The Return of Florentine and Adkins

Ha ha, that’s how you make a teaser. I think that tells us everything we need to know, other than the release date. Also, it looks like somebody’s been watching the RAID movies.

Nick Chinlund (CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK) is also in the cast. The fight choreographer/coordinator is Jeremy Marinas, who was a stunt double for two of the ninja turtles. He was also in Jon M. Chu’s LXD: THE LEGION OF EXTRAORDINARY DANCERS series, so he must be a dancer.  Co-writer Chad Law wrote the pretty decent William Kaufman/Cuba Gooding Jr. DTV movies THE HIT LIST and ONE IN THE CHAMBER.

hat tip to Papa Vinyard at the Ain’t It Cool News

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29 Responses to “The Return of Florentine and Adkins”

  1. The Undefeated Gaul

    February 11th, 2015 at 1:41 am

    Footage seems pretty rough (green screen windows?) but it already looks great. Can’t wait for this.

  2. And, for the second time in a row a video that you shared has been taken down.

  3. Someone must have seen TOM YUM GOONG for that one long take.

  4. I like it. You can see the influence of THE RAID in this clip for sure. Not that, that is bad thing.

  5. Dang it, the video’s gone. Vern could you add the title of the movie to this article or something so I can try and find it?

  6. Is it CLOSE RANGE?

  7. Working link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIQWR7qQzvQ

    That was fucking awesome.

  8. Crushinator Jones

    February 11th, 2015 at 5:08 pm


  9. If the entire movie CLOSE RANGE is as good as the clip suggests, it should be pretty awesome. Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins have yet to let me down in delivering a solid action film.

  10. Good stuff.

    All the badguys wearing cowboy hats is very silly though

  11. Influence? More like thievery to me. I don’t know what it is but I have little enthusiasm for this. Maybe it’s because Ninja 2 was so boring or what. Not to mention how ridiculous the bad guys looked. He shouldn’t be attacking a Rancho band for no reason. Kind of racist if you ask me :)

  12. For those you making fun of how the bad guys looked in the clip I would point out that there are hundreds of thousands of people in Texas and Mexico that would take offense with you calling their outfits and cowboy hats ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, Micheal Bay is going to direct an intimate family drama set all in one small location with limited camera movement and cuts before you catch me in a cowboy hat but it is a real look people are actually into.*

    *There is one exception I once dressed as Macho Man Randy Savage for Halloween and a cowboy hat was needed to complete the look.

  13. Have you guys seen those long-ass curving elf boots lots of Mexican cowboys wear? There is literally no way that a costume director can go too over-the-top or on-the-nose in depicting the fashion sense of that particular demographic.

  14. Sternshein – “He shouldn’t be attacking a Rancho band for no reason.”

    Unless it’s Los Tigres del Norte. Some of those jerks deserve any ass whupping they may receive.

  15. Now that’s a fucking trailer!!!!!

  16. Your exactly right Mr. M, I guarantee there are guys involved with the Mexican cartel that make the fashion sense of the baddies in this clip seem tame by comparison. For one I didn’t see any over sized gaudy belt buckles in the clip.

  17. Scott Adkins: Still one of the only people in the world who can pull off the goatee look.

  18. Oh, I think there are a few of us…

  19. I liked CLOSE RANGE more than the above reviewer, even though I agree it’s a step down for Adkins & Florentine after NINJA: THE SECOND NINJA FILM.

    It’s almost *too* lean – the script is bare bones, the characterisation is slim across the board, and it feels like a “small” film.

    But there’s stuff here the Vern collective will surely dig: the action is plentiful and cut and shot fluidly and clearly, Adkins is as good as ever – all in all, it’s a fun 80 minutes or so.

  20. This is a nice placeholder for UNDISPUTED 4. It is sparse, simple, fast with plenty of indoors close range fisticuffs and gunplay. It is very generic, but the film is saved by the cut-out-the-bullshit-appraoch of filmmaking which is evident here. I can see myself return to this film for some sweet asskicking over the coming months, like having in the background doing something else.

    I don´t think it is “too lean”, there is nothing there that would made the movie better by elaborating. It´s not an interesting, innovative story. It is a simple excuse to have a bunch of dudes, kicking and shooting within close range. I liked it.

  21. I hope you mean CLOSE RANGE and that you saw it on VOD because everybody torrenting UNDISPUTED 3 is why we’ve waited so long for 4.

  22. Isn´t it available in the U.S? Overhere it is available on VOD and dvd/bluray.

  23. UNDISPUTED 4? Or CLOSE RANGE? The latter I think is on VOD here (on disc January 5) and the former is about to have a teaser trailer released but has no release date as far as I can find.

  24. CLOSE RANGE is available on pay-TV and cable here in Norway. If a movie doesn’t get a cinema release it’s on Viaplay or something in just days. I would hope some of the money we pay for watching it ends up with Florentine and Adkins.

  25. I highly doubt it, pegsman. I think it is very little return for them to their pockets. To finance these films are from what I understand incredibly complex solutions featuring many different lables, ditribution deals just to finance them. Unfortunately people downloading them forces alternate means of financing which often means the movie gets made in the end, but the more people involved means less money over all. Pleasse, correct me if I am wrong.

    But purchasing the movie can at least display that there is a market for these films, and peole willing to pay.

  26. Watching it on cable is legit, though. I didn’t mean to cast aspersions. I just don’t want anyone promoting the torrenting of movies like that around here. We want to see more Florentine and Adkins movies and we know it’s a struggle, so we have to do what we can to make the business model work for them. I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page on that.

    (and I was confused because you wrote UNDISPUTED 4, but I figured you probly meant the other one.)

  27. Ok, now I know what you meant, Vern. I may not have articulated myself well, but what I meant was CLOSE RANGE as something to get into while waiting for UNDISPUTED 4. I should have written “CLOSE RANGE is a nice placeholder for UNDISPUTED 4”. I thought that was what placeholder meant, something in place for something else.

  28. The boring business aspect aside, I like the movie. Maybe even better than Shoot “Johan Falk” McKay does.

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