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Hello friends,

Thanks to the encouragement of Clubside Chris and several of the regular commenters I’ve decided to try Patreon. (CLICK HERE FOR MY PAGE THERE.) If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a crowdfunding platform kinda like Kickstarter except instead of supporting a specific project (like a statue of Robocop, a short film about Robocop, or an epic poem about Robocop) you’re supporting the output of an artist or writer or podcaster or whatever. So you can set it to donate a couple bucks monthly and if enough people do it it adds up to bill-paying money. It’s like in Great Expectations, he has that mysterious benefactor helping him to become a gentleman, but instead of doing it because I helped you get your shackles off when you were escaping prison you do it because I recommended a good Scott Adkins movie to your or something. (SPOILERS for Great Expectations.)

I appreciate all your generosity with the Amazon, Paypal and Zazzle links, and those will remain as methods of supporting me and outlawvern.com if you’d like. But Patreon seems to be a more visible way of receiving monthly donations so that if it works well enough I will budget how many hours I can responsibly cut from my day job to work more on my real passion here.

I have a couple ideas for projects that I’m really excited to do, that could be bonus content for a certain level of “patrons,” as they call supporters on there. But my hope is that it’ll work out well enough to justify doing those things to share with everyone and not just as an incentive. We’ll see how it goes.

telethonAs always, I apologize for the intrusion/begging, and I don’t want anyone to feel guilty if they don’t donate anything. I’m still gonna be writing no matter what. But it’s my dream for this to be my main job instead of what I do before and after (and on the way to) work, and maybe this is the way to make that happen. I also want you to know that one of my goals is to create time to dedicate to another action star book in the vein of Seagalogy without having to slow anything down here on the sight. If that makes a difference.

Anyway thanks again, apologies again, and I appreciate you all reading my shit no matter what.



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15 Responses to “You can support me through Patreon now”

  1. Crushinator Jones

    April 4th, 2016 at 6:51 pm

    Proud to be a patron of the bad ass arts.

  2. Hell yes, son. Count me in!

    I’m sure you have already got the subject of your Seagology follow-up in mind (Van Damme?!?) but something fun for Patreon might be setting up a couple different “reward” levels to let your patrons sign up for which Action Star book they’d most like you to do next. Or maybe just the next series of in-depth articles? Willis Less Die Hard? Or something. I dunno. Just an idea.

  3. Too late, I always feel bad for not being able to donate. (Not your fault. I just like to support people who deserve it.) Good to know that there is now an extra way to do that.

  4. Vern actually has a bunch of ideas KingNewbs but they require some WordPress changes. I’m still finishing up closing down my parents house and haven’t been able to get to them yet but I’m happy Vern pushed ahead with setting up a Patreon account. I have one more storage unit to consolidate that hopefully I’ll finish up this week and then I’ll be able to get on it.

  5. Signed up! I hope this gives you the boost you need to dive into another big project!

  6. Vern, I wish I could contribute more, buddy.

  7. Excellent. This will be money well spent.

  8. I’ll join, but only if you promise to use your Magical Vern Powers to shield Paul from this looming atrocity:


  9. The Original Paul

    April 5th, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Larry – don’t worry, I still have faith in Diablo Cody to have more in her than just “Young Adult”. And I believe Theron would be back in my good books after FURY ROAD, if I’d had a chance to see it properly.

  10. If there’s an internet personality deserving of consistent support, it’s Outlaw Vern. I’ve gotten so much value out of your writings over the years, I’m happy I can give a small thank you this way.

  11. Rad, clubside. Thanks for all you do to help Vern out with the sight.

  12. Just added my support. Keep up the great work Vern

  13. Done… And, done!

  14. I checked Patreon and we’re at 43 backers and $160 a month. That’s super cool! It’s a thing! I’m enjoying seeing that there are other Outlaw fans out there beyond the comments, as entertainingly good/shitty as they generally are.

  15. George Sanderson

    April 16th, 2016 at 1:05 am

    Glad to contribute what I can. Admittedly it’s not much but I hope it helps. I picked up Yippee Ki Yay, Moviegoer in a tiny bookshop in Amsterdam about 5 years ago and have been a fan ever since.

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