Our buddy Fred’s interview with Andrew Davis

tn_abovethelaw…which ends with Mr. Davis promising to look up my book Seagalogy, thanks to Fred telling him about it. It’s a good interview centering on THE FUGITIVE (on the occasion of its 20th anniversary) but also giving some background on the script of ABOVE THE LAW that I sure could’ve used when I wrote the book.

thanks Fred!

here’s the interview

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14 Responses to “Our buddy Fred’s interview with Andrew Davis”

  1. Nice one, Fred!

  2. Kudos to Fred for mentioning Harrison Fords guest appearance as Indy in THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES. Nobody is talking about that or even seem to remember he was in it anymore. At least not to my knowledge.

  3. That’s because nobody bothered with watching the series for so long.

    Now reading the interview.

  4. I assume Fred brings a copy or 2 of Seagalogy to all in-person interviews, but this one was phone- & e-mail-based, so it’s understandable (though still disappointing) that Fred didn’t get to shove Vern’s masterwork in Andrew Davis’s face. All film directors love having unasked-for pages of stuff forcibly given to them to read.

  5. Steven Pressfield worked on Above The Law?

    You learn something new every day.

  6. It sounds like Davis had a hard time directing Seagal in UNDER SIEGE. Does anyone know what happened?

  7. I think everyone has a hard time directing Seagal.

  8. Even Steven Seagal directed Steven Seagal just once!

  9. Does Steven Seagal piss everyone he works with off? I thought he and Andrew Davis were ok since they did 2 movies together, but I guess not.

  10. Great interview as always, Fred. Glad to see Davis talk about Holes, which I still say is his best film. And even though we don’t hear much about The Fugitive these days, I do think it ushered in the era of the PG-13 action film, for better or for worse. Also glad to hear they vetoed that original twist ending of The Fugitive, because that honestly sounds like some shit that would happen today.

    Speaking of which, Above the Law was on the other day and I swear that might be Patient Zero when it comes to incredibly over-written scripts. I like it as much as the next guy, but I’m wondering if a young Orci/Kurtzman watched it and figured this is the model to base all scripts on.

  11. Introvision used for The Fugitive train crash is actually front projection; actor stands in front of movie screen while pre-filmed dim image is projected on screen that only camera can pick up (similar to Superman’s Zoptic, but with out synchronized zoom lenses on projector and camera). Even this demo for theatres from back in the day by the LA Times calls it rear projection by mistake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDAGW3aOcRA

  12. I remember reading somewhere that Seagal wanted Craig R. Baxley to direct UNDER SIEGE. Having just seen ACTION JACKSON I’m really glad he didn’t get the job.

  13. Pegsman – WHAT??? YOU GO TO HELL!!! ACTION JACKSON RULES! j/k but Baxley also did I COME IN PEACE and STONE COLD.

    Thanks, gang. FUGITIVE producer Peter MacGregor-Scott also did MARKED FOR DEATH and OUT FOR JUSTICE and had a good experience with Seagal. He said the trick is to keep him working. He has limited availability anyway so if you keep him shooting he gives 100%. If he has to stand around waiting, you get into trouble.

    neal2zod – That was always my problem with ABOVE THE LAW. As Joe Bob Briggs would say, way too much plot getting in the way of the story. Every few years I feel like watching it again though and trying to like it more.

  14. this month i’m writing in my blog about the sensei’s films , in an all you can watch Steven Seagal-thon for September , being an avid Seagalogist myself . At the moment i’m watching BLACK DAWN , and i wanted to point out for your next expanded edition of your book (since there is no ending to the True Justice movies) , that the hooker in room 660 , where Agent Stuart hides and gets attacked with a lamp , is the pornstar Nautica Thorn !

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