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Fists of Steel


I didn’t post about this while I was out of town, so if you missed it:

I accidentally discovered a doozy of an only-on-VHS-Vietnam-vet-ex-boxing-champion-with-metal-hand-bones-sent-on-secret-mission-to-Hawaii-to-kill-Henry-Silva movie called FISTS OF STEEL. Not the best movie I’ve seen for this column so far, but definitely the craziest. Details on Daily Grindhouse.

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6 Responses to “Fists of Steel”

  1. This websight cross-posting business is a bit like hearing your mistress describe what it was like to visit the strip club, only to hear about your wife’s dancing prowess. Alotta mixed feelings here. Anyway. Keep grindin’, Vern. Make that $, and we’ll keep clicking.

    In conclusion, everyone should watch NIGHT OF THE WARRIOR (1991).

  2. If I see a death notice for Henry Silva in the next few days, I’ll know what Vern was up to on his “break”

  3. I tried to comment on your review (on it’s own page) but it still shows 0 comments. You may want to look into that.

  4. Mouth, I can advise that in the current journalism climate, in the pursuit of more eyeballs, one of the most desirable assets in a write is his or her promotional abilities. It’s a good thing that Vern can use this site to bring readers to Daily Grindhouse, and hopefully bring DG readers back here too.

  5. Remember those 70s/80s movies which based the media for being too intrusive in their journalism?

    Now journalism to be “intrusive,” they would actually have to do journalism instead of simply reposting shit they found online.

  6. I also like when we discuss “the media” as a singular entity. It makes me think of a South Park episode where THE MEDIA is a giant monster that attacks the town and eats children. “Look out! It’s THE MEDIA! We have to stop THE MEDIA!”

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