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The Mark Chase Dog

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but I recently wrote a little crime novel called Niketown. Check it out. In the book, the protagonist, Carter Chase, invents a recipe for hot dog which he names “The Mark Chase Dog” after his missing brother, and the ingredients are described in loving detail.

Well, Michael Taylor of Paducah, KY decided to make himself some Mark Chase Dogs and was kind enough to send me photographic documentation:


Now I feel lazy because I never got around to making Casey Ryback’s salad recipe from UNDER SIEGE 2, even though I put it in Seagalogy. Michael also reports that he once read one of my greatest works, my GARFIELD review, at an open mic night. That warms my heart. Thanks Michael!

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13 Responses to “The Mark Chase Dog”

  1. That’s some cool stuff. It’d be interesting to see an article that highlights cooking recipes featured in movies in the future. I watch the show HANNIBAL and one thing I’ve been thinking since it began is that a tie-in cookbook for that show would be ingenious. So many of those dishes look superb outside of the fact that they’re supposed to be human meat of course.

  2. That looks delicious, Vern. One of my favorite things about the book was how Carter kept doing all these things that he thought were no big deal but then they caught on all over the city. Keep it real and the people will come to you. You don’t have to chase ’em.

    Shit. That was totally not an intended pun. Usually when people say “no pun intended” they are lying right to your face but I wouldn’t do that. When I mean a pun, trust me, I will own up to it.

    Was the Mark Chase your own recipe, Vern, or did you get it from somewhere?

  3. It’s more glorious than I imagined, and there is no way I would ever eat that monster! :D

  4. Everything’s a competition to me, especially interactive OutlawVern fandom, so you (especially this motherfucker Michael Taylor) best believe I’m buying a GoPro camera to mount to my lapel as I record Mouth robbing a shoe store. Hopefully I’ll be able to e-mail the footage to Vern from the county holding cell, somehow.

  5. It’s the kind of stuff I think tastes good on a hot dog, but to be honest the apple sage marinade idea came from a non-meat product, the Smoked Apple Sage Field Roast.

  6. Obviously, the non-meat version would be called the Mark Chaste.

  7. He shoots, he scores!

  8. Reading the book, I kept on thinking that the Mark Chase Dog was a little too busy for a hot dog. But the picture makes me think it has some real potential.

  9. Open mike night, huh? I once read several chapters of Seagalogy while sitting on the toilet!

  10. This made my day, thanks Vern!

  11. Daniel Strange

    May 7th, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Vern: there is still time to make Casey Ryback’s salad recipe before the Cinefamily event. You can tell us all about it there.

  12. CrustaceanLove

    May 7th, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    Broddie: You might want to check out the blog authored by the food stylist on HANNIBAL (which is a thing apparently) where she details the recipes she uses for the show and the ideas behind them. It’s pretty interesting.


  13. I just noticed that the way the picture is framed, it looks like Carter is reaching for the Mark Chase Dog.

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