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Happy Thanksgiving

I’m taking the holiday off but I wanted to say happy Thanksgiving and/or Thursday to everyone. I hope you know I am thankful for every single person who reads, comments, patreons, links, retweets, emails to say “what’s up,” sends generally positive vibes, etc. I love doing this and it means so much to me that anyone takes the time to be here. We’ll get through these dark times together and come out stronger, smarter and somehow better looking? Weird, but it will happen.

I am also extra thankful to Chris for setting up outlawvern.com and maintaining it all these years, and don’t worry, he’s working on that recent comments problem! Something changed in the WordPress comments and he has to track it down. I like when you guys start new conversations on the old reviews, so hopefully we’ll get that working again soon.

Thanks again! Sweet potatoes 4 life.

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18 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, which was never an important holiday in Germany and is since 20 or so years no holiday at all anymore and also already happened last month in Canada!
    Don’t eat too much, y’all! (Rule of thumb: If you feel like puking, there might be still room for a few more bites, unless you start puking, which might be the right time for a break.)

    And as I say on every damn occasion: Thanks Vern, both for creating this awesome place and running it with the maximum dignity of a Seagal character and not like the Seagal of the real world. And thanks, you other people, who keep this place classy and fun 99,8578% of the time!

    Also I second the sweet potato thing! They became really popular here over the last few years and went from an obscure vegetable, that you can only find at very good farmers market, to something that you can buy in every grocery store. You can do shit with it, that wouldn’t work with normal potatos! (No, not THAT, you pervs! I’m talking food recipes.) Hey ho, sweet potato, motherfuckers, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I am thankful for you and this community, Vern. Here’s to carrying the fire and also mashed and/or sweet potatoes.

  3. Enjoy your day everybody and keep action movies important.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Vern and everyone else! I think I’ve been reading your stuff for 15+ years now and you’re still the best!

    I like to just bake a whole sweet potato at 400° for an hour then skin it and mash it up, but in the Midwest people think I’m crazy for not adding candy and shit to it

  5. Sweet potatoes are awesome any time of the year. If you like them, I would also recommend the obscure Yam variety. As elusive as the truffle, you may need the nose of a hound dog to track one down, but they make great chips (fries to you State-siders). Happy Thanksgiving and may the Easter Bunny give you your hearts desires! Or is that the November Turkey?

  6. I start to believe that German sweet potatos are actually Yams, despite being called sweet potatoes here. I need to investigate that shit.

  7. The Undefeated Gaul

    November 23rd, 2017 at 11:07 am

    Enjoy the holiday everybody, save me some turkey

  8. Happy turkey day, Thursday, and near end of a crappy year to all of you guys, gals and non-binary folks out there. I haven’t been commenting as much lately but I’m always here reading Vern’s top notch reviews and the always excellent comment section here. Stay groovy!

  9. I’m probably missing something important here, but if you don’t have mashed potatoes then where does the gravy go?

  10. Right in my mouth. The gravy goes right in my mouth.

  11. Happy belated thanksgiving everyone! I was too busy burning the yams yesterday to post. Everyone else said they were perfect, though, so thanksgiving was saved.

  12. I discovered the Jazz Crusaders thanks to you, Vern, so everytime you include music in your writings I pay extra attention. Unfortunately (but also maybe fitting on some level) the youtube-embed here isn’t available outside the US. Or at least not where I’m at.. Much appreciated if someone were to disclose song & artist on that one. Thanks!

  13. An American friend of mine (no relation to Dennis Hopper) pointed out that Thanksgiving was just about the only national holiday left which hasn’t been crassly commercialized, and was therefore his favorite weekend of the year. Christmas, Easter and Halloween are big booms for the retail industry in the U.S. and over here. I actually hate the Christmas holiday period, not because I have anything against Jesus, but because the world goes fucking mad for 8 weeks or so. In Australia Halloween has become HUGE the past five years, the shops stuffed with kiddy costumes and jack-o-lantern paraphernalia and what-not. Halloween is a great time for horror releases at my local JB, so I don’t complain about that holiday. Fuck Santa Clause though. Seriously.

  14. Epleterte – It’s a video of Sly and the Family Stone playing “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf).” Glad you enjoy the music!

  15. There’s always been a lot of turmoil in my heart about how to view and deal with the word. I’ve always been an idealist, though one that was cynical and, at times, toxically bitter. I’ve worked really hard on myself and my life, figured some things out, and am now a generally happy and content person…albeit one who still looks at the world and sees a Romero movie without the zombies.

    I spend all year making sure to be grateful, finding the good in people and situations, spreading as much happiness as I can muster. So you’d think that Thanksgiving would be my favorite holiday. Yet I’m always desperately miserable this time of year.

    Part of it is environmental. The older I get, the more that the cold weather and the rich, heavy hot meals food that fight it weigh me down, body and soul. Also, I work in retail, so this is the busiest, most stressful month for me anyway. Plus, something extra always seems to come along to knock me sideways. This year, it was a double whammy of a needing to purchase a new vehicle and the arrival of an obnoxious, disruptive new co-worker.

    So, I’ve been digging dee

    I have a boss who values how hard I work at my job and knows how to handle me – not always an easy, or even easily intuited, task.

  16. I’ve been digging deep trying to no

  17. I’ve been digging deep, trying to not only come up with things to be thankful for – which is actually not that hard for me at this point; I’ve got a lot of experience at it by now – but to really feel it. And, right now, the two things I feel best about are: 1) the great boss (and most of my co-workers) that I mentioned in my initial misfire of a post and 2) for outlawvern.com – the content, certainly, but also the community. Even the site itself. I miss the functionality of the Recent Comments, but this lapse helps me realize that I even appreciated it in the first place.

    Thanks to Vern, Chris, and all the commenters for helping to keep me sane amidst the chaos.

  18. Also, as I write this, I am in the same room as my grandma, who has done so much for me in my life, whose love and support has never wavered, and who inspires me to be strong but gentle every day. In the evenings, she sits in her chair watching TV and I curl up on the loveseat messing with my phone (usually reading this site) until, at some point, I find that I have gotten as absorbed into one of her favorite shoes as she is. Right now it’s America’s Funniest Videos, but other times it’s Lethal Weapon, a rerun of Blue Bloods, or one of her favorite game shows (Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud – anything with Steve Harvey, actually). So that’s another thing for me to be thankful for.

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