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Night of the Warrior (and my new column)

tn_nightofthewarriorThis websight called Daily Grindhouse invited me to write for them recently, and I figured why not? I like days, I like grinding, I like houses. My new not-sure-how-regular-it-will-be-yet column, which goes under the working title of VERN’S PUNCH-QUEST, will be kind of like Slasher Search except I’ll be watching obscure b-action type stuff, mostly ones from the ’80s and ’90s that nobody’s recommended to me or anything, just ones that look cool or goofy. And hopefully some of them will turn out to be good.

For the first column I chose NIGHT OF THE WARRIOR starring Lorenzo Lamas. Click on the title to read it.

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10 Responses to “Night of the Warrior (and my new column)”

  1. This one sounds great, Vern. I also think Lamas is underrated. I recommend you try out THE RAGE next. He plays an FBI agent tracking down a cult led by crazed Vietnam vet cannibal rapist Gary Busey. You got Roy Scheider as the dickhead chief, David Carradine in one scene as a burnout in a wheelchair, a decent stab at real drama between Lamas and his new female partner, and some surprisingly extensive car chases and shootouts.

    Also I would like to refer to the above paragraph, which contains the words “crazed Vietnam vet cannibal rapist Gary Busey.”

  2. What’s so special about that? Busey’s been typecast in that role for ages.

  3. That’s like saying “What’s so special about yet another blistering Kerry King guitar solo? He’s been doing them for years.” Yeah, it’s nothing new, but there’s still pleasure in watching a master craftsman at work.

  4. Anyone seen CIA CODENAME ALEXA with Lamas? Is that a good one? I stumbled onto it on a website and thinking of purchasing it

  5. Knox Harrington

    April 16th, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Speaking of 80’s schlock, has anyone else seen the new trailer for wannabe-80’s schlock MANBORG yet?

    It made me laugh.

  6. Seems like a good gig, Vern. Nice start, as your reviews continue their death grip on my movie queue. I do like all that arty stuff that apparently shows up in NIGHT OF THE WARRIOR. It is my dream to have a random opera singer living just outside my front door. But preferably not a homeless person.

    Knox, yes MANBORG is legit. Some of us saw it a year ago at ActionFest. Midnight movie magic, it was. I named it as one of the top 5 films of the year.

  7. I don’t really know what it is, but I just can’t watch Lamas in anything. It’s as if Lance Cumson has become an “actor” just to spite his aunt Angela. It’s physically painful to watch. Sorry, Cumson fans.

  8. Good stuff, Vern. Maybe the titleistical Night is more the abstract concept of Night itself(e.g. the expression “As different as night and day”), rather than a singular example. There’s no preceding article (the, a) after all. The omni-NIGHT.

  9. Thomas Ian Griffith wrote Mr. Troop Mom for George “Mindy Kaling is not my daughter” Lopez and William “Timerider: Mike Nesmith’s tax write-off” Dear. I would make a funny comment, but TIG might track me down, grin, force me to grin, and then kick my teeth out.

  10. This movie fucking rocks, by the way. Vern has undersold it a little bit in my opinion.

    If you like solid dtv action (not too spectacular, but not amateur either) and you like the awesome beginning of Tony Scott’s THE HUNGER or the awesome beginning of Magnoli/Prince’s PURPLE RAIN, then you’ll probably appreciate NIGHT OF THE WARRIOR.

    It’s like if Julie Taymor directed a low budget Lorenzo Lamas underground fighting movie, which is exactly the kind of thing I’ve always dreamed about.

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