Ash vs Evil Dead trailer


Man, of all the crazy crossovers, who would ever think we’d see Ash get to fight Evil Dead? Holy shit, who is gonna win!?

I think this looks really good. EVIL DEAD meets old man action. Of course it looks like all jokes, more like ARMY OF DARKNESS than my preferred EVIL DEAD 1-2 tone, but that’s what you gotta do with modern Bruce Campbell, I think. It’s got a good look to it, though. Nice modern take on the style of the movies. (No cinematographer listed on IMDb.)

For those who haven’t heard, this is a TV series with half hour episodes. That’s unusual for a horror show of course, but I like it. It suggests it will be fast-paced, no dragging it out to fill the hour like on some shows. The pilot is directed by Sam Raimi, and other directors aren’t listed on IMDb, but I’m pretty sure there are some. The music is by the movie’s composer, Joseph LoDuca. At least one episode is edited by the film’s Academy Award winning (for THE HURT LOCKER) editor, Bob Murawski.

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  1. Oh my god, look at all those PRACTICAL EFFECTS! There is no chance that this is gonna suck, because of all the PRACTICAL EFFECTS! (just kidding)

    But seriously, I was jumping up and down on my bed in excitement while watching this for the first time! I have to disagree with you about the tone, though. This seems to be pretty EVIL DEAD 2-ish, with its mix of slapstick and heavy gore. One thing that pleases me a lot, are the sidekicks. Giving Ash some young friends to play with, seemed like an unbelievable stupid studio note (“Add two hip youngsters for the cast. The kids won’t tune in for a show starring an over 50 years old guy.”), but from what we can see here, it seems to work.

  2. I could have done without the opening corset joke. I liked the tone of the rest of it though. The other jokes landed and they weren’t shy with the gore. Really looking forward to this.

  3. Yeah the corset joke kind of makes it seem like it’s gonna be MY NAME IS BRUCE: THE SERIES. But then the rest looks pretty good so I’m actually excited about it now.

  4. Fuck yeah, motherfuckers! It’s on!

  5. I wonder if the use of the Rebootquel’s font has to do with more than just “brand recognition” and they might actually acknowledge its existence, probably have the final girl of it show up in here at one point.

  6. Jareth Cutestory

    July 11th, 2015 at 7:15 am

    Anyone know the plan for this thing? Is it intended to be an ongoing series? Or more of a finite thing?

    There’s too much fan service, Campbell’s performance seems a touch too self-aware for my taste (not unlike a lot of Schwartzenegger’s less successful work), and the exposition seems clumsy and heavy handed. But, damn, the sensibility is definitely in there, something fundamentally EVIL DEAD. After the abysmal trailers for the latest TERMINATOR and JURASSIC PARK rehashes, this is like a gust of fresh air.

    The spring-loaded shotgun trapdoor is so righteous.

  7. It’s great to have Bruce Campbell as Ash back, but to be honest I kinda wish this was a new movie, not a TV series.

    HOWEVER, at least being on tv means they can be as gory as they want to be.

  8. CJ Holden – Maybe it ties more into that movie than we know?

    Raimi has said that this show is not really a follow up to ARMY OF DARKNESS not in the conventional sense. It’s yet another timeline thrown into the mix of the ED multiverse. It just so happens that it takes place after similar events to AOD with the S-Mart ending if that makes sense.

  9. And yeah I see some clear cut EVIL DEAD 2 influence all over this thing. Fitting since ED 2 and AOD are very similar to each other in tone. With the slapstick homages and use of one liners and all. THE EVIL DEAD is the only one that is truly it’s own stand alone thing in terms of it’s tone. It’s underground horror straight up like a good vodka shot. It still has that kick no matter how many times you drink it. Sort of like THE TERMINATOR and also like that movie it resonated so damn much that people just couldn’t stop demanding a sequel. It’s my favorite for that reason; it generally is still a pretty fucked up thing to watch even now a days.

  10. The original EVIL DEAD is my favorite of the series as well, as much as I love 2 and AOD, the original still has that bizarre humor while at the same being legitimately creepy.

    Another thing is that postmodern take on horror is so, so cutting edge for 1980, EVIL DEAD 2 still set the standard for horror comedy but by 1987 the idea was a little more common, there’s nothing else at all like the original EVIL DEAD at the time of it’s release, it has the feel that you’re watching something completely fresh and ahead of it’s time.

  11. Ok, I guess MOTEL HELL is pretty close, which was also 1980, but it’s still not quite as bizarre as EVIL DEAD (MOTEL HELL is still awesome as well though).

    Don’t want to derail things, but MOTEL HELL man, that movie seriously gets under my skin and creeps me the fuck out and I don’t even know exactly why, has Vern ever reviewed that one?

  12. Griff:

    HOWEVER, at least being on tv means they can be as gory as they want to be.

    MAN! Who would’ve ever thought someone would one day be able to say a thing like that non-sarcastically? We really have entered a golden era of television.

  13. KingNewbs – I know, it’s ironic isn’t it? I was hearing about some Netflix show about Marco Polo where one episode had like a dozen completely nude Asian women and I know that ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK has lesbian sex and whatnot in it, you could put none of those things in a movie today without probably getting an NC-17 rating and yet there seems to be no limits to TV shows provided they aren’t on CBS, NBC, ABC etc of course.

    It’s pretty sad how sanitized movies have become, I guess that “torture porn” trend of the 2000’s was the last gasp for anything envelope pushing happening in movies*

    *unless of course it’s a French film like BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR where you’ll have two actresses graphically scissoring each other, but hey that’s France for ya and that aint the kind of movie that’s gonna get a Happy Meal tie in!

  14. This is going to rock.

  15. I wish Raimi had pulled a David Lynch and is set to direct all the episodes himself.

    But I can’t say no to more Evil Dead. Hell, I even liked the remake!

  16. Since no other director’s are listed yet, I make an easy prediction and say that very likely candidates are Scott Spiegel, Josh Becker and Michaell Hurst.

  17. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I just don’t like Bruce Campbell anymore. That’s the only reason I can think of why I’m not excited about this. It’s rare that a movie is so bad that it completely kills a beloved actor’s onscreen persona, but MY NAME IS BRUCE is that movie. In a mere ninety minutes, he went from B-movie workhorse who always gave his all to half-assed slacker cynically coasting on the goodwill of an indulgent fanbase he clearly didn’t respect. Haven’t been able to really enjoy him in anything since. He’s been totally Shatnered.

    It’s not like I won’t watch every episode, though. I mean, it’s Sam Raimi directing the Evil Dead. That’s how they getcha.

  18. Weird. Shatner got more un-ironic respect than ever before from me during the last 10 or so years, for several reasons.

  19. But for his acting? You can watch him act and not be thrown out of the movie? Because as much as I love the guy, he’s more meme than man at this point, and Campbell is following in his footsteps.

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. He’s doing the same thing he always did but I’m just not receptive to it anymore.

  20. Shatner’s acting is one of the things that earned him my respect. He got his certain “trademarks” and he will never be a character actor who completely hides underneath his role, but man, if BOSTON LEGAL doesn’t proof that there is a real actor, who can switch from broad comedy to subtle drama within the same scene hiding underneath his schtick, I don’t know what does. (apart from that: Seeing him as the 70+ years old human being that he is walk into a convention hotel, sit down and write autographs and take photos with fans, not leaving until everybody has one (or the convention closes), witout a break or complaining, gets bonus respect from me.)

    Bruce Campbell? I honestly haven’t seen him in anything since I watched the first 2 episodes of BURN NOTICE in I think 2009. I remember him being pretty un-Bruce there. Not completely, though. But he obviously played it like a guy, who knows that the more mainstream audience that will watch this show, doesn’t care about his usual thing.

    Apart from that: The only thing that throws me out of a movie are commercial breaks and other interruptions.

  21. I haven’t watched anything with Bruce Campbell since BUBBA HO-TEP came out however long ago that was. So I’m not quite burned out on the guy just yet.

    CJ is right though. If TV was a nation then Denny Crane would be a national treasure. Completely ace performance from Shatner when it came to that character.

  22. I never saw that show. I did like that album he made with Ben Folds, though.

  23. I’ve never seen My Name is Bruce, but I will second that Bruce Campbell is really good in Burn Notice. He doesn’t ham it up like usual (and I like it when he hams it up). And as Holden said, he seemed aware that the show was geared towards a different audience. It convinced me that even if all of the nerd love for Bruce vanished overnight, he would still have a steady acting career.

  24. Shatner’s secret (and probably the reason he’s endured so long in the public eye) is that he’s cool by virtue of NOT being cool at all. Which isn’t to say he’s cool because he’s an Ubernerd, but rather he somehow manages to turn cool in on itself.

    Sounds odd, I know… but give it a few minutes to sink in.

  25. I agree with the above comment about it being in a continuity unto itself as Ash references he and his FRIENDS going to the cabin, which was only an in-continuity thing in the first Evil Dead, the sequels then retconned it as just him and his girlfriend, and ED2 and AoD clearly happened in some capacity, though I imagine the epilogue of ARMY is going to be ignored, as you might need to explain what happened after that exactly.

    Looks really fun though.

  26. Continuity never really was something, that the series cared about anyway.

  27. You never know Griff, a Happy Meal Scissor Box has a certain allure….

  28. Aw, fuck it, I’m gonna stop being a stick in the mud and admit that this looks fun. It’s certainly different from anything else on TV, and the shorter running time is very enticing to a guy like me who rarely has the patience for hour-long television. It looks like it could use some more atmosphere but maybe they’re only showing the funny parts because that’s what they assume the fanbase wants.

  29. Mr. Majestyk – I never saw that MY NAME IS BRUCE because I heard it wasn’t very good and I simply gave it a pass, so Campbell hasn’t worn out his welcome for me yet.

  30. Jareth Cutestory

    July 11th, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    I wouldn’t go nuts recommending Campbell based on his work on BURN NOTICE. He was adequate, but rather often he seemed like he was reading his lines off of cue cards or not comprehending the words he was being asked to speak. He never seemed gel with the timbre of the show, and his few attempts to deliver emotion were pretty tone deaf. On the plus side, his physicality was great; he did a washed up marine really well in that regard.

    He was leagues better in BUBBA HO TEP.

  31. I think it’s obvious he did BURN NOTICE simply so he could have steady work and a steady paycheck.

  32. I wouldn’t say MY NAME IS BRUCE has ruined Bruce Campbell for me, but it’s really mediocre, and yeah, it’s kind of sad than Bruce couldn’t find anything more original to do with the idea of playing “Himself” than that. The problem is that “Himself” isn’t “Bruce Campbell”, it’s Adam West or William Shatner or Krusty the Clown, it’s the same comedy character that they give to every celebrity when they supposedly play themselves: a pompous loser who lacks any of the qualities and skills of the one character that made them famous, looks down on their past work and their fans, and has to begrudgingly accept the shittiest gigs to make a living. They do that on THE SIMPSONS, Hasselhoff did that in PIRANHA 3DD… Jennifer Tilly managed to do a funnier version of that in SEED OF CHUCKY, but in MY NAME IS BRUCE, they just awkwardly insert sleazy/douchey/cowardly Bruce Campbell in the premise of THREE AMIGOS and GALAXY QUEST and don’t execute it as well as either. Their one joke is really just “hahaha, Cambell is not a hero at all, he’s just an asshole!”

  33. That’s bizarre though, Campbell’s appeal is that he’s a nice, cool guy, why would they make him play an asshole?

  34. I liked MY NAME IS BRUCE, I still laugh thinking about the little kid saying “daddy?” But it does just end, without the pay-off from an obvious set-up earlier in the movie. Maybe they were trying to be subversive with that, but if so it didn’t come off.

  35. It’s probably because he is an asshole in real life. Not in a bad way either but he’s not Mr. Friendly.

  36. But I disagree with Griff’s claim that his appeal is being a nice guy. Ash is a total asshole, especially in ARMY OF DARKNESS, which is the basis of his comic persona ever since. “That’s just what we call pillow talk, baby,” etc.

  37. The character of Ash, yes, but if Bruce Campbell is playing himself then I don’t understand why they would make him an asshole, Bruce himself seems like a real standup guy (though in fairness I say this as someone who hasn’t actually met him or anything), that’s why his fans want him to succeed and get good roles so much, that’s why like I said, I don’t understand why MY NAME IS BRUCE would go against that.

  38. Griff, that’s the formula. If a celebrity plays himself in a comedy, for any reason he must play himself as an asshole or at least completely delusional. That’s how Adam West, William Shatner and David Hasselhoff did it in hundreds of sitcom and b-movie appereances, that’s how Ricky Gervais got lots of critical acclaim for EXTRAS, that’s how ENTOURAGE got a certain buzz and it’s one of the reasons why MY NAME IS BRUCE isn’t really working.

    I guess part of the plan is to make audiences feel better. If celebs would portray themself as perfect human beings, it would come across as arrogant. But hey, a super cartoony, self deprecating performance as delusional asshole? Bingo! Ha ha, Kate Winslet is bitching about Oscars! She is just like us!

    Btw, after all these years THE SIMPSONS still know best how to use celebrities playing “themself”. Even in one of the lowest points of the show’s history, the full length Lady Gaga advertisement, they have way more jokes about her and her image stick than crash. Honestly, if the real Lady Gaga would be anything like her Simpsons counterpart, I would be a real fan. And the classic Mel Gibson episode remains the best use of a self ironic celebrity guest star as himself EVER!

  39. Not even that much thought was put into it. He’s just playing himself as Ash. That’s it.

  40. Can we get some props for Lucy Lawless reclaiming her (underappreciated) iconic female badass status with only about five seconds of screentime in that trailer?

  41. She never lost it Stu. Did you see SPARTACUS?

  42. Yeah, but she was more of a Lady Macbeth type in that, not so much a lady of action.

  43. Hell yeah, that’s a terrific trailer and I’ve watched it about 8 times so far. I saw MY NAME IS BRUCE at a screening with Bruce doing a Q&A as well, so it’s hard to separate my feelings from the night with my feelings for the movie. I’ve gone to several of his events and they’re always a ridiculous amount of fun. He was one of the first stars where he’d give you his AOL email address back in the 90s and he’d respond if you emailed him, so he’s always going to have a spot in my geeky heart.

    I was one of those guys who saw the trailer for ARMY OF DARKNESS and knew I had to see it the first night and I loved it. My teenage self didn’t even know it was a sequel to EVIL DEAD 2 at the time, but I had heard of it and once the movie started I figured it out and sought it immediately afterwards. Continuity and logic isn’t really the point of EVIL DEAD, I think they gave that up after the first one and just wanted to make it crazy. I still think the original MEDIEVAL DEAD title would have been way better, but I can see where the studio wouldn’t be a fan of it.

    I can’t believe that TV networks are finally listening to fans. The return of TWIN PEAKS, THE X-FILES, and now an EVIL DEAD sequel?! Remember that Hail to The King video game? That game kinda sucked, and Bruce at the time said that it’s the closest we’re ever going to get to another sequel, so getting an ASH series with the most fun trailer I’ve seen in a long time is like getting Christmas in October this year.

  44. Fuck. Yes.

  45. Not sure if you guys have noticed this, but I can be a negative prick sometimes. I tend to feel like there are an infinite number of ways something can go wrong and only a very few they can go right. So it does my heart good and possibly grants an extension to my tentative faith in the human race as a viable enterprise to say that I loved the first episode of this here inexplicable EVIL DEAD small screen cable television show for TVs. It was a bit shaky for the first few minutes, but then Ash strutted into that bar, threw that dart without even looking, and missed the dartboard by a good eight inches. That’s Ash right there: a complete and utter buffoon and a total fucking badass in equal proportions at the same time. They got it. I was in.

    My main concern was Bruce Campbell, who I’d felt had gone a bit too far down the smug self-referentila rabbit hole to be effective anymore. I take that shit back because he was on-point the whole time. The slapstick wasn’t what it used to be–the man’s in his late fifties, after all–but he compensated with some genius timing, inflections, gestures… Just a really solid, controlled, precise performance of a truly magnificent heel. I only worry that the other directors won’t have as firm a grasp of the fine line Campbell must walk with that character. You let either his ridiculous douchery or his over-the-top fighting prowess take over and the character loses his essence.

    But I’m staying open-minded. They proved all my doubts unwarranted with this episode, whose only flaws were some janky CG blood and some standard TV narrative wheel-spinning with the police subplot. But even if the other directors drop the ball, we’ve still have this near-perfect little EVIL DEVD mini-movie. That’s more than I even thought I ever had the right to ask for.

    If the new Star Wars doesn’t suck I might just have to reevaluate my whole stance on this life thing.

  46. Majestyk – I couldn’t agree with you more. That first episode was a goddamned gem. CGI Harry Pottery and narrative crumb-trailing notwithstanding, I felt that everything else about the pilot was firing on all cylinders. Campbell’s performance was a masterclass in reintroducing a beloved character who’s been away for a minute whilst also finding new depths and nuances to explore and I thought the sidekicks were interesting, full of future dramatic potential and not obnoxious in the slightest. I also appreciated the fact that series callbacks and references were used pretty sparingly. The opening up of the world and scale of the Evilverse was also handled really deftly and actually reminded me a lot of the first act of THE MIST (a movie that I see Vern just tweeted about, once again proving his unfuckwithable powers of cinematic prescience even if he didn’t mention it in reference to the show. It was just weird thinking to myself “This reminds me of THE MIST” and then seeing Vern drop some knowledge on that motherfucker afterwards.)

    Also Sam Raimi can still direct the hell out of a deadite attack set piece. (SPOILER) Also also, would any other televisional show or featural film operating within this genre but outside of this franchise take a moment to spotlight a comedic grace note as sublime as the one involving Ash and the box of light bulbs? I really, really doubt it.

  47. Just to clarify – I’m not saying that the use of CGI is inherently wrong or sacrilegious or a blight on our beloved horror genre and everything that we and it stand for. Just that this is a mid-budgeted tv show and therefore some of the CGI work is understandable a bit wonky at times. Not even close to being a deal-breaker with respect to its overall level of quality and accomplishment or the huge amount of enjoyment that I derived from the episode as a whole.

  48. Great to hear that the premiere was as good or even better as we hoped. Still no German start date, though. That makes me kinda regret that I stopped illegally downloading my shit years ago. But who knows? Maybe it will randomly and unannounced pop up today or tomorrow on Netflix or Amazon, just like season 2 of FARGO or FEAR THE WALKING DEAD did.

  49. CJ- Here in Australia it just randomly showed up on one of our national streaming cable providers a few weeks ago so I of course immediately subscribed. Before that I was sweating how to watch this shit legally. Hopefully it becomes available to you soon. I was pretty shocked that someone over here picked it up as a sort of subscription flagship but am incredibly glad that they did so.

  50. Majestyk – Imagine if we get the MAD MAX – EVIL DEAD – STAR WARS trifecta of against-all-odds re-franchising greatness and doing it as good or better bonanza that we as a people don’t deserve but that 2015 might deliver to us anyway because fuck that bullshit and have faith in the power of Not Being Ellis.

  51. JJ Abrams is pretty much the human incarnation of Being Ellis so I have to admit that I kind of want him to fail. And not just for the schadenfreude. I’m afraid that if he succeeds then the auteur theory will be proven completely wrong and we’ll have to start picking favorite studio execs instead of favorite directors.

  52. I’m concerned about trying to sustain this level of energetic horror/comedy over a whole season of TV, nevermind the already-greenlit second season. I think restricting it to weekly half-hour bursts will help people from getting burnt out.

    I see a lot of people complaining about the terrible CG, but for some reason it didn’t bother me. Have I reached the point where I can see low-budget CG effects as *gulp* scrappy and charming?

    At first I was disappointed about them not having the rights to ARMY OF DARKNESS, but now I think it might end up being a good thing. With that movie on the table the show might get bogged down with continuity and references. Now they’re free to go their own way or put their own non-copyright infringing spin on the same ideas.

    MIXALOT – Yeah, I unsubscribed from STAN a few weeks ago and within the next couple of days they announced they’d be carrying the show. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

  53. I could have done without the doll. That was basically a rehash of the hand from part two. But I did like, when Ash started to talk about his past we finally got part one and two connected in a weird way. They didn´t have the rights to that footage before, so the flashback was kinda cool.

    Hopnestly, it felt mostly fanservice. But can you vlame them? This IS for the fans and I think the half hour format really suits this franchise, because you don´t need character arcs or psychological complexity. All you need is a half hour each week with that baffoon badAsh.

  54. I still loved it though. Bruce is in great form here and it had plentiful gags

  55. Crustaceanlove, Evil Dead 2 happened so he definately went back in time so that might be addressed at some point in the series.

  56. It was everything I expected it to be…and more!

    Now bring back Brisco County, Jr.

  57. EVIL DEAD 2: NOTES FROM AN IDIOTE This might be a longshot, but when Ash cut his arm off he put a bucket on top off it with Farewell to Arms by Hemingway on top of it. Whwn Jakes throws the pages of Book of The Dead down the cellar, couldn´t that also be an literary in-joke to Notes from Underground by Dostojevskij? This might be old news for folks, but it just accurred to me. I wonder how many more literary in-jokes could be found in this movie.

  58. Crushinator Jones

    November 6th, 2015 at 3:39 pm

    Ok y’all, I saw this after my son fell asleep. Drove over to my parents’ house in the middle of the night (they’re away on vacation) and right as I put the key in the front door their (timed) lights turned off. Coincidence? I sure hope so.

    It was deadly still and quiet – that’s the way to watch an Evil Dead show IMO. And this was a pretty good one.

    Things I liked:

    1) Bruce Campbell’s mugging, particularly with those lightbulbs
    2) Jokes pretty much worked for me
    3) The “two cops” scene was a legit fun intense well-made action-horror sequence
    4) Sam Raimi’s kinetic direction (yeah that’s an overused quad of words, but it’s true)

    Things I didn’t like:

    1) Characters were kinda hit and miss. Liked the Honduran kid. Cashier gal was a cypher. Cop was ok. Lucy Lawless was a cameo (intentionally). Cop’s plot feels the most like a tv show.
    2) That weird phone sequence just didn’t do it for me.

    Not a bad start at all. I wilded out at the ending exchange. So they got me. I’m looking forward to more AvED.

  59. There was an hilarious amount of gore in episode two. And some hilarious Asholiness. This is becoming really great.

  60. It was very entertaining, though clearly not up to the standards of the first episode. It’s not just the Raimi visual razzle dazzle that’s missing. I firmly believe that Raimi is the only man on earth who can direct Bruce Campbell with the proper amount of utter contempt, the kind that comes from knowing a guy your entire life. These new directors no doubt grew up on EVIL DEAD and regard Bruce as some kind of demigod, and that comes across onscreen. The camera holds him in awe. To Raimi, Campbell is just that clown he went to middle school with. There’s no hero worship there. The idea that this jerk is supposed to be some kind of chosen one is hilarious to him. Sure, he knows when to let Ash pull off a badass move, but for the most part he treats him like the dangerous moron he is. So that tricky balance I mentioned above is a bit off. Sure, Ash is a dick, but he’s more of a TV-friendly, House-style “guy who doesn’t get along well with others but is the best in their field”, not a contemptible, cowardly, reprehensible dick the way Sam would portray him.

    Still, if this is the level of quality I can expect from this show, I’m fully onboard. It was way fun, and the not-quite-thereness of it will just make the infrequent Raimi episodes all the more exciting.

  61. It would have been funnier if Ash would have been wrong all the time about the mother.

  62. Raimi would have at least made Ash sweat a little longer.

  63. So what do you guys think of the series so far? I think it is great that it sticks with a somewhat (alhough vague) storyline and not go for a repeat monster of the week episode. I especially appriacted the trippy-as-fuck episode ” I got two hands,Brujo! I need two beers!”

  64. Season 2 trailer:

    Ash vs Evil Dead - Timeline | Facebook

    Ash vs Evil Dead. 982,798 likes · 20,387 talking about this. The official Facebook handle for the STARZ Original Series Ash vs Evil Dead, returning this...

  65. I just finished season 1 (It premiered on Amazon Prime a few weeks ago) and I got mixed feelings about it. The first and last episode are a pretty much perfect sequel, but everything inbetween was fun, although seriously repetitive. (Ash and Co show up somewhere, someone turns into a Deadite, 10-15 minutes of splatter ensue.) Like I said, it’s fun, but it didn’t really excite me as much as the rest of the world.

    I remember reading somewhere that the story for the show was indeed the story for another movie, so I can only imagine that the movie script was more or less the first episode, maybe the trip to the Shaman and then the return to the cabin, while everything else was just there to pad out a season.

    Still, I can’t wait till season 2 (which according to Amazon will premiere just a few days after the US premiere of each episode) and hope that it has a bit more plot.

  66. Looks like ASH VS EVIL DEAD gets a third season!

  67. Episode 2.2 had such a strong BRAIN DEAD vibe, that I started to wonder, if Peter Jackson would be up to direct an episode or two. (Since he will most likely never direct another splatter movie again, even if he talks about it every once in a while.)

    Also we should find a way to retroactively insert Lee Majors into all of the previous EVIL DEAD entries.

  68. “Never say ass or hole in my presence ever again!”

  69. Eating while watching this episode was not exactly the smartest idea that I had.

  70. Can we all appreciate for a second how great the second season is? It really blows the first one, which was very good but also heavily flawed, out of the water on a weekly basis. Even the tired “Hero is stuck in an asylum and has to question what was real and what not” plot, was nothing but great in here. (The puppet might have helped.)

  71. Popping back to say that, as an Evil Dead fan since my teens, season one was a mixed bag for me – season 2 though is really brilliant, genuinely surprised.

    Season 1 suffered from some really poor effects work – the series has always been sketchy in that respect – but at the same time really inventive and innovative, in terms of how they made things work with the budget they had. Season 2 really addressed those issues, and visually it is just streets ahead of the first.

  72. Well…too bad that it’s over. Storywise it was a really uneven show (up until its last episode, season 2 felt the most like it was actually planned in advance), but always fun and entertaining. And man, the last three episodes would’ve made one hell of a theatrical feature! (They also had the best effect work of the series!) Too bad that the show got cancelled on such short notice. I can image if they had more time, they maybe had shot a new ending, but hey, before that we got a great ending for the whole saga and I kiiiiiiiiiinda like that we are now again left at a similar point, where the alternative ending of ARMY OF DARKNESS left us 25 years ago. (My guess is that season 4 was supposed to use the “both endings are canon and we switch between different timelines” idea, that Raimi and Tapert talked about before the show started.)

    The main thing that the series will definitely be remembered for, is adding a bunch of completely unnecessary characters to the canon, but making them work. Kelly, Pablo, Ash’s daughter and Ash’s dad were all horrible ideas on paper, but if (when) Bruce Campbell comes out of his Ash retirement for one last ride, I think we all would be pissed if it would be an Ash-only joint. Can you imagine thinking “Man, I really wanna see more of Ash’s young sidekicks!” three years ago?

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