Podcasting in Freddyvision

I’m the guest on the new episode of the podcast 30 Years Later, which is of course a podcast where they revisit movies from 30 years ago. They saw me tweeting about summer of ’91 and invited me on, so of course I offered to do the episode on FREDDY’S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE. It was fun to watch again and talk about it with these guys.

There were a couple things I meant to say but forgot to. One was an overarching point about themes I like in the ELM STREET series, so maybe I’ll save those for an essay. But the other was this trivial observation: I never understood why they used the name of a song from the SUPER FLY soundtrack for the title and then have no version of it in the movie. Maybe Curtis told them to fuck off.


Anyway, enjoy!


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7 Responses to “Podcasting in Freddyvision”

  1. Very cool. Was recently rewatching the Never Sleep Again documentary and was reminded that Divine was originally going to be the woman sitting next to John Doe in the air plane scene.

  2. That came up on the podcast, I didn’t remember ever hearing that before. That would’ve been great!

  3. Just listened to it and was surprised they brought it up in the first 10 minutes. Anyway, I really enjoyed it.

  4. Normally I’d have to wait to listen but I’m on vacation this week. Worm On A Hook is great by the way. Love it.

  5. “Verne from Outlaw Verne”

  6. Ha ha – yeah, I think this is the podcast I’ve gone on where they were the least familiar with me. But I liked them.

  7. Some deep Vern lore in this podcast.

    Not gonna front, I pretty much love this movie and hearing about it made me happy, and I’ve decided to spread the love here rather than doing mean spirited dunks on critics and a probably pointless MCU rant in the MALIGNANT and SHANG-CHI threads. Merry Freddy’s death everyone!

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