Kill You Last #1

tn_killyoulastI was proud to do another piece for the Village Voice this week, but that’s not the only place I’m in print. I also got interviewed for a new zine called Kill You Last, which is all about action movies. Check out the logo there. Can anyone tell me where the ‘YOU’ comes from? I know the other two.

I never got interviewed by a zine before – also, I didn’t know that people still made them – but this guy Wil explained to me what he wanted to do and I knew it was up my alley. He writes passionately about action movie topics such as going to the EXPENDABLES 2 premiere, mediocre Bruce Willis movies, ’80s VHS covers, some asshole that wrote a book about Seagal, etc. I haven’t read the whole thing yet, and I strongly disagree with his take on HAYWIRE, but I like what he’s doing. The best topic in there is an interview with somebody who’s working on a documentary called CHUCK NORRIS VS. COMMUNISM about an underground network that smuggled bootlegs of American action movies into communist Romania.

Here’s where to get KILL YOU LAST

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  1. Hmmm…Hard to Kill, Last Action Hero, and the third one must be from a tagline or something. Or maybe part of the word ‘young.’ My first thought was Lethal Weapon, for some reason.

  2. Oh my god, a real fanzine! In the classic black & white written-on-typewriter-with-layout-done-in-copyshop look! In 2013! That is seriously awesome!

  3. You still writing for Clint magazine, Vern? I bought a few issues, but that is one tough mag to find here in South Africa.

  4. You Only Live Twice?

  5. Coul also be the “You” from For Your Eyes Only. Looks like Bond font to me.

  6. I’m pretty sure it’s YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE. Or #YOLT, as the kids would say.

  7. a fanzine? wuzzat?

  8. Hmm, the font might match the 007 title (though the right edge of the “u” is skinnier in the zine’s title), but you guys might be missing the other details of the “YOU.” The letters appear to be transparently overlayed onto a photo of either some flames or some foliage.

  9. Holy hell, it’s from Today You Die.

  10. That is seriously cool. You know, you gotta be impressed whenever someone puts their passion into something like this.

  11. Good catch,Forrest. I would never have guessed that. My dvd of TODAY YOU DIE has a completely different cover, font and layout.

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