Blood From a Stone

Hey guys, hope everybody’s having a good holiday time and what not. While I work on some new reviews please enjoy this short by outlawvern.com reader Bill Palmer. It pays tribute to many of our favorite ’80s action tropes and to the fashion sense of my man The Boz.

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17 Responses to “Blood From a Stone”

  1. As a fan of strings of humorously mixed metaphors and ’80s action, I approve of BLOOD FROM A STONE.

  2. That was pretty much the coolest thing I’ve seen this week.

    “I got rights!”

    “Now you only got lefts.”

    Good show, sir.

  3. That made me smile over its full runtime. Well done, sir. :)

  4. I guess “during its full runtime” would be correct. “over its full runtime” sounds like I found its length funny.
    What I try to say is: Well done, sir.

  5. “Justice rides shotgun, because that bitch is blind.”


    Excellent use of “Angel Of The City” from the COBRA soundtrack, too.

  6. billydeethrilliams

    December 29th, 2010 at 7:40 am

    I’ll take 8 minutes and 26 seconds of Blood From A Stone over Expendables 2 any day.

  7. Aw man, why can’t this be feature length?

  8. I thought “I don’t step on toes” was going to be followed up by “I drive over them”, then he’d do that to his superior. Great overall though.

  9. Hey, I live right next to Simi Valley…

    Superb movie.

  10. @Stu : actually that would have been funnier than simply stealing a Chuck Norris quote like they did.
    Other than that, I really enjoyed it a lot.

  11. So Angel in the City led to the Wiki page for Cobra and I couldn’t help but notice this:

    “The movie stars Stallone as a Los Angeles Police officer. Who is trying to track down the insane murderer known as The Night Slasher. When a Woman Modeal (Nielson), sees him kill a victom. The Slasher plas on killing the woman, at any coast. The Police department choose Cobretti to put him to protect the woman.
    This is the second time him and director George Pan Cosmatos released a film together, the first-one being most notably, Rambo: First Blood Part II. The film performed rather well with a Domestic Total Gross of $49,042,224. It ranked as the 115 highest grossing film of 1986.
    The Film was not a critical praise sadly and unlike Rambo and Rocky flims the movie was forgetten. Due to its many cliches and dumb plot elements.”

    I never forgot Cobra, and neither did the guys that made Blood From a Stone, or probably anyone on who comes here. I think I should maybe flag it.

  12. Okay Marlow, maybe I don’t do as much proofreading on my wikipedia entries as on my reviews, but I still stand by that as a fine piece of writing, at any coast.

  13. Good job! Happy New Year, guys!

  14. Oh, this was GLORIOUS! Tighten it a little bit and make it feature length and you’ve got a white 80s Black Dynamite.
    I guess. Still, well played. The “Lefts” line and the “coupon” line are classics indeed. What a great vid to start off the new year with!

  15. You knpw, people who start out making home movies this professional often end up making it. See Edgar Wright, Steven Spielberg… really well done. I loved the lefts and coupon lines too.

  16. Ace Mac Ashbrook

    January 2nd, 2011 at 7:00 am

    Simply outstanding.

  17. I like the part where Kevin Smith explodes.

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