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  1. I was wrong. They CAN team up with Jason Statham even though he murdered their friend Han and massacred a hospital staff. He’s like Riddick I guess.
  2. Theories to why Dom betrayed them: a) deep undercover for greater good b) brainwashed c) evil doppelganger d) big Charlize fan
  3.  I like that Charlize has a case full of weird masks and ninja shit. I hope she gets to use them and not just Dom. Also, will Statham be offended that Diesel is wearing a mask like his from DEATH RACE?
  4. Will we get enough bro-ship and familyhood between the other characters? Dom is usually the largest source of the Fast Family corniness that’s so important to the series, but it seems like he’ll only be able to provide that at the beginning (where it will feel hollow because of what we know is coming) and possibly at the end (unless he remains evil for a weird cliffhanger).
  5. I love that they not only used the word FATE in the title as Mr. Majestyk requested, but are holding off on spelling it F8 even though we fuckin know they’re gonna spell it F8.
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53 Responses to “THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS trailer”

  1. FATE. F8. Ah yes. Now i see it.

    That was one impressive trailer.

  2. This trailer is…AMAZING! And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, they throw in a submarine bursting out from underneath the ice. Right now I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out how they will justify getting the gang driving the arctic. I guess my only reservation is that seven was all over the place. I’m all for them going big and ridiculous, but I would like for a slightly more coherent plot than last time. (Granted, they were working under some unusual conditions, so it’s forgivable.) Also, I think the plot for this one would have had more emotional impact if Paul Walker were still around. Dom and Hobbs don’t have the same history as Brian and Dom.

  3. “Will we get enough bro-ship and familyhood between the other characters? Dom is usually the largest source of the Fast Family corniness that’s so important to the series, but it seems like he’ll only be able to provide that at the beginning (where it will feel hollow because of what we know is coming) and possibly at the end (unless he remains evil for a weird cliffhanger).”
    At the very least, we should get a scene where Dom tells them to quit coming after him, and one of them says “A wise man once said: You don’t turn your back on family…even when they do.” Which Dom only said in private to Brian, so it’ll mean either he used it multiple times on different people, or Brian felt the need to tell everyone else about it.

  4. I have to give the series credit for doing an amazing job keeping up with continuity between the films. I like how they do that Undisputed thing where the bad guy from one because the good guy in another.

    I have a confession to make. This is going to sound very weird but I can’t really defend it. It’s just the way it is. I watch these movies and I recognize how awesome the action scenes are and the camaraderie between the actors. Why am I so bored watching them? I couldn’t even get through the last one without looking at my watch or hoping it would be over. These movies should be catnip for me but I just can’t. Sorry guys, didn’t mean to let you down.





    lucas black in this reprising sean boswell (the lead character in tokyo drift)

    there’s a lot of spoilers apparent just looking at the casting on imdb

  6. oops

    i see now he was in 7 too

    sorry, i’m out of the loop

  7. Is he (Lucas Black) in the trailer anywhere? I haven’t spotted him.

  8. Regarding #2… I mean, come on, who wouldn’t betray their family for option (d)?

  9. So, do you think the whole thing with the Rock calling out a certain cast member on Instagram a few months ago was genuine, or was he foreshadowing Vin Diesel’s heel turn while keeping kayfabe in some sort of pro-wrestling-style promotional stunt?

  10. Brian Collins pointed out that they came up with a plot that allowed the others not to have to work with Diesel as much. But that made me wonder if he was being method on set and that was what pissed off The Rock?

  11. vern: i didn’t see lucas in the trailer, i was just excited and started trawling the imdb cast list. warning: there’s other juicy spoilerific gems there

  12. Damn, it seems like the German title will simply be FAST & FURIOUS 8, because they don’t trust Germans with English puns.

  13. I hope that submarine is also a sports car. Preferably a custom built Mustang.

  14. Sternshein- I enjoyed FAST 7, and a few years ago was surprised to find, after being very snobby about it on release and over a decade afterwards, that the original is a very entertaining Patrick Swayze tribute movie; the plot and style of a PG-13 POINT BREAK, with Vin Diesel (for once) having enough ridiculous, over-sized charisma to recall both Bodhi and Dalton. But other than that, I got your back bro. In particular the appeal of the cult favourite (TOKYO DRIFT) and popular favourite (FAST FIVE) of the series elude me. After the great trailer for FAST FIVE, yawning through what seemed to be an interminable assortment of Ludacris witticisms was a huge comedown. Part of it for me must be that I have, and always have had, precisely zero interest in cars. But then neither does Vern if I recall, so maybe not?

    You’re talking to a man who was excited about SAW 3D, so I’m certainly not here to judge, and hell I end up seeing these every time and the trailer does have me intrigued. But these aren’t keeper for me.

  15. I find all the scenes talking about family non stop to be the thing I find the most boring. However, even the action scenes are boring to me. I still don’t understand why because I should love these movies.

  16. If you got rid of all the speechifying about family, then you’d lose one of the best things about this series. The moment when I realized the first Fast and the Furious movie was better than it needed to be was the scene where they’re having a cookout and then Dom says grace before they eat. I thought this was an unusual scene in a Point Break ripoff. And over the years they’ve leaned more heavily on the soap opera elements of the original while also topping themselves each time with more absurd spectacle.

  17. I think the family/code of honour aspect of it is a strong point. It has a certain kind of melodramatic aspect to it that some might find goofy and silly and could easily be scuffed on but it is endearing in my opinion. It´s like a John Woo movie really where the emotions are worn on its sleeves.

  18. I’m not against the family/code of honour thing. It’s just that there are constantly scenes where it’s nothing but talking about family. it’s the point where it’s just annoying for me. I mean, we’re family or some version of it, must have been said like a million fucking times in the latest trailer.

  19. Re watching the trailer, it seems obvious that Vin turning on them is basically because of blackmail, but that does not mean it can´t create interestingness. The interestingeness is in form of Jason Statham. It is the plot device to get him on their side, for some reason. Blablablaplotblablabla, What I REALLY liked is the notion of former enemies becomes allies. It might be completely preposterous, but I for one FUCKING LIKES IT!

  20. They still don’t talk about family as much as you talk about Intruder.

    I kid…

  21. Or better yet, Sternshein ,you might go to the doctor and get those taste buds checked…in movies….Ouch!

  22. So instead of Star Wars nerds we got us some Fast and Furious nerds over here

  23. And in 20 years time we will be furious over the changes to the special editions. Like when Rob Cohen went back and “fixed” the race so that Brian won.

  24. Shoot, I was about ready to agree with you about former enemies becoming partners but then you had to ruin it. lol

    Also, is it me or does this movie feel more like a Rock movie than a Vin Diesel movie?

  25. e.) ‘roid rage.

    I had the same reaction as you, Sternshein. Except I actually turned off whichever one it was playing and didn’t bother with the others.

    So I asked a brodude I know what it was he enjoyed about the films. He said it was like Sons of Anarchy for juiceheads. To him that’s a good thing, I guess.

  26. He clearly had never seen Sons of Anarchy.

  27. Okay, I had no idea where to put this*, so I just use the latest trailer thread, because this is about a trailer. A German trailer. A trailer for a German martial arts comedy!

    It’s called PLAN B- SCHEISS AUF PLAN A (Plan B – Screw Plan A) and is apparently about a group of young martial artist, who accidently walk in on some gangster shit instead of the casting that they wanted to go to and are now be forced to steal shit from another gangster or their friend gets killed.

    Don’t know about the comedy, but there is nothing really cringe worthy in it. The martial arts and action part on the other hand, looks surprisingly legit, like the kids say these days. Seems like something to keep an eye on. Especially because we don’t make that many action movies. (Even though it’s distributed by 20th Century Fox, I assume it gets a very limited release and nobody will see it, outside of some sneak previews.)

    Plan B - Scheiss auf Plan A | Trailer 1 | Deutsch HD German (2017)

    Plan B - SCHEISS AUF PLAN A | Offizieller Trailer 1 | AB 8. JUNI 2017 NUR IM KINO! Als drei junge Martial Arts Profis sich auf eine unermüdliche Jagd durch B...

    *When do we finally get a message board on here? Oh, wait…sorry…

  28. Yeah, I saw clips of it on Facebook. Might be fun for the fights. We might also have another DRAGON TIGER GATE on our hands with plenty of bad hair and worse everything else between the fights

  29. So they announced F8 will have a 2 hr, 40 minute runtime today. Are we sure Michael Bay didn’t ghost direct this thing? That being said, the 2hr. 20 minute runtime of F7 didn’t really bother me (I did watch it at home with a ton of bathroom breaks though).

  30. C J, this looks like the perfect place for that news to me, as I see Heidi Moneymaker, Michelle Rodriguez’s Furious stunt double, in the cast. Although, if you’d wanted to go more topical, she was also Ruby Rose’s stunt double in JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2.

    It looks like fun. Thanks.

  31. Oh wow, didn’t know that. I guess she is the asskicking blonde in the trailer.

  32. The Fate of the Furious - In Theaters April 14 - Official Trailer #2 (HD)

    The Fate of The Furious - In Theaters April 14 http://www.fastandfurious.com On the heels of 2015’s Furious 7, one of the fastest movies to reach $1 billion ...

  33. Literally just got home from a midnight showing here in the Uk. I thought it was pretty mediocre until the awesome last 30 minutes. Statham steals the show and gets the best scene. The much hyped zombie car sequence in NY was a let down, where it should have been utterly spectacular. Still enjoyed it enough and it certainly rattles on by for a 2-hour movie. Now to get 3 hours sleep in before work!

  34. I just saw it as well. I guess you could argue the series is in autopilot but when the ride is this fun who cares?

    I think it’s safe to say Vern is reviewing this one so I’ll just say that I greatly approve of this one. I think if you’re a fan it’s a safe bet you will too.

  35. Was there a post credits scene?

  36. I’m afraid I didn’t stay to the end of the credits.

  37. Why did you have to leave so fast? Now I´m furious!

  38. If there is one my preview screening print didn’t have it so I’m going with no.

  39. Boy oh boy, is there going to be an awful lot to discus once y’all have seen this one.

  40. In short – it was OK. Walker definitely left a big hole and I’m not sure they know how to fill it. A huge submarine certainly isn’t the way to go.


  41. In short – it was OK. Walker definitely left a big hole and I’m not sure they know how to fill it. A huge submarine certainly isn’t the way to go. Sometimes”ridiculous shit” is just that.

    Plenty of stuff to like, though. The Stath was pure fucking gold.

  42. I saw it too. Really enjoyed it. Agree that they did great stuff with Statham in this one. Charlize is an awesome villain.

  43. On an excitement scale, who exciting is this movie? For some reason I’ve tried watching most of these F&F movies and I just find them so uninteresting even though what I”m watching should get me pumped up.

    Let me ask a different question, do they still have constant discussions about “family” or now that Walker is no longer with us and they tone down the family bullshit? That stuff really turned me off. Not because I don’t agree with family but it was talked about too much.

  44. Also, this shit had some of the clunkiest editing and most glaring continuity issues I’ve seen in a film of its scale for fuck knows how long. There are certain moments and scenes that were obviously completely re-configured in post without seemingly any attempt to smooth them over or make them flow seamlessly at all. Truly bizarre shit for a movie of its size and budget which suffered from, as far as I can tell, no serious behind the scenes dramas or setbacks (DJ vs VD notwithstanding).

    Sternshein – no spoilers to be found here but, yes, if the “family bullshit” bothered you before it will bother you all over again (perhaps to an even stronger degree) in this one.

  45. The most blatant, poorly concealed example of post-production tinkering in a major (if unsuccessful) production I’ve seen was in R.I.P.D., a film I otherwise found to be an acceptable time passer (and honestly preferable to the MIB sequels it aspired to be). If you’ve seen it, I’m talking about the bit [SPOILER for RIPD?] with Kevin Bacon’s freeze-frame voice, which I think may have even given him an extra superpower?

    It does seem like the critical dalliance with the series is winding down; reviews aren’t terrible, but they’re largely of the all too common recent mode of “it’s not great but not actively terrible, plus it’s going to make a lot of money and I don’t want to risk being out of touch with my audience, go pay to see this movie I was paid to see, 3/5”

    I know the series is one of our sacred texts around these parts, but won’t all the family stuff, corny, excessive and at the very worst a little phony in the previous films, feel pretty hollow, perhaps even slightly distasteful, when the real life death of one of the leads wasn’t enough to stop the conveyer belt?

    Still going to see it tomorrow, mind you.

  46. Very good points, Pacman.

    Diesel has always made a big thing about Walker wanting there to be a part 8 (and more), and of course it’s either a) a sweet thing for him to keep mentioning his late friend, or b) a cynical angle designed to deflect any negative criticism of the films that are coming – “how could deny his wishes? Are you guys heartless?”

    We’ll never know what Diesel really thinks, of course.

    I’m in two minds about the latest development that pops up in #8 but the whole “family” thing now, maybe I’m the cynical one, it feels tired to me. It feels like the “moral/what did we learn?” bit at the end of an 80s sitcom now.

    As I’ve said before, Walker really has left a hole in the franchise.

  47. Y’all are crazy. I’ve seen it twice already and it was pure delight both times.

  48. I’ll wait for Vern’s review to get into it, but F8 was definitely my least favorite of this latest era of F&F movies. I really loved 5, 6 and 7 and I wish I liked this one more.

  49. Majestyk – I honestly don’t know if you’re trolling or not right now.

  50. 5,6,7,1,8,3,4,2. This is the correct, scientifically-proven ranking.

  51. 7,5,6,4,3,1,2. Possibly also 5,7,6,4,1,3,2. Maybe not 6,5,7,1,4,3,2 or 7,6,5,4,3,1,2. And certainly not 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

  52. 5,6,7,3,8,2,1,4

    Still haven’t seen all of 4 to this day. Very boring movie. The M:I III of The Furious.

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