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Patreon bonus: Walker, Texas Ranger Halloween episode

Sorry, I never get trick-or-treaters at my apartment, so I didn’t get enough candy for everyone. But I do have a Halloween treat for Patreon people: an illustrated look at a 1998 Halloween episode of Walker, Texas Ranger.


Remember, for $1 a month (or more if you can afford it) you can read this as well as other exclusives like my in-depth reviews of each of the TWILIGHT movies, an episode of Rambo: The Force of Freedom, and some extra tie-ins to the HIGHLANDERLAND series. More importantly you get to feel like a hero for helping me to only work part time so I have more hours for writing the good shit (most of which will always be free right here on outlawvern.com).

Thanks everybody!

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5 Responses to “Patreon bonus: Walker, Texas Ranger Halloween episode”

  1. I can’t rob loyal Outlawvern commenters of this masterpiece:

    Mr. Subtlety on Twitter

    “@T3Monahan @outlawvern”

  2. I used to only have one WALKER TEXAS MANGLER story (that time I went to a strip club and watched the episode where he goes on a spirit quest and fights his spirit bear) but that was before I started making beats and adopted the nom de rap of Walker Sexist Mangler.

    I am not even a little bit kidding about that.

  3. Goddamit. I am so used to typing “Walker Sexist Mangler” on autopilot that I bungled the name of the show.

  4. About 10 years ago a MANGLER sequel where the machine was possessed with the ghost of Norris would have been an easy green light from zeitgeist-chasing Z-movie producers.

  5. I’m still glad that the existence of this show prevented Norris from playing Red on THAT 70s SHOW.Okay, maybe he would’ve surprised us all with sitcom acting abilities that nobody thought he would have, but I doubt he would’ve been Kurtwood Smith great!

    Also Happy Halloween, y’all! It seems to disappear more and more from Germany’s mind, which makes me sad, but on the other hand it was never a German tradition to begin with and nobody stops me from celebrating it anyway. I just wish I could go to a genuine Halloween party with costumes and the Monster Mash without having to book an intercontinental flight.

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