Run Lola Run

I have seen people arguing about Run Lola here so I decided to check it out today. I have always believed in thinking for yourself and a man has a right to his opinion. The movie? what can i say. I don’t know a whole lot about german movies so i didn’t understnad all of it.

I did pretty good with the words on the screen but the story plot was pretty messed up in a way. for example the way it has cartoons in it, or lola dies and then suddenly it’s at the beginning of the movie again. What the fuck? everybody in the theater was just laughing, it was so weird.

however i must say otherwise it was pretty interesting shit, pretty god damn interesting in my opinion. Lola, for instance, that bitch can really run. she don’t sweat, either. I know from experience that takes a lot of skill and conditioning. To be frankly honest I have not run from the cops as often as many. Not to brag but i just didn’t get found out too often. I have had my shares of mad dashes for the woods however. Trust me no matter how often you lift weights or whatever when you start to run it is not a pretty fucking sight. your heart is beating fast and the adrenaline and everything, but your about ready to piss yourself. you can feel the sweat dripping down your sides, the mud soaking into your socks (if your lucky enough to have them), taste the blood in your dry mouth. it’s pretty fucked up as far as I’m concerned and I would not recomend it to anyone. you start to cramp up and your breath is burning up your lungs and you just want to lay down and take a fucking nap or something. When was the last time you ran? Cooped up in that cage it’s not even possible. What are you gonna do run in circles? so anyway that’s how i know this bitch is a pretty fucking good runner in my opinion.

Run Lola Runalso this movie sort of reminds me of a movie I rented by the name of natural born killers. I think some of you action fans no exactly what I’m talking about. This is a road movie that is almost the same as run lola but a little more down to earth. it’s the same how it has all the cartoons and everything and it’s all druggy trip out movie making like back in the 60’s. Run Lola is a little more psychedelic because of the german electric music and what not. i think i liked the natural born killers better though because the characters are more average joes that you can relate to. in run lola she doesn’t really have a motive. she’s just this weird german chick with fucked up hair. i mean nothing against lola i would definitely fuck the girl but you have to admit the hair is kind of weird for a girl.

You do have to admit that the natural born killers borrowed a lot from german movies though how it’s flashing to different stuff all the time and weird pictures projected onto people and all this kind of weird shit that the germans are so good at. I don’t mean to say that germans are all weird. i have met some pretty fucking good germans right here on this news group in my opinion. so fuck anyone who is against all germans. There are exceptions to every rule.

Anyway i would like to hear other people’s thoughts on run lola. it is definitely one of the best german movies i’ve seen in a long god damn time.

sorry, just tellin it like it is

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  1. So this is your first review? I hope it’s okay if I dig this one out again. But it’s interesting to see how you have evolved as writer and critic. Almost everything we love about you is already here, but it’s pretty raw and undefined.
    (BTW, I’m recently reading all these old reviews, because I’m here at a boring job training environment and it keeps me from driving insane or falling asleep. Also I always wanted to read the whole websight of yours.)

  2. Whoa. First review. What’s up CJ? It’s like we found some buried treasure. You’d be Indy and I’m the evil nazi guy. However, in reality, I am not a nazi. I don’t approve of that shit. I do approve of Run Lola Run though. Cool flick. I first watched this one when I was in the 9th or 10th grade. I thought I was pretty rad because I had seen more weird German movies than everyone else.

  3. This is quite a find

  4. You know what movie is still pretty great? This one. Twenty-two goddamn years old and it still feels futuristic. Man, give me this sugar rush crazy experimental psychedelic everything-all-at-once style over the boring droning minimalist miserablist bullshit the young filmatists are trying to pull nowadays.

  5. Thanks for the reminder. I have to make room for this during the weekend.

  6. Agreed! Nice to end the week on an uncontroversial and positive opinion. Indeed, I can’t think of a German movie I’ve enjoyed as much since. TONI ERDMANN has some gobsmacking comedy, and DOWNFALL has probably had, if unwittingly, the largest cultural impact, but nothing has been as thrilling as RUN LOLA RUN.

    That said, having just looked at what Franka Potente has been up to since I last saw her in a movie (ROMULUS, MY FATHER), I am now desperate to see BEATE UHSE – DAS RECHT AUF LIEBE. Stunt pilot – prisoner of war – sex shop pioneer has to be one of the great biopic journeys.

  7. Well, it being a German TV movie, BEATE UHSE is pretty sterile and doesn’t live up to the exciting live that she seemed to have lived, but I would never stop anybody from watching a movie by himself, so if you can find it, go ahead.

    It’s interesting how Franka Potente carved herself a nice career as American TV actress. I still remember how surprised she was when she suddenly popped up in an episode of PSYCH.

    Also here is something interesting from the French/German arthouse TV channel that I mention once in a while: One hour of Potente hanging out with John Carpenter.

    Durch die Nacht mit Franka Potente & John Carpenter (2003) engl. w/ german subtitles

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0447941/ Durch die Nacht mit Franka Potente und John Carpenter

    (Also despite what I said 10 years [Eek!] ago, this was most likely NOT Vern’t first review, but I remember thinking that because for some reason that was listed as this on an older version of his websight)

  8. Thanks, CJ. You had me at “Durch die Nacht mit Franka Potente”; Carpenter is icing on the cake. I’m guessing from your description that that is from Arte, which I just discovered has stuff up on their website that I seem to be able to watch from here anyway. I’ll take a look.

    A shame about the Beate Uhse movie, but kinda predictable.

  9. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, German (and French) movies had a pretty good run here in Norway in the 80s and 90s. THE SNOWMAN with Marius Müller Westernhagen, DOWNWARDS, THE CRACK CONNECTION and THE CAT with Götz George were all big hits on VHS. Of course LOLA would make big waves when it was released. My wife claims that MAYBE…MAYBE NOT and JAILBIRDS are must-sees, but I suspect that that has more to do with Til Schweiger’s looks than anything else.

  10. Borg9, the movies Uhse sold in her shops were kinda predictable too…

  11. Yup, ARTE, best channel we got and probably one of the best in the world.

    *high fives pegsman for his joke*

  12. I’ll take your word for it, Pegsman. I trust your judgement in these matters…

  13. On reflection, I really liked GOOD BYE, LENIN at the time, and I suspect it got much closer to the truth of East Germany than THE LIVES OF OTHERS (The good Stasi man? Yeah, right!), but I’ve never felt the need to rewatch.

    My wife liked IN THE FADE with Diane Kruger, talking of German actresses who’ve done US TV, but I think I expect more from a revenge movie. It was interesting to see German courtroom drama though.

  14. I was planning to give GOOD BYE LENIN a rewatch at some point, because back then I hated how it was advertised as hilarious satire, but was instead a really depressing drama with a few good plot related laughs. That shit always makes me like a movie a lot less and is a problem, that happens quite often with German movies. I’m still able to recognize its quality, but sheesh, I came to laugh and you ruined my day with some depressing shit. Maybe I like it more, now that I know what to expect.

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