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Chinese Gods (Bruce Lee in Animation)

tn_chinesegodsSpeaking of weird animated martial arts videos, this week for my column on Daily Grindhouse I investigated a weird VHS tape I found of a 1976 animated movie purported to have Bruce Lee in it. Or a cartoon of him. It’s called CHINESE GODS, aka THE STORY OF THE CHINESE GODS. Bruce has a third eye and he fights a nine-tailed fox lady and that sort of thing. You know how it is.

CHINESE GODS on Daily Grindhouse

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  1. One of the most confusing movies I´ve ever seen was one of those fake biopics: FIST OF FEAR,TOUCH OF DEATH. A truly bizarre mix of real life tournament fighting and bullshit biography of Lee´s life using stock footage from other movies (including the lesser known melodramas Lee did back in Hong Kong before he became famous.)

    Did you know that in the beginning Bruce Lee wanted to dedicate his life to martial arts, because his ancestors were samurai? Wow!…just wow!

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