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I was on Zebras In America again!

The other day I was honored to return to the podcast Zebras In America now that I finally have a book to promote. I definitely need to get better at discussing this thing, but I love talking film with Scott and Marcus (as we do for most of the episode). They know their stuff, they appreciate a spectrum of “high” and “low” culture even wider than mine, and they’re not afraid to get emotional. (So of course I ended up talking about movies that made me cry.)

Things I forgot this time: I wanted to ask them if they’ve listened to Public Enemy’s new album, and to congratulate them on their recent episode with Charles Burnett. How am I the next guest after Charles Burnett!?

Thanks Zebras, I had a great time!

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One Response to “I was on Zebras In America again!”

  1. I really enjoyed it. I was feeling a bit down when I listened to it but it’s still a fairly new and good thing to hear your voice talking about movies. Not for nothing but I bought your new novel and had a copy sent to my sister. I’ll start reading it this weekend.

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