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Black Dynamite cartoons and what not

tn_blackdynamite3You know when you got a relative who thinks you’re into, say, motorcycle races or whatever, so every time they find a newspaper article that has a motorcycle in it they clip it out and send it to you? And you don’t really feel like you need to read about “Motorcycle Trail raises money for scholarships” or “Harley-Riding Lawyer Part of Biker Group That Helps Abused Pets,” but it’s kind of sweet anyway? Well, that’s gonna be me right now, I am that relative for you guys.

But this is one clipping that’s gonna bring us closer together. You know how some of you guys love comics strips and cartoons? And you know how we all love the movie BLACK DYNAMITE? Trust me, this is going somewhere, these two things are gonna connect together somehow, you’ll see when you click to the rest of the article. THis is gonna blow your fuckin mind right out the back of your fuckin mind container.Well BLACK DYNAMITE is gonna be a cartoon and also a comics book. BOOM, you guys look like you saw a ghost. Let’s everybody calm down okay. Let’s just relax and let this soak in.

The cartoon was already announced before, I believe it’s being done by the same people who did the cartoons on the end credits of the movie. It will be for the Adult Swimming channel that I sometimes watch “The Boondocks” on and it turns out it has one of the same producers, Carl Jones.

I never heard this one though, it turns out they’re also doing a special one time issue of a Black Dynamite comic strip book. It’s called “Black Dynamite: Slave Island,” story by the the same writers as the movie, Michael Jai White, Byron Minns and Scott Sanders. Sanders says it “ follows our hero as he seeks to put an end to a mysterious island… where an insidious 19th century legacy of The Man still exists.”

Sanders sent out an email about this and to let people know he’s gonna be showing the movie and some cartoon clips at “New York Comic Con” next month, if any of you are into that sort of thing. Here’s the info:


Saturday, October 9
8:00 PM
Hosted by Ape Entertainment and Ars Nova

Saturday, October 9
Immediately preceding the BLACK DYNAMITE Screening
Featuring Scott Sanders, Adrian Younge and Andre Torres (Wax Poetics)
**SNEAK PEEK**:  First look at clips from the upcoming Black Dynamite: The Animated Series on [adult swim]
All attendees will receive their very own Black Dynamite: Slave Island preview book, written by Brian Ash (The Boondocks), with inks by Jun LoFamia and featuring a special edition sketch cover by Ed Laroche.
Personally I will be more excited to see MJW return in a live action sequel to BLACK DYNAMITE or BLOOD AND BONE, but these could be fun and I support you nerds in your harmless enjoyment of these items. I gotta admit I was impressed by this non-cartoony drawing from the comic book:
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28 Responses to “Black Dynamite cartoons and what not”

  1. If that art is what they’re gunning for, I LOVE IT. Truely a throwback to 70s comic book drawing which quite frankly I miss because comic book art today is so….plastic? cartoonish?

    Also Vern, you must try to watch VENTURE BROS., season 1 up to the new series. It has enough badass juxtaposition (and awkward comedy porn) to be worth your time. Also to wet up your appetite, they have a Blade-esque* kickass vampire hunter named Jefferson Twilight. who decapitated a cardboard stand-out of Matthew Lesko.

    “Honey they’re henchmen. You say jump and they say, ‘which shark?”

    *=Not Wesley Snipes BLADE necessarily, but more Blade from the TOMB OF DRACULA comics if you get my drift. B

  2. In a similar vein, “Afrodisiac” was a pretty cool comic put out earlier this year, well worth checking out if you’re interested in blaxsploitation meets comics type stuff.

  3. “follows our hero as he seeks to put an end to a mysterious island… where an insidious 19th century legacy of The Man still exists.”


  4. Yeah, this comic drawing looks pretty impressive and 70-ish. I really hope the full comic looks that way, to keep up with the fake 70’s theme of the movie.
    One part of me thinks it would be cool if the cartoon would use 70’s Hanna-Barbera-esque limited animation, although the other part would love to see a good animated Black Dynamite cartoon.

    And I totally agree with RRA about The Venture Bros. It starts maybe as a typical Adult Swim cartoon (although already way funnier and cleverer than most of the others), but if you don’t finish season 1 with the urge to goddamn find out where everybody’s life is going from this point on, then you must be someone who hates good television. I for myself can’t wait till season 4 is over (I think in the last episode we got our first huge hint at what the finale will be about), so that I can re-watch all episodes in one weekend, just like I did last year.

  5. Xavier Renegade Angel is still the best thing ever put on television.

  6. What is Xavier Renegade Angel?

  7. I hope this is not the gateway to lots of grown adults jerking off over funny books around these parts. I always thought of this place as a safe haven from that kind of AICN bull shit.

  8. I wouldn’t normally mention it, but since this kind of thing is being discussed, I recommend Archer, the 60’s(ish) spy show.

    ‘Sir, your stolen lemur escaped and bit one of your prostitues in the face and she says she can’t go to hospital because she is, quote, “tripping balls”‘.

    Best line I’ve heard in years.

  9. Archer is great. Ron Perlman pops up in one episode.

  10. RRA:
    Actually quite a few artist today draw with a more realistic style, less plastically. Sean Phillips,David Aja, Mike Gaydos, Alex Maleev, etc.
    Most of that shite stayed in the 90’s thankfully.

  11. Super sweet news! I really got into Black Dynamite and made my life goal to spread this shit across the world, because not many people knows that there’s this awesome movie out there.

    Thanks Vern for making me discover this really, really, really fucking great movie (and Undisputed II).

  12. BD didn’t have a great UK release, so I haven’t seen it, though I can order a Dutch Region 2 copy of the DVD, apparently. Oh, those Dutch. Always getting their blaxploitation before us!
    Speaking of comic book tie-ins Vern, did you actually read the Parker: The Hunter Graphic Novel? You put it in your amazon widget dealie, but it seemed kinda begrudgingly, so I wasn’t sure. The adaptation of The Outfit comes out next week, and they already released a preview of that in the form of the first chapter (which is a condensed version of The Man With The Getaway Face) in an oversized comic format for just a dollar, which was a fantastic deal.

  13. In my opinion, Venture Brothers is the best show currently on television. The way they mix up comic book archetypes and real counter-culture personalities (like Col. Hunter Gathers) is genius. And Jefferson Twilight, the “Blacula Hunter” is a great character (“Man, I specialize in hunting black vampires, I don’t know what the P.C. name for that is!”) but any mention of VB on a sight dedicated to the chronicling of badass arts would be incomplete without mentioning Brock Sampson. That scene where he enters the car speeding directly at him in a completely zen manner was one of the single most badass moments in all of cartoondom.

    However, I hadn’t heard of this BD cartoon, so I’m just happy that there will be more opportunity for us to see this character and hopefully see much more impressive displays of cartoon badassery.


  15. The art on that looks fantastic. I would never have thought of Black Dynamite as a franchise property, but I suppose there’s a lot of potential.

  16. I don’t know Vern. If you don’t have the comics gene–and I don’t–I think VENTURE is okay at best.

  17. Xavier:Renegade Angel is just about the most cerebral psychedelic f’ed up show I’ve ever seen in my life. Anything from PFFR is awesome.

  18. Casey – I totally disagree. VENTURE is many things, but at its heart its a comedy about failure. Every character is a fuck-up in one way or another.

    I mean you have Dr. Venture who is hopelessly stuck in his dead (smarter, sexier, cooler) dad’s shadow. You have his bodyguard Brock who despite his numerous badass credentials (decapitation by shark!), his secret agent career has bottomed out in protecting this nobody hack scientist. You have their “archnemesis” who’s villain theme is a fucking butterfly, the lamest gimmick you could cook up.

    Yes its a program that is great in jokes of pop culture references and inverted humor at comic book/TV/movie genre cliches, but I think the sublevel of why its got one of the more intense and loyal cults out there in American Television is that those characters are so screwed, they’ve become endearing because they’re fuck-ups.

    CJ Holden – You can use the SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER tags and explain how you think this season will conclude because….I’m in the dark?

  19. RRA:

    I just think it has something to do with SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Professor Impossible becoming evil and joining Phantom Limb. Not to mention the return of Baron von Ünderbheit, as we could see last week after the end credits. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Hanks surprisingly good surviving abilities will come in handy during the finale!

  20. CJ – Only thing I know is what Adult Swim said flat out earlier this year SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Dean moving on his own to NYC and Hank opening up his own store. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER

    Also, is it Professor Incorrigible or Professor Indo-China?

  21. I’ve showed Venture to many people. Of course the nerd genes help, but the show stands on it’s own regardless. Even my mom loved it, and she can’t stand anything where someone where’s a costume. It’s been my favorite show since it started running. Consistently awesome.

    Also! Patrick Warburton.

  22. I would never show the Venture Bros to my mother. I mean, I would love to and she isn’t allergic against fantasy and superheroes, it’s just the sex and the violence that could put her off. Although, if my Disney- and Degrassi loving Girlfriend can become a fan, why not my mother either? (But since she doesn’t speak English and only the first few episodes have been [unbearingly bad] dubbed, I guess she has to live Venture-free.)

  23. VB is in a weird situation now. If the creators/network are to be believed, VENTURE is right now at its ratings peak and the rare program where the later seasons have sold more DVDs than the first years. Usually TV shows sell great first year or two but afterwards they diminish, but the reverse for VB.

    That said, its still a very cult TV show that hasn’t broken out into the mainstream and its not like you’ll hear about it on fucking E! or Entertainment Weekly or whatever like say ARCHER. That said, when you do find fans, they are many, they are intense. And according to this thread, the fever has spread across the ocean. Weird really.

    Can’t wait for the hour-long season finale.

  24. Well, I remember some mainstream entertainment sites mentioning The Venture Bros in their best of 2009 lists, I just can’t remember which ones (Because they are not really sites that I have bookmarked and/or visit on a regular base.)

  25. RRA,

    I know what you’re saying. I have this same sort of feeling when I talk about LOST or everything but the last season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. I guess you like it or you don’t like it. And I’m sure that as we speak there’s some grad student somewhere writing about how Rusty Venture is a metaphor for the waning of American power in the 21st century… but then we have Hatred’s pedophilia every other episode or the cowardly way they dealt with Hank and Dean at the end of season 1, and… well, the show doesn’t have enough heart to make me like it for that and it doesn’t have enough humor to make me like it for that. So the only reason I can figure people like this so much is that It’s a Comics Thing. Not that this makes it “case closed” in any event, but are you a comics guy, RRA?

    That said, I respect your opinion, so I’ll try to watch this season at some point. I would be happy to be wrong.

    (Incidentally, Vern, in case you’re reading this: THE WIRE THE WIRE THE WIRE)

  26. I’ve been waiting for ages for video-cartoons about knight rider or A-team or something like that. All you see nowadays are cyborgs and monsters and similar crap to it… only cartoons worth watching are old walt disney cartoons such ase these here: http://tvmad.com/channel/cartoons/

    But I hope that someday someone takes it up… I’m 100% sure that there would be loads of A-team cartoon fans =)

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