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some positivity for today

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6 Responses to “some positivity for today”

  1. That hits the sweet spot.

  2. i feel you vern

  3. Thank you, Vern.

  4. These are fucked times we’re living in.

  5. My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by this hideous incident.

    All we can do is go on, not living in fear and not giving in to hatred and bitterness. Because when we do, they’ve won.

  6. I’m writing this comment 36 hours later and, honestly, I’ve been extremely encouraged by the outpouring of emotion I have seen around this event. The average American response has been straight-up grief, and that gives me hope. We care about the loss of the victims, and the victims were members of a severely persecuted minority, so the fact that average Americans seem to care so deeply is extremely heartening. As a country, it looks like we are at long last accepting our LGBT citizens.

    I guess the question now is what America decides to believe about the shooter, Omar Mateen.

    As a country, we may decide that Mateen was a deeply insane individual who was able to commit an unprecedented massacre because of our country’s insanely permissive gun laws.

    Or we, as a country, may decide that Mateen was not an individual, he was a representative his religion, and he was only able to commit his massacre because he was Muslim.

    Of course, the fact is that Mateen was an American citizen who acquired all of his military-grade firepower legally, and he was acting completely alone. This is an American gun control problem, because it’s all about how Mateen acquired the guns that he used. Those guns should not have been for sale.

    So I hope we will respond by tightening America’s gun control laws, rather than by cracking down on America’s Muslim community. The American Muslim community is just as much a minority as the American LGBT community. We need to give both communities our love.

    But fucking fuck the fucking NRA.

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