A heads up for those who care

boondocksTHE BOONDOCKS is finally returning for season 3. It starts tonight at 11:30 on the Cartoons Network. It’s been a couple years since season 2 so that makes this the first Boondocks episode of the Obama age. I don’t know if he was kidding or not, but a mass email from a guy who works on the show claims this episode is about Werner Herzog (!?) looking back at the 2008 election from the future.

UPDATE: it was an interesting if uneven episode, but holy shit, they got the real Werner Herzog (BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS) to narrate. Also they have the best Obama impersonation I’ve seen anybody do so far.

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18 Responses to “A heads up for those who care”

  1. Awesome. Thank you Vern. I wonder how they’ll consider that election. Knowing those guys, it could go either way. Or both.

    Oh and Venture Bros. returns too.

    In 3 months.

    But I had to drop that too while we’re at it.

  2. I never saw season 2 sadly

  3. Oh man, thanks for the heads-up Vern! I’ll be staying up to see the Tim and Eric finale and I’d hate to miss Adult Swim’s other best show. (Now if only the Venture Bros. could be on too.)

  4. Season 2 was a disappointment for me so I hope that the long layoff means better stories instead of cheap gags. I still think that show is at its best with Huey as the protagonist instead of Riley.

    An episode with Herzog would be an instant classic.

  5. One Guy From Andromeda

    May 3rd, 2010 at 1:51 am

    you watch tv cartoons vern? i never knew tjis side of the man…

  6. Not usually, but this is an unusual one. They got a tendency to get too into random kung fu and shootouts, but sometimes when they’re on a roll with the satire it’s razor sharp and represents viewpoints nobody else is doing on TV. For example they go after BET’s representation of black culture… what other cartoon does that? Not pokeyman I bet.

    “Return of the King” is my favorite episode, it’s an alternate history where Dr. King went into a coma when he got shot, he wakes up and reacts to the modern world. A great holiday special.

    Also it’s just my kind of humor sometimes, like the episode where Samuel L. Jackson and Charlie Murphy (both playing white dudes) argue about Bluetooth headsets. It’s hard to explain.

    But no, in summary I would never watch cartoons, I am an adult. Sorry for any confusion.

  7. I checked out what I could of this on youtube after you reviewed season 2 on AICN, Vern, and thought it was pretty good. Only the first season is out on DVD in region 2 though. We kinda get the shaft over here with american animation. Still no Samurai Jack or a lot of the DC Animated features.

  8. bout damn time. can’t wait.

  9. UPDATE: i shoulda read the article first.
    Herzog? no fuckin kidding? wow.

  10. Thanks for the reminder Vern. I was wondering when/if this show would be back on. The season premier was great. I loved the Herzog documentary format. It was also a good way to introduce the regular characters to new viewers.

  11. boondocks is meh. better than family guy anyways. rather see ‘get your war on’ made into a toon or something (hah it was already done).

    vern, if you havent seen it, i’m sure you would like ‘monkey dust’. its british, but easily the best satire in the last decade. check it out on the youtubes.

  12. Nabroleon Dynamite

    May 3rd, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    Return of the king is hands down the best boondocks episode, but damn if this one isn’t vying for 2nd place!!

    “Real niggas don’t follow instructions”


  13. Wait, Vern reviewed Season 2? Is that review somewhere here on the sight? I can’t find it. So what was the verdict on Season 2? I found it pretty lacking after the near perfection of Season 1. Pretty much killed my enthusiasm.

  14. I must be missing something here. I wanted to like this because a friend contributed to the music, but it’s very… not funny. The cultural stuff feels really square and out of touch too.

  15. Hi Vern,

    Hope this isn’t OT but I was wondering if you had seen, had any interest in seeing or, in fact, had even heard of “Incident at Loch Ness”, co-written by and starring Werner Herzog?


    The audio commentary is off. the. hook.

  16. I thought this episode was pretty great. A really different perspective, like we’ve come to expect from Boondocks, plus everything with Werner Herzog is gold. I did think it doesn’t quite explain enough what exactly Huey is feeling. I know he knows Obama isn’t going to make everything perfect, but why is he leaving the country? Seems kinda like an overreaction to “meh”. Otherwise, though, sharp satire as always.

    Also Mark is correct, INCIDENT A LOCH NESS is pure gold, if you haven’t seen it. Or maybe I just find Herzog’s earnestly deadpan teutonic delivery to be inherently hilarious.

  17. Thought I should bring this to all your attention:
    Hope it gets made. Of course, it would HAVE to be Direct to DVD, cos no way is Ruckus getting a studio backing a movie about him. How would you even promote it?

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