Speaking of Apollo…

I think most of us will agree that this looks promising. If you didn’t know about this, director Ryan Coogler got some heat for his debut FRUITVALE STATION, and then instead of signing on to some studio’s pet horror remake or comic book movie like he’s supposed to he pushed his dream project of a movie about Apollo Creed’s son being trained by Rocky. Stallone loved the screenplay and agreed to do it.

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  1. caruso_stalker217

    June 30th, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    I think that looks really damn good.

  2. All that’s missing is the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULIE” robot.

  3. This one’s gonna be good. Hopefully Stallone’s done making terrible Expendables movies and is heading back in this direction for good.

  4. I hope this is fucking awesome.

  5. If Stallone loved the screenplay, it can only mean one thing: the kid dies halfway through the movie, and Rocky has to step into the ring again to avenge him.

  6. I’m just afraid that the movie is too classy for a Dolph cameo. Y’know, the son has to look into the eyes of the man who killed his father. Probably forgive him. I don’t think that this is THAT kind of movie.

  7. A full summer 95 flashback series, just to write an Apollo 13 review, so you could use the “Speaking of Apollo” intro to this trailer? Brilliant.

    Trailer looks promising, very atmospheric, nicely shot. Casting Tony Bellew is inspired, as long as he doesnt act too much he will make a classic asshole antagonist!

  8. CJ: I kind of imagine that Drago wound up dead in some gulag afterwards, or sent as a grunt to fight the Afghans afterwords.

  9. Yeah, that would be the more likely scenario, but Sly wanted a Drago cameo in ROCKY BALBOA, so in my head, it’s canon that he is alive.

  10. Good God those last words of the trailer were simple but quite effective. Rocky Balboa is hands down the most motivational movie character of all time.

  11. The dedication to continuity is sick. The reference to the “ding ding” bout at the end of ROCKY III, ADRIAN’S looking exactly like it did in ROCKY BALBOA. If they bring back Punchy I wouldn’t be surprised.

  12. I get nervous every time Stallone tries his luck again at one of his big two characters, especially after he finds a perfectly acceptable endpoint to leave them at, but I guess the Mickey role is the natural final phase of Rocky’s life. Unfortunately, the Rocky aspect is the only thing that interests me. Other than that, it looks like the same ol’ underdog boxing story. You know, like the one in ROCKY. They’re gonna have to pull off some kind of coup to make me want to follow this Creed kid and not spend the whole movie just hanging out at Adrian’s with Rock and Paulie and Spider Rico.

  13. I had to look this up in IMDB because Junior’s girl looks exactly like Lisa Bonet and I was surprised they would put him with an older woman. It’s not her, though. That would have been an interesting casting choice.

  14. Vern, I hope this means you’ll be reviewing FRUITVALE STATION sometime around mid-November.

    I’d want to see whatever the guy that made that did next.

  15. The violins playing at the end are a loop that comes standard in apple’s music editing software…

  16. Where’s the CHEESE? This looks far too straight faced for a ROCKY-spinoff, let alone one where the inpetus for the conflict is “my daddy was killed by a Soviet Super Soldier in a 1980s Boxing Match presided over by James Brown”. Also, how old is this Creed Jr. Guy supposed to be exactly if his dad died during the Cold War?

  17. I’m in the camp that very deeply doesn’t feel the need for more ROCKY, but I am intrigued.

    I liked but didn’t quite love FRUITVALE STATION. The first two-thirds, which could have been called THE LAST SEVERAL HOURS IN THE LIFE OF A THOROUGHLY UNREMARKABLE MAN, were very good. I remember in particular the scene where he gets on the subway for his last train ride – the camera stays on the platform as his party gets on, the doors close, the train speeds off and the shot holds for a very, very long time as the cars recede into a tunnel and the train-racket echoes. “Huh, what a nifty, understated way to end this film,” I thought. Unfortunately, there was more movie, and it was all the part that re-enacted the events of Grant’s death, which was 1.) not especially well-done and, 2.) completely superfluous as 2a.) they’d already shown the actual iPhone footage of what went down in the opening moments of the film, and 2b.) it’s not like anyone who would’ve bothered to see this movie in the first place didn’t already know how the story ended (and as depicted in FV, I don’t think it added anything to my understanding). I thought that the unfortunately-named Michael B. Jordan was incredible, and was mildly dumbfounded that he didn’t receive any particular notoriety for the role.

  18. Was anyone else really excited when Avon Barksdale showed up in the trailer? I liked Fruitvale Station, and I thought Michael B. Jordan was really great in it, so I’m at least a little curious at this point. I just rewatch the original Rocky a few months ago, and I forgot what a fun understated little drama that film is.

  19. Stu the cheese wasn’t prevalent till III and IV. This seems more in the vein of ROCKY, ROCKY II and ROCKY BALBOA in terms of tone and that’s not a bad thing to me as those 3 are my most favorite entries in the series.

    I liked FRUITVALE STATION didn’t think it was incredibly amazing or anything but I felt like my time was not wasted. With that said I’m more intrigued because it’s the continuation of the ROCKY universe & because it’s a passion project that actually got Sly’s ok. Not because it’s another collabo from the same director and actor.

  20. Stalin vs Predator

    July 2nd, 2015 at 6:58 am

    So, for lack of a better word, Creed is good.

    I wonder if Rocky’s return will also mean a return of the most famous figure in history. And by “figure”, I mean an action figure. Namely, the legendary “Rocky (TM) THE MEAT (TM)” figure.

  21. This looks awesome. I got serious goose-bumps. Like, goose-bumps on my goose-bumps serious. That’s how serious they were. Bring on the underdog, I am on board.

  22. The fact that Coogler had an original concept, plus he and Jordan both pursued it aggressively, plus Stallone digging it enough to participate and essentially pass the baton to them–that is all worth a lot as far as my benefit of the doubt that this will be good. Not exactly digging the Bane mask or the song (and I’m a rap guy), but otherwise this is dope. (Random think-aloud: How does the Adonis Creed character know the “ain’t about how hard you hit” line? He must have watched Rocky 6). Still, I’m giving this a solid B to B+. Promising.

  23. There’s got to be a training montage set to this song in it.

    Creed - Higher

    Music video by Creed performing Higher. (C) 1999 Wind-Up Entertainment, Inc.

  24. Sylvester Stallone Talks Directing, The Montage And Getting Rocky Made - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News

    El Rey Network has made the upcoming episode of Robert Rodriguez's interview series, The Director's Chair available for free via its Facebook page. His gue

  25. I love to see Sly talk about Rocky. He beams with so much pride when he does. It’s like he’s talking about one of his kids. Who wouldn’t? I mean I would too if I got to create a self reflective character with even a quarter of the longevity & sincerity of Rocky.

  26. If Rocky 4 Happened For Real (30 for 30 Parody)

    Still wondering why the crowd switched sides? Us too. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: htt...

  27. Sylvester Stallone on writing "Rocky"

    In this web exclusive clip, the actor who climbed to fame playing Rocky Balboa talks to Anthony Mason about his screenplay for the 1976 boxing film, and how ...

    Another clip. Anthony Mason is an awesome interviewer. I love CBS SUNDAY MORNING, it’s like the mellower younger brother of 60 MINUTES.

    He touches upon it here, but you got a real sense of the desperation he went through when he talked about it on INSIDE THE ACTOR’S STUDIO. It’s really one of those roles you can’t imagine going to anyone else. As great as Robert Redford is I can’t see him playing someone on the kind of street level Rocky is in the first one.

  28. I always liked ROCKY 4 for its entertainment value, but it’s a misguided ego wank on Stallone’s part, much like RAMBO 3. That Reagan bubble was a powerful force.

  29. II is the best, and everything until ROCKY BALBOA was diminishing returns. The best part about V is the Drago fight recut to the Conti music over the opening credits. And actually I remember Elton John had a nice song over the closing ones too.

    I’ve never cared about the Rambo movies, but I’m interested in what he’s talking about for the new one, as it’s the final chapter. Way more interested in the Gregory Scarpa bio-pic in the works, will be interesting to see him play such a cold fish.

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