You are now about to witness red band street knowledge

In case anybody else has been anxiously awaiting a trailer for this like I have:

(don’t worry about the gentle black and white intro, it goes into the actual movie footage eventually)

I don’t know what to think, but so far it looks like something I will enjoy whether or not it’s a good movie.

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  1. I’d actually forgotten this was even going to be a movie until you posted this. Of course, I love biopics so I’ll at least end up liking this somewhat. As far as what they show in the trailer, it looks ok. They seem to have the partying aspect of it down. Also, the actor playing Ice Cube looks pretty good, but I’m not as sold on the actor playing Dr. Dre. Anyway, those are my two cents.

  2. The guy playing Cube is actually his son O’Shea Jackson Jr., that’s why he looks so much like him.

  3. This might be a nice antidote to the overly precious musical biopics out there.

  4. This looks like the most generic biopic in the world, but in a really good way. Like Walk The Line, which was so by-the-numbers it was almost a parody (see: Walk Hard), but was awesome because the music is incredible and Phoenix was great.If in 20 years time we’ve had 17 different identically rapper biopics it’d be a different story, but this looks a hell of a lot of fun. Unlike that Biggie movie that shaved all the edges off it and made it really dull (I’m really worried that when the 2Pac film actually gets made it’s going to treat him like a saint and be really boring, instead of him being a really exciting, interesting, flawed individual – and probably a bit of a dick)

  5. That makes sense that it is Cube’s son, the resemblance is striking.

  6. After the shitty Biggie movie I’ll pass on anymore rap bio pics. Doesn’t help that I’ve known everything I need to know about the NWA story since before I even hit puberty. This trailer gave me a good reason to rewatch CB4 though.

  7. Man, am I torn. On the one hand, there’s no kind of movie I dislike more than biopics. They all seem to have the same structure, the same pace, the same rise and fall, the same scenes and dialogue, even. Maybe it’s because the only people who get biopics are the ones whose lives follow the easy biopic pattern (hard-scrabble beginnings, impossible dream, meteoric rise to prominence, mo’ money mo’ problems montage, fall from grace, symbolic redemption). But life is life and movies are movies, and trying to turn one into the other just shits on them both. I don’t want to see the rhythms of lazy drama imposed on real people, especially real people I admire.

    On the other hand, N.W.A. is incredibly important to me. As a kid, I had a few other albums (Foreigner’s Greatest Hits, Bon Jovi SLIPPERY WHEN WET, Anthrax I’M THE MAN) but I didn’t really get what music was supposed to do until I heard STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON. It was like an R-rated action movie in song form, with this extra dimension of giving me a view into a world I’d never imagined. I cannot overstate the effect this album had on me as a young man. So while I’m kind of aghast at the thought of these important figures in my life being turned into movie horseshit, there was enough in the trailer that reminded me of the way N.W.A. made me feel when I first heard them back in the summer of 1989. Like there was something dangerous out there speaking truth to power and not giving a fuck who heard it. Like the world still had outlaws. So maybe I’ll have to break my biopic boycott just this once.

    But shit, Cube and Dre, did you forget Ren’s number or some shit? He was in the group to the bitter end, a whole album and a half longer than Cube. You couldn’t invite Lorenzo to roll in the Benzo with you for this little Compton reunion tour? It’s bad enough he’s barely in the trailer, despite in many ways being the best MC in the group. Yella Boy I can understand (a DJ speaks with his hands), but the Motherfucking Ruthless Villain deserves more facetime than that.

  8. For some reason this trailer looks better to me than the usual direly paint-by-numbers musician biopic. I dunno, F. Gary Gray doesn’t usually inspire confidence, but at least the film really looks authentically of the time period, and it looks like it honesty captures the spirit of those days. The trailer, at least, seems to have an unusual energy and vitality to it — hopefully the movie gets that too. I guess Gray was actually there, too — he directed Cube’s “It was a Good Day” and a couple others with Dre and Cube pretty early into their solo careers. So maybe he feels kinda energized revisiting (somewhat) his own history.

  9. I liked NWA when I was a kid, but I always thought it would be PUBLIC ENEMY getting the Beatles/Hendrix treatment 25 years later. I guess it really is better to burn out (die of AIDS, rap about raping each other, etc) than fade away (House of Blues, reality shows, etc)

  10. It’s also better to have two of your members become a couple of the most successful and famous personalities that hip-hop has ever produced. That tends to get more people in the seats than the story of a former reality show clown and the angry academic nobody under 35 has ever heard of.

  11. Who remembers the NWA and the Posse record? Yeah I’m old.

  12. Dontgetnastybro

    May 13th, 2015 at 9:13 am

    Dude how come you haven’t reviewed THE NEGOTIATOR, yet?

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