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There’s gonna be a NINJA 2

Clint Morris at Moviehole is reporting the great news that Nu Image, Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins are reuniting for a sequel to NINJA – or NINJ* as I’ve always spelled it (the asterisk is a throwing star) – expected to film early next year.

I know NINJA isn’t as popular as the UNDISPUTEDs, but it’s a favorite of mine. It has many great fights, an excellent villain with good motivations, and a few pulpy touches like a villainous oil company/cult. My favorite thing about it is that the opposing ninjas are fighting over a box of weapons. Not magic weapons, just some old weapons. It’s a matter of honor and tradition, nothing to do with saving the world or saving lives or anything. It’s like a modern Cannon movie, except way better than most Cannon movies like it. Can you name a better movie about a white guy adopted by a ninja clan? There are many white ninja movies, but I can’t think of a better one.

And I know they’re gonna try to take the credit away from him, but Obama can hold his head up proud because NINJA and NINJA 2 happened under his watch.

Here’s my original review from 2009.

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10 Responses to “There’s gonna be a NINJA 2”

  1. Excellent. The first film was kinda fun but a bit dull in places. There’s plenty of room for improvement.

    Maybe they can go the Alien/Aliens route and just call it Ninj*s.

  2. Best news I’ve had all day ! Back then I was looking forward to Ninja Assassin , G.I. Joe the 1st and Ninj* ( all released in 2009 ) to reignite the ninjamania from the 80’s , but that didn’t happen . G.I. Joe was the one with more money behind , and it turned out fun , but dumb as a brick .Ninja Assassin was the one with the best “pedigree” , having Kosugi himself , but , damn , it was disappointing , and full of CGI action , if I remember right . Ninj* was clearly the best movie , coming from martial arts enthusiasts and a finely tuned team , despite the very low budget. Sadly it was not the new ninja-movie wave I was hoping for , but I’m glad we’re still getting shinobi-related projects . Since then we had Kamui Gaiden , the adaptation of the legendary comic from Sampei Shirato ( again good , but with shitty CGI effects ….tryly shitty ) and Alien Vs Ninja ( low budget but with well staged action and fun despite the shitty CGI…it also has old school plastic monsters , Ninj*’s Mika Hijii and Alien Ninja Fetus!).Now we will see 2 sequels to the 2009 ninja movies , G.I.Joe 2 and this new Ninj**! Wow , I hope that the movie is still called Ninj* , but this time with a throwing star above the “i” in the title , replacing the dot !

  3. Since we’re posting DTV news…I visited PISTOL WHIPPED director Roel Reiné’s imdb page today. It appears he’s shooting a DTV sequel to Renny Harlin’s 12 ROUNDS these days. Woohoo.

    Apart from that, he recently finished both the second DEATH RACE DTV sequel, and something called DEAD IN TOMBSTONE with Mickey Rourke, Dina Meyer, Anthony Michael Hall and Danny Trejo. He also directed this years SCORPION KING 3. Is he the hardest working man in the DTV these days?

    I have high hopes for NIINJ* too (great title, Mouth), even if I found the original a bit underwhelming. I liked the action just fine, but Scott Adkins didn’t do much for me in the lead. Hopefully he’s put to better use inbetween the fights in the sequel than what he was in the first.

  4. I went into Nu Image to pitch a take for NINJ* 2. They dug both of the ideas, but didn’t want to take the franchise in the more horror/sci-fi direction I was pitching; they want to keep these very grounded, traditional ninja movies, at least at this stage. So… good on the writer who scored the gig.

  5. Good news! I hope if Namiko’s in it she gets to be more of a Ninja and kick more ass. It’s a bit weird if you think about it how she’s the dead master’s daughter, but still ends up the damsel at the end.

  6. Good movie, not great so here’s hoping the second time around they really ramp up the action. For some reason this movie seemed to have less action then some of Florentine’s other movies. Plus, I want to see Adkins do more stealth Ninja stuff in full ninja gear this time around.

  7. I enjoyed the first movie a tremendous amount, it wasn’t great, but it was pretty damn cool. Florentine and Adkins are a great team and I look forward to any future collaborations. They are the DTD Scorsese-De Niro, Spielberg-Ford or even Woo-Yun Fat. Then again, I could be wrong.

  8. Looked up the subway fight scene on you-tube.

    I’m sold. As soon as I have the means to pay for an online service I’ll have to watch this.

    Not Netflix though, they couldn’t get the rights to show a bus conductors ball sweat on their Irish service.

  9. I’m into this idea. I thought the first NINJ* was what that G.I. JOE movie could have been. The world needs more ninja movies, the sooner the better.

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