Patreon bonus review: 2 Halloween(ish) episodes of ‘The Crow: Stairway To Heaven’

Happy Halloween everybody! (Or I suppose Devil’s Night Eve, as of this posting.) I hope you have enjoyed my super-sized 5-day-a-week horror reviewing this month. But if you need even more review content to put into your container or whatever and you happen to be a Patreon contributor (or want to start) I took a look at two episodes of the short-lived 1998 syndicated action series based on THE CROW and starring Mark Dacascos. And if you missed it I still have last year’s Halloween special, a Knight Rider episode featuring an Anthony Perkins impersonator and the Silver Shamrock pumpkin mask, plus the year before’s Walker: Texas Ranger about a satanic cult.





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3 Responses to “Patreon bonus review: 2 Halloween(ish) episodes of ‘The Crow: Stairway To Heaven’”

  1. Thanks Vern. And you have been killing it this month. We’ve all enjoyed it. …Maybe one day you’ll review the movie that is my avatar? It is directed by Mario Bava after all.

  2. Sorry Vern. I know you don’t really take requests. I’ve held off for over a decade to ask that of you. Review what you want. That’s why we love your sight.

  3. So many ‘90s tv series based on movies I didn’t watch. You’d think I’d be obsessed with Highlander but I wasn’t. The Crow, Total Recall, Robocop… although the episodes of Robocop I found on YouTube I enjoyed.

    I did give the Bull and Ted and Ferris Bueller series a try.

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