get how hard it is to seperate the artist from the crime.

  56. There’s an article today at The Wrap regarding Seagal.

    This is the final straw. I am done with him from now onwards.

  57. New Trailer for Steven Seagal’s ATTRITION.

  58. Just saw Steven Seagal on News at Night. He’s in Venezuela, sent from Russia as a diplomat. He gave President Maduro a samurai sword as a gift and they jokingly sparred a bit. Or at least Madura sparred. Seagal just stood there smiling.

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