Seagal related song of the week

Yes, it’s true, there has been a new Steven Seagal film out for 2 weeks and I haven’t seen it yet. I hope to view and write about A GOOD MAN (and also Michael Jai White’s FALCON RISING) soon, thanks for asking about it. To hold you over, I want to share this song that a rapper named Gutta sent to me.

Seagal has been referenced in many rap lyrics, most notably when Inspectah Deck says “Bust this, I’m kickin’ like Seagal, Out For Justice” on Wu-Tang Clan’s “Bring Da Ruckus.” Here Gutta, who told me he read Seagalogy in the middle of working on this, blows away whatever was the previous record for most Seagal movies mentioned in one song. He goes deep. He mentions CLEMENTINE, for crying out loud (the Korean tearjerker where at the end the hero has to fight Seagal in a competition).

Enjoy, and have a good weekend.


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  1. Cool track! Pretty catchy, to boot. Anyway, have you seen the new Van Damme DTV called Enemies Closer? The movie itself is kind of average, but Van Damme plays one of the weirdest characters of his career, and the ending needs to be seen to be believed. Also noteworthy because it was directed by Peter Hyams.

  2. Magic. Perfect Hard to Kill sample at the end. Hilarious.

  3. The Original Paul

    September 5th, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Well, it’s fair to say I wasn’t expecting that. Cockney rap! It’s a change to what I’ve been listening to recently, that’s for sure…

  4. reminds me a lot of local hiphop band Hilltop Hoods. Fun song anyways, thanks Vern.

  5. Came across another Steven Seagal song recently… not of the same quality, but pretty funny, and I think affectionate, they even have a nice sample from OUT FOR JUSTICE.


  6. Turns out A Good Man is a damn good late Seagal picture.
    I think it’s the closest thing we’ll ever have to Steven Seagal playing the Punisher.

  7. This is a great one, if you hadn’t heard it. Plus it has a bonus clip of Seagal in Out For Justice (the “chicken shit fucking pussy asshole” one).

    Action Bronson – Jar of Drugs (line at 2:12)


    “I’m Out for Justice, Above the Law, and Hard to Kill / guard your grill, catch me hoppin’ out the hard DeVille”

    Action Bronson is the best.

  8. Also, Harry Fraud is probably my favorite producer right now and that beat sounds coldly like an 80s action film. Somehow. IMO

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  10. Speaking of Seagal and the hip hop, the AV Club has an AMAZING interview with the Run the Jewels guys about Seagal.


    The best part is how El P is so gung ho from the beginning and slowly wins Killer Mike over. They really get it. Somebody obviously needs to send these guys a copy of SEAGALOGY. I’m thinking themed mixtape. RUN FOR JEWELSTICE.

  11. My God, that interview is amazing. If Vern hadn’t been photographed in public, I would have sworn that he is secretly El-P in real life. El-P even admits to having bought Stephen Seagal’s energy drink!

  12. Well obviously it’s not me because I have like 6 cans of Lightning Bolt, not 2. I’m no amateur.

    I actually had this idea to have them shipped to Cinefamily and then at some point during the Q&As just casually pop one open and start drinking it to show off. Then I realized that canned beverages do expire at some point and this one is partly made out of fungus.

    Of course I don’t agree with the “so bad it’s good” kind of attitude in the interview, but I approve of El-P’s enthusiasm. He clearly is familiar with all the movies, so he’s legit. And Killer Mike seems to have know idea that he’s so knowledgeable about the subject, like it’s coming out of nowhere. I would be against the negativity if he didn’t know what he was talking about, but he does. He’s a good producer, too.

  13. Say, are we ever going to get that A GOOD MAN review?

  14. Oh… I even commented on it at the time. Looks like my years of wild hedonism are finally catching up with me. I was looking at the “Seagalogy” tag, didn’t see it, and panicked. Please disregard.

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