Be safe

Just want to say I hope all our friends on the east coast are safe and well during this storm. I guess you probly got no power to check in with us, but we look forward to hearing from you again when it’s over.

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  1. On the news they are only talking about the US (which is of course fair, considering they got it worse), but I hear nothing about Canada, although they are affected by the storm too. I should mention that my girlfriend and her family live in Ontario, surrounded by lots of trees and according to the twitter feed of the local newspaper, there was lots of shit going down (although no mention of casualties yet) either.

  2. Yeah (carryover from the HIDE AND GO SHRIEK thread), DC dealt with some awful shit this summer, with the heat wave combining with a wicked storm to make life miserable a few months ago. There were cooling stations set up for the elderly/needy without power, and I hope they can do something similar for this Sandy storm ordeal.

    There were some casualties, unfortunately — the dehydrated and street dwellers — and some downed tree branches messing with the power, but it didn’t put too much of a damper on the World Cup viewership near the Spain embassy and the NorthWest quadrant’s local drum circle activities, in my experience.

    I don’t know what to say to alleviate the troubles brought about by an 800 mile wide superstorm.

  3. Good call, Vern. Let’s hope they’re all OK, or at least safe.

  4. Everything’s fine here in Potomac, MD, the suburbs if you will. Other than some minor power flickers all is well compared to last year’s weeklong power outage. All was not well in terms of entertaining my sorry ass since most TV was cancelled, the only new ep I got was from Castle so I watched a bunch of season three Cheers and season five Night Court. Oh, and your tentatively recommended Eddie Griffin flick Blast, which I planned to comment on in the morning.

    None of the recently reviewed slashers have really gotten my interest piqued, my Halloween-themed pick for the night was 2002’s Ghost Ship. Let the abuse commence.

  5. I live right on the east coast, but thankfully Sandy passed by where I live without any rain at all

    when I first heard of a “super storm” headed for the east coast though I almost shit myself

  6. What if you shit yourself and then the power was out and you had trouble getting to your clean pants?

  7. And that’s why I’m always naked while in the middle of a storm.

  8. The rivers & waterways are swelling in the NYC area, so emergency bathing shouldn’t be a problem in my opinion.

  9. But if the power is out, you´re naked, and shit yourself you leave a big pile of poo on the floor. And since its dark you can´t see shit. Suddenly you slip on the feaces, hit your head on some furniture. Seems kind of dangerous.

  10. And that’s why I shit everywhere. Not many people know that human poo is nature’s safety pillow.

  11. My GOD, Men! How can you be so callous? It nearly sickens me that we as human beings……

    Ah, fuckit! We’re MEN!… and men endure. Always.

    [Gathers up the Collective Poo of clubside, Griff, Vern, CJ Holden, Mouth, Shoot McKay, and myself… throws it into a pile & ignites it with gasoline].

    OK, lads… now, who brought the marshmallows?

  12. On a more serious note: My girlfriend and her family are safe, I just called them. They just had some strong wind and lots of rain.

  13. Thanks for thinking of us Vern. Our house made out okay. Backyard is flooded but the water never made it close to our house. We lost power for only about a half hour, so we were lucky. Lots of people made out way worse than us.

  14. Lower Manhattan and some areas in Brooklyn closer to the water definitely took a beating, and people lost power just a few miles away, but not much happened here in my neighborhood. We’re up on what passes for a hill in Brooklyn, so flooding is never going to be a problem. The worst thing that happened is the internet went out. The ceiling didn’t even leak the way it did during Irene, so I guess I got off lucky. I just stayed in and watched DEEP BLUE SEA. (It’s still awesome, by the way.)

  15. Well of course the religious right are saying the storm is God punishing America.

  16. Well, then He fucked up because I’m as godless a heathen as you’ll find and all the storm did is give me an extra long weekend.

  17. It´s good to hear from you “over there”, that you are fine and all.

  18. For tonight’s performance of Stephen King’s THE MIST, Marcia Gay Harden’s role of wacky Mrs. Carmody will be played by Chaplain John McTernan.


  19. why are Christians such fucking shitheads? I mean really….

  20. Now, now, let’s not generalize. There’s lots of Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Mormon, Catholic, antitheist, gay, straight, yankee, southerner, liberal, conservative, corporatist, socialist, yellow, and brown shitheads, too.

    The christian fundies just happen to get the most striking publicity for their stupidity in our corner of the world.

    Expand your misanthropy, young Griff.

    There are so many shitheads, such a variety of shitheadery worldwide; much of it just doesn’t always get the chance to pop up in local headlines during every natural disaster.

  21. It’s almost as if the news media has a vested interest in making sure everyone is constantly pissed off…

    Also, lets not forget that not all Christians are complete fucking arseholes – The vast majority of them are fine upstanding citizens who’s only crime is enabling the complete fucking arseholes.

  22. You know how in movies there will often be a dickhead sheriff or whatever who’s convinced that the hero is up to no good, and then there’ll be that scene near the end where he’s being a real cock and then the mayor or somebody is like, “Oh, shut up, Phil” and the audience cheers? That’s what actual Christians who believe in charity and humility and forgiveness need to do to assholes like that guy.

  23. P.S. George Lucas selling STAR WARS to Disney is the Berlin Wall coming down for nerds.

  24. Holy shit STAR WARS original trilogy fans won. They made Lucas tap out. Other filmmakers will now play in the sandbox. A David Fincher STAR WARS movie could now become a reality.

  25. Oh and thankfully my power remained on and I gusts that sounded brutal every 30 minutes or so. This is why I will never move downtown. 42 and 10 looked like a canal.

  26. *I only dealt with gusts..

  27. Wow. So George finally found the internet eh?

    I’ve gotta admit I’m pretty exited about all this despite the fact I’ve hated all things Star Wars for a decade. I don’t think we’re gonna get sequels though, my money’s on a reboot. A NOLAN REBOOT.

  28. Something tells me Whedon would like a crack at this. Cue the fans talking about the SERENITY guy playing Han Solo.

  29. They have already announced Episodes 7, 8, and 9. No reboots.

    I really don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, George hasn’t been the best caretaker of his own creation for some time now, but this new development just leaves it open to all kinds of abuse. There used to be just one man at the top of the STAR WARS pyramid. Now you’ll have an ever-changing rotation of suits trying to reinvent the brand in their own image. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

  30. As long as they get the right filmmakers it’ll be fine. This franchise needed a shot in the arm BADLY. Mind you this is more like a rocket through the skull. But between this and Arnold going back to CONAN at Universal it’s like the genre fanboys finally summoned a great wish granting genie or some shit. Really weird to see but I won’t lie, I’m curious. Which is more than I can say for anything SW since the prequels.

  31. Lets face it, the odds of someone doing a worse job than Lucas are pretty slim.

    Whedon’s a pretty good choice actually, I could live with that.

  32. Broddie lives!

    Hasn’t there already been like a jillion (1,000,999,R200,D2888,000,777,C3PO,001.4) STAR WARS cartoons & mini-movies & video games with massive wookie Tatooine [non-canon?] backstories & Legos offshoots & novels over the last couple decades? That one old Super Nintendo game was awesome.

    Anyway, STAR WARS CHAPTERS 7,8,9 3D in a few years… I’m for it. Might even buy a couple of the new promotional toy dolls and leave them in the original packaging so I can sell them in 20 years on eBay for a 10,000% mark up.

  33. Imagine if they hired Michael Bay to do it? It’d be so hilarious watching the nerds go apeshit I almost hope they do.

  34. I guess. But at least when Lucas fucked up, he fucked up in a way only he would do it. Love ’em or hate ’em, those were his fucking movies. The new STAR WARS will be directed by committee. It’s too big a thing to hand over to an auteur. Everybody with any kind of financial stake in this thing (which, considering the deal was for over $4 billion, will be a lot of fucking people) will be micromanaging this motherfucker.

    Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe George was allowed to be a dictator for too long, but he was the only thing keeping STAR WARS unique and not just another franchise product to be tweaked and reimagined with the whims of the market. I think I’d rather have his honest mistakes than a corporation’s cynical calculations.

    Either way, it’s the end of an era that’s been going on since before a lot of us were born. I’m sure lots of Cubans had mixed feelings when Castro stepped down, too.

  35. Really? You have to discuss this here?

  36. Why not? One storm ends, another begins.

  37. that Star Wars news is FUCKING MINDBLOWING OUT THE WAZOO

    and personally, I think it’s GREAT FUCKING NEWS, seriously, this is a dream come true fellas

  38. Well, if the new movies are gonna be directed by committee then Lucas definitely sold to the right people, which doesn’t surprise me. As blatantly dodgy as many of George’s creative decisions have been you really can’t fault the guy’s business acumen.

  39. Man, did Chris Cristie just win a second term and possibly establish a ’16 national run by throwing Mittens under the bus?

    Broddie – its funny but out in 2014 is Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, which I guess could be seen as STAR WARS but even more absurd.

    I find it fascinating more so the deal itself, Disney now owns STAR WARS and Marvel and Pixar and Jerry Bruckheimer works for them….one hell of an empire there, folks. Now Disney also owns ILM and THX and all those Lucas technical companies. Oh and the rights to Indiana Jones, but not the film rights (Paramount still owns them) so a rebooted Indiana Jones on TV or whatever could actually happen.

    What Majestyk and others are saying, I can’t dismiss those points. I mean let’s admit it, they’re deliciously sprinkled with truths. But then I think that STAR WARS, this great creative sandbox which influenced countless upon countless filmmakers. And imagine any of them getting the chance to play in that sandbox?

    But Episode 7, would Hamill/Ford/Fisher even be brought back? At this rate I fully expect Hamill to appear as the old Jedi master and head of the Jedi Academy, those other two written off. Though as stupid and potentially bad it would be, I’ll admit it: My inner 9 year old would like to see grandpa Han Solo and cranky Chewie (streaked with gray locks) piloting the Millenium Falcon again (w/ ex-Republic President Leia in her cabin drinking her breakfast. *hiccup*)

  40. You know somebody just pointed out that since the deal with Fox is over, Disney will release every new STAR WARS film until the end of time.

    Which means, no more Fox fanfare openings. I have trouble imaging a SW movie opening without that great Fox fanfare theme segueway into William’s BOOOOOM cue theme song.

    Or at least I can’t imagine Disney’s theme segueway into it.

  41. I think a small role for Hamill as an old, wise Luke would cool

  42. I just watched the official Disney video announcing the sale, and watching Lucas as tired and worn out as he is giving up his baby (his company, his creations) with some obvious emotional struggle he tries to hide…I’ll admit, I kinda choked up watching it.

    Majestyk is right, this is the end of an era of Hollywood, of the movies, of our lives really.


  43. Shit RRA I never thought about the Fox fanfare, that’s fucked up. Maybe Disney can licence it or something.

  44. Look at it this way: Yesterday, the single largest and most successful creative endeavor ever devised by a single human mind was completely owned and controlled by the artist who created it. Like all things that don’t come off an assembly line, it was imperfect and full of charmingly human flaws. Today, it is owned and controlled by a corporation whose very name is synonymous with cultural homogenization. It will be everything you want, because customer service is their business.

    I don’t know how to see this as a good thing. To me, it’s just another mom-and-pop bought out by a chain. It’s not STAR WARS anymore. It’s STAR BUCKS.

  45. First off: DC alive, and well-rested after two days without work watching nothing but horror movies.

    Second, although Lucas will always be the essence of STAR WARS, I’m not too sorry it’s out of his hands now (and in his hands are a cool 4 fucking billion dollars). Honestly, Lucas had a very love-hate relationship with his own work, and I think it showed in the tortured but sporadic greatness of the prequels. He created the universe, but STAR WARS has always been a big sandbox for other people to play in, even from the very beginning. Lucas’s genius is not as a storyteller, but as a guy who imagined a place vivid enough for everyone to want to tell their own story about. As long as Disney can find the right person to tell their own story, I think it’ll ultimately be better for the series and I have no regrets. Lucas was obviously deeply conflicted about being tied to this franchise… well, now he’s free, and I think people love STAR WARS too much to really let it just become a commodity. Someone who loves the franchise AND has an interest in telling his own story will pick it up and make something really amazing with it.

    I’m someone who genuinely thinks the prequels are unique and special, so please don’t let that come off as a “fuck Lucas”. Actually, I’m kind of happy he has that monkey off his back. Let him do his own thing, and let the amazing universe he created live on its own.

  46. Yeah, maybe I’m being melodramatic. From a practical/entertainment standpoint, maybe it’ll work out. From a symbolic standpoint, it’s a bummer.

  47. All Things Must Pass, as a talented songwriter/musician/preacher against materialism/multi-millionaire estate owner/good movie producer once sung about.

    I mean in a way I’m reminded of the James Bond movies. I mean Sean Connery, probably the best of the Bonds, the original, he eventually left (and came back 2 times before finally quitting.) Saltzman and Broccoli the producers either sold out their interests or died and Broccoli’s kids run that franchise now. As great as SKYFALL allegedly is, Craig has two more 007 films afterwards and I’m pretty sure that’ll be the end of his run. And he’ll be replaced.

    DOCTOR WHO, its been on technically now what 35 seasons for 50 years on TV? Countless writers, producers, cast members, and 11 Doctors for a show that won’t go away.

    Hell we just got a Spider-Man reboot this year, a decade after the first one.

    Hopefully new blood will come to SW and make it good. I like STAR WARS, I’m all for a good STAR WARS movie.

    And yet today we also had another big mega news with Bryan Singer announced he’s coming back to the X-MEN series and directing DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (the FIRST CLASS sequel).

    Two different things and stories and consequential levels, but I felt warm and fuzzy for whatever reason that Singer is back.

  48. You know after a certain point, I think Lucas really did relish fucking with the Internet. I mean they shat all over him and his prequels, why can’t he get his revenge?

    Consider this which he signed off on.



  49. RRA – That song is pretty catchy and now I can´t wait for Disney to use it as a musical number in Episode 7.

  50. For a second there I thought the next X-Men film was being named after a Moody Blues album. The truth was a bit disappointing TBH

  51. “The worst thing that happened is the internet went out”

    I’m glad to hear that , and I hope this super shitstorm will pass quickly !! Here in Italy is rain season ( after very a dry summer) and I live near the river Po’, currently full , we had a day long blackout and the internet is on and off for hours every day ! And that only for a little rain !! Okay , it’s a lot of rain , but we should be able to handle that kind of weather , I cannot imagine the effect of a storm in this country , we are so not ready to deal with that . I live in the zone of that earthquake from before summer , in the north of Italy , and we’re still rebuilding and there’s people out there still in tents ! Hell , we’re still rebuilding in L’Aquila , the center of that earthquake from a few years back ! We’re that slow with emergencies . I truly hope you’re all safe !

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