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Y tu mamá también

You probaly heard of this cute little Mexican sex movie that was nominated for some oscars. It’s really a sentimental story about two young friends on a road trip but it’s also about their sexual experimentation and it’s got alot of the NC-17 sex that’s so hot there were urban legends going around that the sex was all real. So naturally they hired the director to do the next henry porter movie.

The title translates to AND YOUR MOTHER TOO or, in other words, I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER. I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER is directed by Alfonso Cuaron who also directed A LITTLE PRINCESS, an extremely well made fable that’s probaly the real reason they hired him to do Henry Porter. That movie is about a little girl who defies her harsh boarding school by escaping into an imaginative story world. There’s ten headed monsters and all kinds of shit. Everything you want in a henry porter adventure. Shit I admit it I loved that movie, I just never reviewed it because I’m still embarassed by that time I reviewed FLY AWAY HOME.

Y Tu Mamá TambiénI FUCKED YOUR MOTHER is about two rich kids in Mexico just out of high school who meet a real attractive older gal at a wedding. She’s married to one of the boys’ cousins and the last time she saw him he was crying because he lost his Thundercats doll. But that doesn’t stop them from hitting on her. They talk about beaches, she mentions one they say is for yuppies and tourists, and they start bragging about a secret beach they prefer, but they’re just bullshitting.

Well next thing you know she finds out her husband is cheating and she calls them up on a whim and they end up on a road trip to a beach that doesn’t exist. And yes, later they start fucking. But really, don’t go in just waiting for that. I mean I knew there was gonna be a threesome somewhere in I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER but I thought there would be more after that. I kind of felt that way the last time I saw DUMBO, I knew the elephant was gonna fly but I didn’t know that was gonna be the end of the god damn movie. You’d think it would go somewhere from there.

But even if I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER ends abruptly that is part of the theme that it illustrates nicely, that you need to appreciate things while they last. Everything in the movie is temporary, from the summer weather to the sexual shenanigans to the friendships to the stability of the country. There are little hints here and there, and narration that reminds you that this was the past and things were in transit. One of the best examples is as a friendly local gives our heroes a boat tour, the narrator suddenly interupts to tell us that he was forced to move off of his property by a hotel, and wasn’t permitted to give tours, and ended up a janitor for the hotel. Man, that’s a real fuckin bummer to hear and all you can do is either be depressed by that or try to forget about it and appreciate the good times while they’re here.

I don’t know the names of the actors in I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER but they are all great. The photography is much looser and more realistic than in the two previous Cuaron movies (he also did that Ethan Hawke version of GREAT EXPECTATIONS) but still looks somehow more beautiful than real life.

I enjoyed I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER and I think you will also enjoy I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER, it’s a pretty good one.

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  1. so i said “let’s try to find a movie i like vern wouldn’t have reviewed” and not only have you seen and reviewed y tu mama tambien you liked it and you wrote a great review

    y tu pelicula tambien!

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