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Justice prevails: BLACK DYNAMITE’s foot expands to new asses

tn_blackdynamiteI just received word that midnight screenings of outlawvern.com favorite BLACK DYNAMITE have been scheduled in some new spots on the map including Columbus, Boston, Minneapolis, Houston, Denver, Fort Collins, even Spokane, WA where a couple of you helped approve R-71. I think a midnight screening is the best way to see it, this is a movie that’s even better with a big audience. And by the way they expanded the best picture Oscar to ten nominees this year, so, you know, keep that in mind when you’re watching it.

Anyway, that’s not all of the cities so check out the full list and details here. Because orphans don’t have parents.

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16 Responses to “Justice prevails: BLACK DYNAMITE’s foot expands to new asses”

  1. If you live in those cities, you have a duty to those of us who can’t make it because we live in another country to go see it. I just did a quick search to see if I could find any release info for Australia, but alas, I came up blank. Don’t let us down Denverites (to pick a city at random).

  2. I won’t let ya down, SDAL. I’m actually a Colorado Springian but it’s only an hour drive and I think this movie will be worth it.

    Anybody in the area need a ride you can e-mail me (hamslime@yahoo.com) an we can set something up. We could even forgo the drive altogether and instead hold hands and skip there.

  3. Bless you, Hamslime. You’re a credit to the Rockies!

  4. i’m so glad we have the dryden in rochester. the local indie theater will barely touch anything with a whiff of genre.

  5. I only live 2 hours from Spokane but I have to be at work at 5 am all week. Do I follow my love of cinema or my love of not falling asleep at the wheel and dying? It’s so hard! I’ll try to get the day off. I don’t take my responsibilities lightly. Black Dynamite needs all the ticket sales he can get. Stupid work…

  6. Still nowhere near me. But hopefully it’ll keep expanding, and I can glory in DYNAMITE!

  7. Hopefully we get it soon.

    It’s starting to piss me off a bit.

  8. how ’bout DC, BLACK DYNAMITE?

  9. this movie was all you said it would be. totally incredibly awesome.

  10. Did I already miss the screening in Denver? It says Nov. 12 is the last one but since it’s a midnight screening do they mean the 13th? I can’t find any times on the theater’s sight.

    I hope I don’t have to make the trek to Ft. Collins but I will if I have to.

  11. Hey Vern, Spokane N-word here. Going to see this jive fucking movie, bro.

  12. nabroleon dynamite

    November 12th, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    This time them crackers done gone too far!!

    Code kansas…

  13. Well I’ll be damned, columbia missouri! Not in a hundred years would I have thought this movie would be playing nearby, let alone in what is practically walking distance for me. Solid. I’m on it.

  14. Definitely going to the SF showing. Might hit up Oakland too if this is as good as I think it’ll be.

  15. Regrettably, I live in a piss-ant mountain town and thus will be unable to watch BD in the theater. But, the dvd just got announced for February 2nd, so it won’t be too much longer for me and other unfortunately located individuals to experience the badass sexual chocolate that is MJW as Dynamite.

  16. Caught the midnight showing at the Grand Lake in Oakland.

    Sold out show.

    And totally worth the wait.

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