Well hell man I know what your thinking and I can’t really blame you. But seriously man it is not what you think. I have never rented a gay porno. It is the ’90s I have nothing against gay pornos but personally just have not rented them before. Remember prison rape is not a homosexual act it is a predatory act of violence. not that I am into that either but just to clarify.

Anyway man what it is is Richard Nixon. Dan Hedaya plays Richard nixon and it is a comedy where two teenage gals get mixed up in all the watergate and everything.

DickThe two gals are played by Kristen Dunst and Michelle Williams, two pretty young gals and they are funny. To be frankly honest they are not very smart and that is why it is funny. They don’t really know what it is going on and they just want to walk the dude’s dog is all. It is funny how Michelle has the hots for Richard Nixon. Also there are two canadian guys playing Woodward and Bernstein and they are a couple of babies always whining, it is funny.

There have been a lot of good movies in this time since i was released and this one is not exactly at the top of the pile. But it’s pretty funny and especially if you like jokes about history you will like this one. You will go, “ha ha ha, that is what happened at watergate, that is why it is funny.”

There are also jokes about that movie deep throat and that is a porno but there is more to it than just dicks, in my opinion.

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  1. You’ve come a long way, Vern.

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