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Ninja III: The Domination Blu-Ray review


NINJA III is one of the only movies to really explore how much ninjas like yogurt


One of our nation’s perennial VHS favorites, NINJA III: THE DOMINATION, has recently made the transition to digital and high definition disc type formats courtesy of the heroes at Shout Factory. Check out my review of the new blu-ray over on Daily Grindhouse. If you also want to read a review I wrote of the movie a couple years ago then you can click here.

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11 Responses to “Ninja III: The Domination Blu-Ray review”

  1. I notice that the three year older Vern is able to laugh a lot more at the absurdities of NINJA III.

  2. My VHS copy of NINJA DOMIIINATION is on dvd, thanks to a top secret connection I have in the gray market.

    But yeah, shout out to Shout for making a legit upgraded futuristical version. I’ll add this to the x-mas list and continue to take bets on whether it will be a Tarantino film, a Rob Rodriguez film, or THE EXPENDABLES:REQUIEM that becomes the first to meta-cast Sho Kosugi as an old ninja master/villain.
    (NINJA ASSASSIN doesn’t count cuz that movie played it straight.)

  3. ” In other words they thought it was more believable that somebody would be possessed by a vengeful ghost than that a woman would learn how to do martial arts.” That shit was hilarious.

    I watched the whole NINJA TRILOGY last night on blu ray. Still my favourite series of Ninja. But this part 3 is so amazingly bizarre and otherworldy I think we as a species should be ambivalently proud of this asymmetrical accomplishment of failed business practices ( aerobics and dancing are popular, lets throw it in the story), institutional sexism ( see above quote from Verns review) and solid action film making skills combined with ludicrous plotting.

    A weird wonderful film. Thank you, 1980´s!

  4. Shoot, have you tried Richard Harrisons ultra cheap ninja movies from the same decade?

  5. Unfortunately I have.

  6. At the other end of the scale, have you seen NINJA IN THE DRAGON’S DEN?

  7. Ninja In the Dragon’s Den is pretty amazing. My second favorite ninja movie after Heroes of the East (aka Shaolin Challenges Ninja).

  8. I think NINJA IN THE DRAGONS DEN might be my favourite ninja movie. It is chockful of interesting nice visual motifs of deception going along nicely with the Theme of Ninja and the story, while not original is surprisingly well told. Even the comic relief sequences ( usually a dire trope of HK cinema) works surprisingly well within the story. It sets up Conan Lees use of trickery in his fights with the Ninja. It is a highly imaginative movie in a lot of ways ,only hampered by the climax which is mostly hokey Looney Tunes bullshit. As hilarious and camp the climax is, it kind of stands out as being dumb in a movie that is surprisingly clever.

  9. I think it’s my favorite too. But I tend to like all ninja movies…

  10. One thing it has over Heroes Of the East is a great (vocal) theme song:

    Ninja in Dragon´s den Opening

    Divertido opening de la película "Ninja in dragon´s den". La canción es impresionante.

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