The Prince of Egypt

Subject: Re: Whats the *smallest* crowd you’ve seen a movie with?
Date: 12/17/1999
Author: Vern

Well I gotta admit when I was still drinking i went to see a cartoon about the bible. This was an american cartoon i believe not japanese so there was mostly kids in the audience, possibly christian. Maybe eight or ten kids plus parents which is a small audience in my opinion although not the smallest.

The Prince of EgyptWell like I said this was when I was still drinking and i had done a lot of bible reading while I wa sin the can, so i guess I must have been pretty belligerent. the thing is these motherfuckers in the cartoon kept singing and what not which in my opinion was a pretty liberal interpretation of the text. so i’m yelling “THIS IS NOT IN THE BOOK, THIS IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT” or whatever and i guess the tone of the voice or whatever, some of the kids started to get scared.

well when the manager tried to make me leave of course i told him look man, I paid the money, i’m a christian as a matter of fact, this is something i want to see, and I’m going to cut off your balls or
whatever. they let me stay but everyone else left so I saw the second half of the movie by myself.

so yes i believe that is the smallest audience i’ve seen with although i am now 100% sober so i didn’t have the same problem with the toy story movie.


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