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tn_blackdynamitecartoonOkay friends of the nerd community, things are really going your way this week. Don’t ever say I didn’t do nothing for your chosen mediums of expression. This is a followup to the earlier post about BLACK DYNAMITE in cartoon and comics forms. This time Scott Sanders sent me a couple pictures from the cartoon so you can see what it’s gonna look like. blackdynamitecartoon1(sorry they’re not giant. Do I look like I’m made of bandwidth?) As you can see, we got some returning characters from the movie. Turns out Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley, Byron Minns, Clifton Powell and JB Smoove do voices. blackdynamitecartoon2This one makes me think Black Dynamite might have some more freak-outs in him like when he turned pimp in that one scene. Unless maybe somebody just interrupted his kong fu. This look reminds me alot of THE BOONDOCKS, a show I still enjoy and have noticed the drawings getting better each season. I assumed it was gonna look the same as the cartoony end credits of the actual movie, but this is much better, more realistic so it will make more sense if they imitate a live action blaxploitation style filmatism.

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  1. This looks seriously cool, although I can’t imagine how this style is gonna look like in motion. (Sorry if ths post shows up twice.)

  2. you should do a review of Devil, scare the bejesus out of the nerds

  3. Fuckin’ badass.

  4. Those look good.

  5. Rawhead Rex is all you need to scare the bejesus out of anyone. The Horror Channel even said it would scare the bejesus out of you. They didn’t mention the urinating though.

    Those pictures do look good.

  6. Black Dynamite deserves that and more.


    I’m very happy that the world of Black Dynamite is gonna be expanded and explored, even if in old timey drawings.

  8. Raw Head Rex. Now that brings back some bad memories.

  9. Oh no, we just lost Tony Curtis. I guess that means Sir Roger Moore is the last Persuader. Shiiit.

  10. Eh. I don’t know, without the legitimate badassery of Michael Jai White laying the smack down on people, I’m concerned that the whole thing will tip towards the UnderCover Brother silliness side. You know, the side of Black Dynamite that I really didn’t like. At all.

  11. Vern – Steven Seagal LAWMAN resumes next wednesday.

  12. I don’t know. What is the purpose of this? Shouldn’t MJW be putting his energies towards more live action projects? This cartoon seems like a dead end to me. On the other hand, all he has to do is show up in a recording studio with his voice intact. Easy money, I suppose.

  13. On another note. Vern, with October upon us I’m really hoping you plan to dive into a bunch of horror movie reviews. Some of your best work involved writing about the horror genre.

  14. Not to mention that we all put together that beautiful list of horror movies last year.

  15. “Okay friends of the nerd community,”
    I prefer the term “Geek”. The cartoon looks good.

  16. Aren’t geeks the guys who bite the heads off chickens at carnivals?

  17. I now anticipate a “geek” v. “nerd” nomenclature thread.

  18. CJ- But “Nerd” brings a connotation of additional learnedness and love of academia, which isn’t really true of all people you’d use the term for.

  19. “Geek” is also less derogatory. Nerd is someone you picture with braces, glasses, dressed in a fucking buttoned up shirt with 5 pens in his front pocket. Geek is more casual. You’re more likely to have someone call themselves a geek than a nerd. Geek is kinda “cuter”, for lack of a better term, than nerd.

  20. “Geek” is less derogatory until you see LUTHER THE GEEK (P.S. See LUTHER THE GEEK) and then the last thing you wanna do is be like that creepy cluckin’ motherfucker.

  21. I think we need to acknowledge that Geek’s primary definition isn’t the chicken head-biter anymore.
    It might also be because in britain we don’t say nerd so much. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as naturally, so we say Geek more. It’s like how americans pronounce “twat” as “twot”, like it’s french.

  22. I think we can agree “Seagalogist” is nerdier than both of them though, right? ;)

  23. On a semi-on-topic note, Michael Jai White is apparently going to direct Never Back Down 2, and Larnell Stovall is going to be the fight coordinator.



    This could end up being very, very interesting.

  24. Never heard anyone pronounce “Twat” as “Twot” but I am Canadian.

    With relation to this post I am very excited to see this cartoon, while the live action is amazing (one of my fav movies ever), using animation allows the creators to have Black Dynamite capable of things that MJW is not able to do (I know that there is not much that MJW is incapable of).

    I am thinking it will be a great success that just may open the doors up for more modern blaxsplotation. Fingers Crossed

  25. Good to hear the sequel to NEVER BACK DOWN has a lot of potential for quality. And if anyone connected to the film should show up here thanks to Vern’s summoning powers please consider titling the film NEVER EVER BACK DOWN . Or NEVER BACK DOWN 2: NEVER GIVE UP. Thank you.

  26. Looks even better than I expected as well. Seems about the perfect transition from having had boondocks and AFRO SAMURAI. Kinda disappointed how the Boondock’s last season (?) went, a lot of missed opportunities and unevenness but still enjoyable.

    Awesome to hear MJW and Larnell Stovall to team up again with him directing. Hoping he’ll give it the UNDISPUTED touch


  27. Holy shit Eddie, I hadn’t heard that one. At first I was kinda thrown because between BLOOD AND BONE, FIGHTING and DAMAGE how is fuckin NEVER BACK DOWN the one that gets a sequel? But then of course I remembered the grand tradition of American martial arts sequels that have nothing to do with their predecessors, and of UNDISPUTED sequels being better than the first one (sorry Walter Hill).

    I hope MJW gives himself a cameo or supporting role, but even if he doesn’t I trust that his knowledge of the badass arts will make this much more impressive and less teen movie than the first one. I think this is moving high up my list of most anticipated movies.

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