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Vern’s Valentine’s Day Special. One night only.

tn_bridgesofI have already officially over-celebrated this holiday that I don’t even believe in, but I have this CLINT EASTWOOD: 35 FILMS DVD box set and it happens to have the movie THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY in it and I can think of nothing better to do tomorrow night than eat a sandwich and watch it for the first time with my friends, The Internet.

So tomorrow night, Tuesday February 14th, at approximately 8 pm West Coast time (depending on how fast I get home from work) I will be watching the movie and “live tweeting” it using the “Twitter” websight. I have set up a new account called @OutlawVernLive so don’t worry, I won’t be flooding your screen with my comments unless you “follow” that specific “twitter” using your computer machine. Also I cannot guarantee I will have anything worthwhile to say, or that I will not just be sobbing the whole time.

Sorry for the short notice, but if you also have this box set I trust your loved one will understand that you are cancelling the reservations and the 2-3 of you will be having the most romantic evening of all time with Clint, Meryl, one or more bridges, The Internet, and yours truly. (in a non-sexual way)


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34 Responses to “Vern’s Valentine’s Day Special. One night only.”

  1. I hate people who live-tweet movies. I will make an exception this time. After all it’s Valentine’s Day.

  2. And oh shit, I hope they’re replaying Justified ’cause I’m gonna miss it. But you guys can ditch out on me at 10 if needed, I’ll understand.

  3. I have the DIRTY HARRY blu-ray boxset myself, might watch SUDDEN IMPACT…not the most appropriate choice for Valentine´s Day,however…

  4. What about PLAY MISTY FOR ME?

  5. Maybe it´s the asshole in me, but I don´t believe in watching romantic movies….not even on Valentine´s Day..

  6. Vern, you are putting my personal ban of Twitter to the test. I am becoming one of those old men (not that I am really old) that does not like technology. I can’t stand Facebook, Twitter, or smart phones. In general I hate cell phones. If I didn’t have to have a cell for work I would not have one. Let’s be serious, I am not the president I don’t need to be reached at all times. You can leave a message and I will get back to you.

  7. I don’t give a shit about football, so I did not watch the Superbowl, but I heard about the Clint Chrysler comercial. Did any of you guys see it, if so what are you thoughts? I know a number of poeople that felt it had a political slant to it.

  8. so Vern, is the Spielberg marathon over?

  9. Shoot: If you watch it at the same time we can see if it matches up Wizard of Oz/Pink Floyd style

    CJ: Not in the box set because it’s all WB movies.

    Charles: I know how you feel, but Chris got me using twitter to post my review links and I have started to see how useful it can be to promote my writing and what not. This will be an experiment to see if I enjoy using it this way also. But I share your concerns and don’t have a phone either.

    I only saw the Clint commercial online. I like it, it’s very inspirational. I guess I can accept from him what might be corny coming from some other people. Makes me worry about his age, though, he’s sounding ragged. I was impressed when I found out it was directed by David Gordon Green (Seagalogy introduction writer).

    Griff: I don’t know, has he come out with anything since WAR HORSE?

  10. Vern – so you’re not going to review Catch Me If You Can, Munich or Minority Report? it really is over?

    I’m very sad now…

  11. Griff: The Spielberg marathon was to catch up on movies he hadn’t seen before. He already reviewed all of those you mentioned.

  12. I think Vern would be pleasantly surprised by Catch Me If You Can.

    Also y’all should quit your hipster anti-network bitching. Twitter (which I have never used) is just a medium/technology, in itself it is not inherently evil. Like most mediums/technologies it probably could save the world if used correctly.

    …Come on, you guys don’t follow @TerenceMalick?

  13. Damn I can’t believe I’m gonna miss this; especially since I also never saw the movie and this is a perfectly good reason to finally sit down with it. Would’ve been the only good reason to finally get a twatter account too or whatever.

  14. Vern – That´s not a bad idea. I always felt MADISON SQUARE COUNTY GARDEN lacked a good rape revenge subplot. Have you also noticed what an extreme Harry Callahan lookalike that old seducing photographer is ? It could work.

  15. Love what the Black Dynamite fb page did to mark Valentine’s Day:

  16. Vern, I feel like this is a Luke and the Emperor moment where you are trying to lure me over to the Dark side, and I am a big enough fan of yours I am contemplating doing it. However, Just know that if I do check it out I will be compromising my principals just to spend time with you. Now that I think about it, isn’t compromising your principals to spend time with someone true to the spirit of Valentine’s day? Actually, in all seriousness I have never once had the desire to even contemplate creating a Twitter account until today. I can’t say that I will go through with it but I hope Twitter helps spread the gospel of Vern, because that is a good thing.

  17. hey Vern, I just want you to know if I was a chick I’d tweet you a picture of my boobs

  18. We’ll find out amazing shit together.

  19. This is why God invented Twitter.

    Wait, did God invent Twitter, or was that Al Gore?

    I was very anti-Twitter until I actually started using it to follow Ebert and some other personalities and blogs. It’s worth losing the you-kids-get-offa-my-lawn mentality just to read Patton
    Oswalt. I also suggest If I Were Evil for a laugh now and then.

  20. Shoot, just confirming: it is the asshole in you.

  21. Darth – That´s what I thought. Since I´m not dating anyone at the moment or married or shit like that, I can appreciate not being forced to watch drivel like TWILIGHT and do whatever the fuck I want to do; like walking around naked in my apartment. I don´t have to listen lots of bitchin on why I don´t help out much in the household doin´cleaning or vaccuuming(thats clearly women´s duties anyway..) or being scolded for bringing home hookers and suggesting a menage a trois.

  22. I’ve been enjoying The Iron Sheik on twitter lately. The one that blew my mind was when he insulted Ivan Volkoff and Mr. Fuji as a commentary on Russia and China’s shutdown of a UN Security Council resolution against Syria. I’m not kidding. Most of his tweets are about Hulk Hogan or The Ultimate Warrior having “raisin balls,” but every couple days there’s a gem in there.

  23. Mr. Majestyk:
    “Griff: The Spielberg marathon was to catch up on movies he hadn’t seen before. He already reviewed all of those you mentioned.”

    I cannot find reviews for Duel, Close Encounters, the Indiana Jones Trilogy, Jurassic Park 1/2, Minority Report, Catch Me if You Can, or Munich on this site. Do they exist elsewhere?

  24. Damn you shoot. Now I’m missing hookers and threesomes! Thanks a lot bud. It was much better when you were just an asshole.

  25. nabroleon dynamite

    February 14th, 2012 at 10:41 am

    I just became your fifth follower Vern. I won’t be able to check your tweets in real time as I plan to be fucking, but when I’m done I’ll peep your timeline.


  26. nabroleon dynamite

    February 14th, 2012 at 10:48 am

    Fuck I get 5th from? I’m your 80th follower.

  27. Rehydrated Dehydrated Pirate Paul

    February 14th, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    I’d love to join you guys but I’m sadly short one Clint materpiece. Yep, I don’t have this movie. ): It would be starting right now, wouldn’t it?

  28. Vern – why not BLOOD WORK? I mean its about a heart…

  29. “get early from work” ???? you Work, Vern ???? Gosh i’m shocked! I thought you were all the time in front of your dvd/vhs player and/or computer!!

  30. I’ve never seen Bridges of Madison county, but I still found Vern’s commentary pretty entertaining.

  31. I’ve never seen it either and I laughed a couple times. Mmm, that’s good tweet.

  32. nabroleon dynamite

    February 17th, 2012 at 7:57 am

    Just read your timeline Vern, you did that!! Roll Bounce had the nerve to trend on your ass? Damn!! SMH…

    @Renfield. I haven’t read all of your comments in the “Martyrs” thread, but I will this weekend hopefully.

    A brother tax refund ballin’ right now!!

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