Happy Halloween everybody

Hope all of you are enjoying your pagan holiday. Germans especially I encourage to celebrate Halloween, perhaps while waving six American flags and singing our national anthem in both English and German.

I did not find a clear winner to Slasher Search this year, but I will ruminate on it. At least I saw lots of interesting oddities and did a respectable number of horror reviews, including a bunch today. INSIDE is a modern classic I never saw before and ISLAND OF LOST SOULS is a classic classic that I never saw before, so those were the highlights of my viewing this month. Anyway have a fun day, eat some apples and pumpkin seeds to balance out your candy diet, and try not to get run over like that masked guy that gets mistaken for Michael Myers in part 2.

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20 Responses to “Happy Halloween everybody”

  1. nabroleon dynamite

    October 31st, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    Fucking Roll!!

  2. rock on vern. i am finishing up my dr. syn costume. watch final exam last night… wild man ate whipped cream off a naked dudes chest and yet radish is the one people on the imdb message boards accuse of being gay?!

  3. Happy Halloween, boys (and girl) of this websight! Don’t eat candy with razorblades. And if you do, brush your teeth afterwards.

  4. Happy Halloween Vern!

  5. P.S.: O sagt, könnt ihr sehen
    im frühen Licht der Morgendämmerung,
    was wir so stolz grüßten
    im letzten Schimmer der Abenddämmerung?
    Dessen breite Streifen und helle Sterne die gefahrvollen Kämpfe hindurch
    über den Wällen, die wir bewachten,
    so stattlich wehten?
    Und der Raketen grelles, rotes Licht,
    die in der Luft explodierenden Bomben,
    bewiesen die Nacht hindurch,
    dass unsere Flagge noch da war.
    Oh sagt, weht dieses
    sternenbesetzte Banner noch immer
    über dem Land der Freien
    und der Heimat der Tapferen?

  6. unfortunatly this Halloween will be spent like all the ones since 2005, that is to say giving out candy to kids instead of trick or treating and plus any cute girls I may see will probably still be under 18 so flirting with them will make me “that guy”

    oy, growing old sucks

    happy Halloween everybody

  7. Happy Halloween! Nice work on the slasher search ’11. fun stuff.

    now i’m gonna go sit in a pumpkin patch and wait for the Great Pumpkin.

  8. Happy Halloween everyone! Anything Can Happen!

  9. the candy giving is going strong here

    I saw a kid dressed as a Ghostbuster, complete with inflatable proton pack

  10. I just saw a dude dressed as Zach Galifianakis from THE HANGOVER. He said he was going home to get the baby doll he had left there.
    Happy Halloween, all!

  11. All these years I was so wrong about Michael Meyers. He just needed a little love.

    Someone needs to re-edit the “Hello” video with the HALLOWEEN soundtrack.

  12. Also, thanks Vern for a stellar October! It’s so great to get so many movies to read about in your particular voice.

  13. Next time: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET vs. “Dancing On The Ceiling”.

    Happy Halloween, Vern! Thanks for finding all the tricks and treats of home videodom, like you do every year.

  14. I also want to say thanks for all the horror reviews, Vern. I wasn’t in a very Halloweeny mood this year so coming here helped get me more in the spirit.

  15. Me too, Majestyk. Was a downer Halloween here, otherwise.

    Although if Vern woulda watched TRUTH OR DARE: A CRITICAL MADNESS, it woulda won hands down. Sigh.

  16. Imagine how much of a downer your Halloween would have been if you had watched TRUTH OR DARE: MADONNA’S NARCISSITIC CONCERT EVENT.

  17. When I was about 13, there were two very important reasons why Madonna’s TRUTH OR DARE was not a downer in any sense of the word.

  18. Here’s a picture of my niece as Lon Chaney in LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT: http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e236/Samoan_Bob/Halloween2011089-1.jpg

  19. »Germans especially I encourage to celebrate Halloween, perhaps while waving six American flags and singing our national anthem in both English and German.«

    Like most Germans I didn’t have the courage to follow your recommendation, Vern. I watched COLD PREY 1 and 2 instead.

  20. All I want is some trick or treaters. I just want to see children celebrating the innocent fun of dressing up. But I guess the L.A. kids can do better than my block.

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