E-book people: Get Niketown for half off

tn_niketownI do my e-books through this company called Smashwords, which is having a “July Summer/Winter Sale.” Don’t ask me why it’s a winter sale, but the point is I’m offering my novel Niketown for 50% off on there all through July. It’s ordinarily a mere five bucks and now it is a pathetic $2.50. I just checked, and that’s less than it would cost you to buy a thing of Mentos at Target. I cannot guarantee fresh breath, but I can guarantee that it will be more mentally stimulating than your Mentos. I mean, you could easily get both the Mentos and Niketown, it would still be very cheap. I’m not trying to talk you out of the Mentos.

Mentos: More expensive than the e-book of Niketown right now
Mentos: More expensive than the e-book of Niketown right now


Anyway, I’m very proud of the book and the elite individuals who read it tend to tell me they liked it. Maybe it’s time you joined them.

GET IT RIGHT HERE, and for some reason they make you use the coupon code SSW50, but if I can pour my heart and soul into a book for years then you can type in three letters and two numbers to save $2.50 on it, in my opinion.

Seriously though, I hope some of you check it out and enjoy it. Thank you!

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19 Responses to “E-book people: Get Niketown for half off”

  1. Reading Niketown when it first came out is an experience I remember fondly. The part of me that likes a good, well-told story was very satisfied; the part of me that considers Vern an indelible voice of modern film criticism (and also a major influence on my own writing) was also very satisfied. It’s an enjoyably unconventional mystery, more hard-bitten than hard-boiled, that is peppered enjoyably with the idiosyncratic observational truths and insights that are a big part of what makes Vern’s work so essential. Buy it and regret nothing.

  2. Crushinator Jones

    July 1st, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Well said, psychic_hits. It’s a very good book and certain scenes have stayed with me ever since I read it.

  3. I’ve read Vern for 15 years, support him on pattern (you should too!), but only ever posted once or twice. I’m posting now to endorse Niketown! It really surprised me with the sort of book it is- I was expecting pulp, but it’s more like Charles Willeford. To paraphrase mr. Willeford, its so close to the truth, it comes off as black comedy.

  4. I already own a physical copy sitting right over there on my bookshelf, so I might just get me the Mentos. But if you read this sight, then you owe it to yourself to read Niketown. It moved me to write one of those positive reviews on Amazon.

  5. Patreon, not pattern. Autocorrect.

  6. Dontgetnastybro

    July 1st, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Haven’t read your fiction, but your two other books, Seagalogy and Yippee Ka Yay Moviegoer!, are like my bible now. So as soon as i’m out of poverty i’ll go find me a copy of Niketown. So Vern, how come you haven’t even say anything about the two new Bruce Willis flicks that went out to the world in the last months? You’re not feeling love for ‘Straight-to-VOD Bruce’?

  7. NIKETOWN is a good-ass book, people. The comparisons to Willeford are on point, in that it takes the raw material of a crime novel and then builds something weird out of it. It’s also compulsively readable. I finished it in like a day and a half. I was unemployed when I bought the physical copy for like 17 bucks so the least you can do is not supersize your macciatto or whatever once this week and just download the thing.

  8. I read this book years ago and I rep it irl whenever I get the chance. Direct and lean, event-driven but with real ideas to boot. My sort of shit.

    I love Vern the film critic but I really hope he writes another novel because NIKETOWN if my favorite thing you have written, my man.

  9. Vern, It’s been awhile but I remember a minor typo in the novel that you might want to correct at some point. It didn’t keep me from enjoying the hell out of the book but at a certain point it seemed like an important character had appeared when he had not. Sorry to be so vague but I can’t remember exactly. Anyway it rectifies itself within a few sentences. Maybe someone who has read the book more recently can point it out. Great book all told though.

  10. I am not an e-book guy. But this was such a sweet deal that I could not resist buying it. It might be worth sitting up reading it on my computer rather than in a more comfortable position like my sweet ass couch.

  11. Also, as it is an e-book, I am not able to use it as a toilet book as I did with SEAGALOGY . Sorry Vern, but there is something about cramming out a turd while reading about SUBMERGED that somehow works.

  12. Put it on your phone, then read it on the toilet. There’s a certain part that will be meta as fuck.

  13. I don´t have that kind of fancy phone.

  14. I think I still have my physical copy but it might have ended up with the ex. Good opportunity for a re-read! Love it

  15. “I love Vern the film critic but I really hope he writes another novel” -renfield

    This is what’s great about being totally unobservant, I get to be surprised afresh when I finally catch wind that WORM ON A HOOK is a thing. Christmas every fucking day guys. I wish y’all could feel what I feel

  16. I shall buy it.

    What I would also like to read is the straneg Disneyworld-story that vern wrote some years ago. It’s a farcical pseudo-autobiorgaphical account of working at Disneyland, which turns quite dark quite fast. I remember quite enjoying it at the time, and not only because vern’s ex-con persona bled into the narrator’s identity. Any chance you could reissue that one, vern?

  17. Oh, wow. That was a short story I wrote, what, 16 years ago? But I never finished it. I’m afraid to go back and read it. Here is the link though:


  18. The Kindle version of the updated SEAGALOGY is also super cheap at Amazon right now. 3.70$ in the US, 3.32€ in Germany, don’t know about other countries.

  19. I’m way behind on this, but better late than never, right? If I could attach pics on here I’d post one of me triumphantly holding up the paperback copy of Niketown that came in the mail today. I don’t do e-books and ordering from the US is a pain in the ass, but it suddenly popped up in my country’s biggest online store and I added that shit to the cart immediately. Can’t wait to dig in!

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