Seagal + Stone Cold Steve Austin = MAXIMUM CONVICTION

tn_keeperJust when I was thinking Seagal didn’t have any movies in the can this article on Heat Vision informs us that Anchor Bay has purchased the rights to MAXIMUM CONVICTION, a movie where Seagal is one of two security contractors hired to decommission an old prison that comes under attack by mercenaries. So, HALF PAST DEAD in an empty prison? The good news is that for the first time this will team Seagal with WWE Superstarâ„¢ Stone Cold Steve Austin. Which is a huge upgrade from Ja Rule.

The article mentions that the deal includes theatrical rights, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Maybe somebody else’s breath. We’re talking two DTV stars, a DTV director and a company that has only done very limited theatrical releases.

The director is Keoni Waxman, one of modern Seagal’s primary directors who’s done THE KEEPER, A DANGEROUS MAN and several episodes of True Justice. He also did HUNT TO KILL which is a decent Stone Cold vehicle (but not as good as DAMAGE).

I also want to reiterate that the movie is called MAXIMUM CONVICTION. How is that not already a DTV movie? Or a guy’s name.

thanks to buffywrestling for calling my attention to this story

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11 Responses to “Seagal + Stone Cold Steve Austin = MAXIMUM CONVICTION”

  1. Just saw an episode of True Justice. And I don’t know if it’s funny or sad, but Seagal now looks like Bud Spencer without a beard.

  2. Some older actors can take advantage of their increasing number of years. I tend to enjoy Bruce Willis’s later performances when he’s playing up his age (which he has been doing long before it was even necessary, at least since Death Becomes Her). Obviously Clint is the ideal example of an actor who has aged gracefully. As far as women actors go, I think Ellen Burstyn has done some tremendous work as she has gotten older.

  3. Steve Austin is literally a huge upgrade. Ja rule is what4’3″?

  4. Poor Ja Rule. First Dave Batista shoots him in the head, now Stone Cold steals his job. Wrestlers clearly have it out for him.

  5. What do you guys think of the new THE EXPENDABLES 2 Teaser?

  6. The Expendables 2 sells itself, and the teaser knows that. too bad seagal has beef with that one particular producer, The Expendables and the whole concept will never feel complete without him. and it’s not like he’s above something like that, he did Machete for crissakes.

  7. The teaser needed more Adkins. Or rather some Adkins. Any Adkins at all, really. I hope he’s used better than Gary Daniels was in the first film.

  8. I think a shot of Adkins in that Van Damme scene.

    Hensworth shouldn’t have gotten a trailer credit. How is he even an Action star?

  9. By that logic, you should disavow Terry Crewes and Randy Couture. Terry Crewes is more of a comedic actor for me, and Couture is an MMA guy who’s done a bit of action movie work.

  10. This is terrific news.*

    What with this, GI JOE: RETALIATION and Exp 2, we could be seeing a new dawn of badass action cinema.

    * Potentially. I just remembered TACTICAL FORCE.

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