Batdance – celebrating 25 years of bustin

tn_batdanceToday is June 9th, 2014 and I’m sure you know what that means: it’s the 25th anniversary of Prince’s “Batdance.” I don’t want to take away from your time celebrating with your families, and I’m sure the president will be making a speech and I don’t want to overlap too much with whatever he says, but I’d like to add a few thoughts real quick.

It’s the single that was released on this day in 1989, but I’m a movie reviewer, not an architecture dancer, so we’re gonna talk about the crazy ass music video. Do you remember it? A fuzzy TV signal flashes on a bat-symbol shaped screen. Now, you gotta understand, this was a time of feverish Batmania. America was enraptured by the upcoming Batman movie, which was advertised mainly with that symbol and no text other than “June 23.” Batman products of both official and illicit varieties were huge sellers. They would put a bat symbol on anything (and sometimes eyes on a bat symbol, if it was a bootleg t-shirt.) I remember they not only had Converse with bat symbols on them, they also had a phone that was shaped like Converse with bat symbols on them. So it is no surprise that Prince would own a TV screen shaped like a bat symbol. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a library of movies specifically composed for that aspect ratio.

mp_batdanceWe float across piles of shiny purple glitter fabric and Batman cowls. A flash of lightning. Long-haired circa 1989 Prince sits brooding over banks of keyboards, audio equipment and computery lights. Suddenly Gemini – a character that’s split down the middle Two-Face style with the left side being Joker, the right side Prince in a Batman costume with no mask – appears on the bat-screen and flicks his tongue obscenely. Scared, Prince turns on his reel-to-reel player, which blasts the opening guitars and Jack Nicholson samples of “Batdance.”

According to Billboard its one week at #1 on the charts makes “Batdance” Prince’s fifth biggest hit of all time, ahead of “Raspberry Beret,” “U Got the Look” and even “Purple Rain,” which somehow only made it to #2. I know, I don’t get it either. Perhaps these charts are not that important in the measurement of artistic quality. On the other hand they have numbers on them, that means it’s math, I don’t think I can dispute those figures.

The songs above it are “When Doves Cry” (5 weeks at the top), “Kiss,” “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Cream” (all 2 weeks at the top). Unlike those, “Batdance” is remembered as something of a novelty song, the most famous of a small, corny trend of movie soundtrack dance songs that sample dialogue from the movie (MORTAL KOMBAT comes to mind). But I would argue – I will argue, right now, in this thing I’m writing that you’re hopefully reading but if not who could blame you – that “Batdance” is a great song.

I think it’s great because it breaks all the rules of pop hits, including the ones Prince followed on all of his other singles. It does not have a traditional structure. It’s a dance mix of sampled drums and movie soundbites, layered at times with sampled guitar blasts, funky electric organ, clean funk rhythm guitar, a noisy, distorted guitar solo. Prince drifts into bits from different songs on the soundtrack, or songs that he made but that got rejected from the soundtrack. So the whole beat, tune and tempo keep switching up out of the blue. It’s an informal medley or megamix disguised as a plain old single.

This is a song that has no chorus. It’s a song that has no verses. Without the huge excitement over the movie I’m not sure the song would’ve gotten as much attention, but its popularity also has to be a testament to the weird catchiness of the song. People had to have enjoyed listening to it, at least at the time. And it’s unusual that they’d feel that way about such an unorthodox pop song.

I mean, when has a song anything like this been a #1 single? Hell, when has an unambiguous movie theme song been #1? I’m sure it’s happened, but it’s not common.

We all remember the Joker samples: “This town needs an enema,” “Stop the press, who is that?” stuff like that. Lots of samples saying the names “Batman” and “Vicki Vale.” (For some reason nobody is sampled talking about Knox, Robert Wuhl’s reporter character. Where is he in the video? Where is he in the reboot? Where is he in the public consciousness?) But also Prince is talking. “Hey Ducky, let me stick the seven inch in the computer.” Who the fuck is he talking to, and what about? Well, he’s talking to Ducky, obviously. But who Ducky is and what is going on with this requested seven inch insertion is unclear.

My favorite part, though, is when he says “Keep bustin.” I like to say this in many every day situations. Some day I’d like to see a DJ juggling “Keep bustin” with “Bustin makes me feel good!” from the GHOSTBUSTERS song. The theme of busting does come up again later when Prince chants “Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, I wanna bust that body / Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, I wanna bust that body right.”

Back to the video. We’re in a torchlit batcave and/or cemetery/city ruins filled with fog, where five dancers dressed as the Joker and five dancers dressed as Batman do choreographed routines and Gemini lip synchs the “lyrics,” if you can call them that, of the song. “Get the funk up!”



The Batmen (who are actually mostly or all women) lip synch the chorus:

“Bat-maaaaaan.” The Jokers are good, but the Batmen get to flutter their capes around in unison. Better showmanship in my opinion.

When the guitars come in Prince (not Gemini) is still in his studio area, now rocking out on a bass with a bat-symbol headstock.


When the song samples introduce “Vicki Vale,” five dancers dressed as Kim Basinger in shades enter. One of them is wearing a shirt that says “All this and brains too,” a reference to a Batman comic apparently.

Another one shows off a Batman tattoo on her upper thigh:



But don’t get too excited, because there’s also a Joker back tattoo:


The editing doesn’t clarify whether these are two different Vicki Vale’s with competing tattoos or if one Vicki Vale has both. Or if all of the Vicki Vales have both. We can only decide for ourselves.

Prince has a turntable spinning a record with a bat-symbol on the label.  I don’t know what he’s doing with it but Batman will use a bat-symbol CD player to scratch in BATMAN RETURNS. He doesn’t have time for vinyl, although honestly he’s gotta have plenty of room to store a record collection either in the cave or Wayne Manor. Take your pick.

Oh yeah, Prince also has a big rock on the ground next to his equipment. Probly to use for percussion or something, I don’t know how these things work.


After Gemini sings my favorite sung line in the song, “If a man is closer to guilty for what goes on in his mind / Give me the electric chair for all my future crimes” (this comes from the album cut “Electric Chair,” but it sounds better here) there is a smoking electric chair which he dances around. A shotgun is draped across the arms of the chair, he picks it up and ritualistically presents it back to the chair before getting upset and shooting Prince’s reel-to-reel with it.

The Batmans lift him, then put him down. He threatens a Joker. He turns to a Batman, but it crosses its arms and shakes its head at him. So he presses a comically large green button which causes the electric chair to explode.

Now Prince is standing next to a concrete post, his head hanging in contemplation.

He suddenly turns to the camera, one finger up, and says “Stop!”


It seems very dramatic, like at the end of SCHOOL DAZE when everybody is yelling “Wake up!” or in BOYZ N THE HOOD when the “STOP THE VIOLENCE” stop sign pops on screen. We need to stop all this madness of, you know, the half Joker half Prince-dressed-as-Batman-with-no mask, or whatever.

The video was directed by Albert Magnoli, credited director of PURPLE RAIN (though he was replaced on that by Prince). He was also the guy who Andrei Konchalavsky replaced on TANGO & CASH. But he successfully directed a Jeff Speakman joint called STREET KNIGHT without being replaced, so leave the man alone.

* * *


I am told that last paragraph is all wrong:

The correct version is as follows:
The video was directed by Albert Magnoli, credited director of PURPLE RAIN. He was also the guy who replaced Andrei Konchalovsky (not Konchalavsky) on TANGO & CASH. (((But he successfully directed a Jeff Speakman joint called STREET KNIGHT without being replaced, so leave the man alone.)))

– Writer/Director/Editor Albert Magnoli was never replaced for any position by Prince in Purple Rain!
– Director Albert Magnoli replaced Andrei Konchalovsky (not Konchalavsky) in Tango & Cash! (not the other way around!)
– The last sentence does not work, because Director Albert Magnoli was not replaced in any films!

In several cases, producers/studios facing disaster with projects, hired Mr. Magnoli to take over writing and/or directing positions and replace original crew members, because they knew, he would get the job done efficiently, even re-write scenes so they would work. In several instances, Mr. Magnoli offered to remain uncredited and let the original crew member have full credit!

Thank you for revising your article – it is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Dina K.
Webmaster to Mr. Albert Magnoli
Los Angeles, CA

Sorry about that, I’m not sure what story I was mis-remembering there about Prince replacing somebody on something. But I do insist on still including the fact that Magnoli directed a Jeff Speakman movie.


The choreography was by Barry Lather, a dancer in CAPTAIN EO who went on to choreograph Michael Jackson’s GHOSTS. A guy named Jim Bienke was in charge of the makeup and masks – he is a major player in the Batman screen saga because he later was credited as “project supervisor/pupeteer: Poison Ivy’s giant orchid” for 1997’s BATMAN AND ROBIN.

There were two other videos in the series. In “Partyman” (also directed by Magnoli) Prince is introduced by a couple dudes in purple velvet as “Partyman.” I think this is actually Gemini, but he’s half Joker and half Prince, no Batman costume. I’d guess that Partyman is Bruce Wayne to Gemini’s Batman, except he acts alot more like the Joker.

He comes into a big mansion party where everyone (even his band – which includes cheesy Dutch smooth jazz saxophonist Candy Dulfer, an official member of his band for the first time) are either wearing white half masks or have half of their faces painted white.


He dances and spins around on a stage, climbs up onto columns and jumps off. There’s a food spread, torches, a woman in a fish tank that he pours a little liquor into as old timey reporters flash giant cameras at him. He swings on a rope. Everybody tries to fill their glasses from the tank like it’s a punch bowl. Then it turns out it was poisoned and everybody dies like it’s fuckin Jonestown. But not before he does a funky piano solo while laying on the floor or on top of the piano.


Three cops run in and just look disgusted, do not bother to chase after the Partyman who cackles at them. Where the fuck is Gemini?



As you can see above, the end of “Partyman” promised further adventures. This being the beginning of the new era of super hero movies, those sort of “Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!” trappings were still in the public consciousness. But the only further chapter was “Scandalous” (director unknown). This one is the love ballad from the BATMAN soundtrack. The video just has regular sexy Prince in a red outfit slithering around and singing into a microphone in front of a black background. This is like a part in the movie where they spend too much time on Robert Wuhl and not Batman or the Joker.

The B-side for “Batdance” was “200 Balloons,” which I think would be the best song on the album, except it’s not on the album. I love this one. It’s that weird style of funk only Prince did, a little bit like “Dance On” on the album Lovesexy. You’ll recognize a few bits of it that were used in “Batdance,” but the song was rejected from the movie and replaced with “Trust.” Obviously it was supposed to play during the attack on the parade.

This brings up an interesting point. I don’t know why “200 Balloons” would be cut, but then again it’s weird that there’s a Prince soundtrack at all. Director Tim Burton was uncomfortable with all the music – he’d filmed using Prince’s songs in the museum and parade attack scenes, but Prince got excited and kept writing more music based on what he was seeing of the movie. Burton thought they were great songs but didn’t think he knew how to integrate them into the movie, as the studio pressured him to.

25 years later there’s an entire genre of super hero movies, but the majority of them are not associated with pop music. The first non-Burton Batman, BATMAN FOREVER, used the typical commercial approach of cramming as many high profile bands as they could into one soundtrack (U2, Brandy, Seal, The Offspring, Method Man, Nick Cave… what the fuck?), but most super hero movies don’t use song oriented soundtracks.

Either way – is there another one with a soundtrack by one artist? Not that I can think of. Though I don’t consider Batman one of Prince’s better albums it is a unique specimen, a concept album with a great artist focusing his energy on one movie, one pop culture phenomenon. And it turns out he has alot in common with the material (and not just that he and the Joker both like to dress in purple).

I don’t know what the fuck this Gemini business is about, other than a continuation of Prince’s obsession with duality. In previous albums he had a character named “Camille” who represented his feminine side, and “Let’s Go Crazy” talks about “De-elevator,” who Wikipedia says represents the Devil, but I always thought it was an evil Prince doppelganger. Regardless, in the “Batdance” video he’s taking the movie’s two sides of the coin and putting them on one. The movie itself is all about duality, so each of these characters have two sides to them. Gemini is Bruce Wayne, Batman, Jack Napier, the Joker and Prince all in one body. And Prince probly has Camille in there. How do so many people fit into that tiny little body?

It’s all about a balance between good and evil. An equal number of Batman dancers and Joker dancers taking turns expressing themselves, then fighting over Vicki Vale dancers. Given the amount of interest in the teaser trailer and the still photos of Michael Keaton as Batman, there is no question in my mind that they could’ve gotten away with a typical movie soundtrack video full of clips from the movie. It would’ve been a smash hit. Instead Prince put together this abstract super hero ballet. Using a video to express how his music expresses how the movie expresses his deep fascination with the yin and the yang, and with man’s capacity for both good and evil.

But fuck it, I just like it because he’s half Joker and half Batman and there’s a bunch of Jokers and Batmans dancing around and it’s kinda funky and he’s sitting at a computer playing a badass guitar solo. So sue me.

Have a happy and safe 25th everybody. Keep bustin.

Note: the videos are extras on the BATMAN dvd, which is how I watched them. Normally I would embed those and “200 Balloons” from Youtube, but Prince rules the internet with a purple iron fist and does not allow any of his work to be on there for free. So you’ll just have to watch this instead.

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  1. http://youtu.be/9qHAOY7C1go?t=2m21s

    The bat-bass looks like something Gene Simmons would play.

  2. Preach Brother Vern! Possibly the greatest guitar solo ever.

  3. This just makes me wish harder that Vern would fulfill RRA’s suggestion for a Prince Movie marathon.

  4. I don’t know if you’d say he’s a super hero, but FLASH GORDON’s soundtrack was all done by Queen.

  5. Damn right FLASH GORDON is a super hero! Savior of the Universe, and may we never forget it.

  6. Good point about FLASH GORDON. Matt Singer on Twitter also said DICK TRACY. Anything more recent than that?

  7. CrustaceanLove

    June 9th, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    I remember SPAWN: THE ALBUM being pretty popular, and much better received than the movie. I probably still have the CD somewhere. It was all original songs that teamed up popular rock bands with techno artists/DJs. It was released as the official movie soundtrack, but I have no idea whether any of the songs are actually in the movie.

  8. Never liked “Batdance” and you know it might say something that despite being a #1 hit, it never was included in any of the Prince compilations.

    I totally agree with Vern on “200 Balloons” which sonically sounds like a retake on that same sound except you know, good. But you know I actually also enjoy “Trust” as the nice festive beat that it is, I mean that track worked pretty well for that sequence didn’t it? “Partyman” is FUNKY AND FUN AS HELL. And “Scandalous” in my book is a homerun track, probably would be on my Prince Top 10 tracks ever list.

    I’m surprised Vern didn’t bring up another strange aspect about BATMAN: It had not one, but two different soundtrack albums released simltaneously. The Prince record and Danny Elfman’s soundtrack. For that matter, only 3 Prince songs actually ended up in the movie. And “Batdance” aint one of them. Let me repeat that: THE #1 SONG CONNECTED TO A MAJOR HIT MOVIE WASN’T ACTUALLY IN THE DAMN MOVIE ITSELF! I mean holy shit Batman that’s insane.

    I think what hurts the album too is that it was the last Prince album released in the 1980s. You know a decade where he produced PURPLE RAIN and SIGN O THE TIMES and 1999 and DIRTY MIND, all 4 made Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums Ever list and the former three are generally considered essential 1980s music. Then beyond that you got the really good LOVESEXY and the decent PARADE and AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY (and the cancelled-but-bootlegged-to-kingdom-come BLACK ALBUM) and CONTROVERSY. Nevermind all the unreleased outtakes.

    I don’t care for BATMAN the album itself, but when compared to all that awesome shit that Prince cranked out in that same decade….yeah its major faults to say the least are even more glaring.

    Stu – It won’t happen but if Vern did do that marathon, I wished he would also review 3 CHAINS O’ GOLD and THE UNDERTAKER (the very obscure mini-“movies”) if he is able to watch them onlne or through “Dutch Imports.”

    Then again it’ll be a bitch for him just to see SIGN O THE TIMES, so I won’t blame him at all if SOTT is the only one he digs hard for. It’s totally worth it. (Which I can’t say for 3COG and UNDERTAKER, as insane and interesting as pop-star-making-movies-for-himself-at-WB’s-dime as they might be.)

    MMP – “The Hero” is a fucking great Queen deep cut that should be known more, quite frankly.

  9. Sorry I meant Mr. Subtlety, not Stu. Apologies.

  10. The soundtrack for the first BLADE was kind of a big deal, wasn’t it? It followed the JUDGMENT NIGHT template of combining rappers with artists from a different genre. In that case it was rock, in BLADE it was electronica. So it was a superhero movie with a pop music facet to its marketing.

  11. It’s not more recent, but Simon & Garfunkel doing The Graduate comes to mind.

  12. Oh, and Superfly by Curtis Mayfield

  13. Respectfully, I believe Albert Magnoli actually replaced Konchalovsky on TANGO & CASH rather than vice versa.

  14. Queen also did the Highlander soundtrack, sort of LOL A Kind Of Magic features all the songs they did for Highlander (except New York, New York) plus a few others with the same theme. Highlander never actually got an official soundtrack, so that’s as close as we got.

  15. and here I thought I was the only one who actually liked the Batdance

  16. Crustacean, the SPAWN soundtrack was awesome and I still listen to it several times a year. And yes, some songs were in the movie.

    At least in terms of “movie soundtrack dance songs that sample dialogue from the movie”: I think the last (or one of the last) examples was Apollo 440’s version of the LOST IN SPACE theme, made for the 1998 movie. Of course some might say that it’s not exactly a dance track, but those were the late 90s man. Big Beat and stuff! Of course it counted as a dance track!


  17. Also Mr Majestyk, I’m not sure the first BLADE soundtrack really was that much of a big deal. Most people I know only bought it for that CONFUSION remix (aka that awesome acid track during the Blood Bath party in the first scene) and apart from that Mantronik remix of STRICTLY BUSINESS, there wasn’t really a combination of those two genres. (Also that remix existed already before it had been picked for the soundtrack.) All in all it was just a random collection of hip hop and techno tracks.

    The BLADE 2 soundtrack however, was probably not much of a big deal either, but at least it had a concept in combining hip hop and dance artists, which gave us collabs (or sometimes just remixes) of Mos Def & Massive Attack, Cypress Hill & Roni Size, Eve & Fatboy Slim and Mystikal & Moby. It’s no SPAWN soundtrack, but I still listen to it every once in a while.

  18. To clarify, I’m just talking about super hero type movies with a one-artist soundtrack. There is definitely a tradition of one-artist soundtracks (some that weren’t mentioned: Harold and Maude by Cat Stevens, Shaft by Isaac Hayes, Toy Story by Randy Newman, Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gees, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid by Bob Dylan), but it’s just very unsusual in this genre. I mean, I can’t picture one of the upcoming Marvel or DC movies having a soundtrack by Eddie Vedder or somebody.

    It does look from the trailers like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY might have a classic rock type soundtrack though.

  19. Some of you probly know this, but if not prepare for a badass cinema soulgasm…

    If you were lucky enoug to live in Europe in 1976, you got to hear ASSAULT ON PRECINCT THIRTEEN with an honest to gosh disco soul theme song. Wait what? Instead of the legendary mnimalist electronic tune by JC himself? NO It’s a dude signing a soul funk tune OVER the JC track and it is fucking godlike

    This is literally my 2 favourite genres coming together and making a beautiful baby, combined with one of my favourite movies ever, so I pretty much had a seizure when I first heard it


  20. I wonder if Daft Punk’s TR2N Soundtrack counts. Yes, basically they were scoring the movie, but DEREZZED got its own music video and the whole thing even received a remix album.

  21. I always like the idea of the compilation movie soundtrack better than the results. There are usually a few standout tracks, but most are uneven. Today I’m not even sure what the point would be, since you could buy each song on its own without buying an entire soundtrack. I always prefer it when a single artist takes a shot at creating a score for the film, like Daft Punk with Tron 2 and Neil Young with Dead Man.

  22. What about AC/DC’s soundtrack for Iron Man 2? The songs were not written specifically for the film, but still the music was presented as an important aspect of the movie’s release.

    And Mastodon’s soundtrack for Jonah Hex?

  23. Talking of AC/DC , was Big Gun made for Last Action Hero? That song is amazing! And a fantastic soundtrack too : Angry Again from Megadeth was in there too .

    Also , my favorite AC/DC song , Who Made Who , is the opening of Maximum Overdrive ( “Brivido” here in Italy ) , but I don’t think it was made specifically for the movie . Fitting title , nenetheless.

  24. I hate to bring pseudo-science to an informed discussion on soundtracks, but I nevertheless find it interesting that Prince is indeed a Gemini according to the Zodiac (the year cycle, not the Fincher movie).

    He seems to play with this idea in a lot of his music. While not exactly badass juxtaposition, you still get some juicy art out his the many contrasts and paradoxes in his music.

    – As a Prince-fan, Vern, this was a very nice retrospective.

  25. Love Prince. DIRTY MIND is a fuckin masterpiece.

  26. Excellent, best post in a while. Five star shit, right here.

    Anyone remember the part when Joker and his posse bust in to the art gallery (?) and Joker shouts “Prince!!!” and his buddy hits play on the boombox? These are all new songs, many of them about the Joker himself. Are they implying that Prince exists in this universe and that he is busy recording exclusive tracks for the Joker’s mayhem? Is he being held captive or is his helping the Joker rock on his own free will?

  27. The Prince soundtrack had a bigger impact on the summer it was released but the Batman Forever soundtrack sold just as many copies a over time it certainly helped in the development of thousands of hipsters. This is either good or bad depending on your point of view…

    I know life was different for 14 year old me after the summer of ’95 because I was suddenly into Nick Cave, The Flaming Lips, Massive Attack, and PJ Harvey. Even The Offspring song on that album isn’t bad by Offspring standards. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

    Although to be clear I still hold The Crow as the gold standard for comic book movie soundtracks. It Can’t Rain All the Time.

  28. Pink Floyd dabbled in soundtrack work a lot before DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, particularly for 2 films directed Barbet Schroeder. Between the two, OBSCURED BY CLOUDS holds up more as the band was way more polished and most of the psychedelic vestiges had gone.

  29. Weird…I JUST listened to the entire Prince “Batman” album the other day whilst playing Madden. Kind of an underrated Prince joint, IMO. Also, I think it’s his last album that I enjoyed the majority of.

    I told the joke about the woman
    Who asked her lover “Why is your organ so small?”
    He replied “I didn’t know I was playin’ in a cathedral.”
    Vicki didn’t laugh at all.

    Good stuff, Maynard.

  30. “Also, I think it’s his last album that I enjoyed the majority of.””

    CaptainTass – Not even THE GOLD EXPERIENCE? I’m quite fond of THE LOVE SYMBOL ALBUM too. Sure Prince’s raps were laughable, but entertaining none the less.

    Randy – Actually he says I think “Lawrence” or “Clarence”, who apparently was one of his henchmen…you know the one holding the boombox.

  31. speaking of Batman, it seems like Batman is the latest tool of the Illuminati to do…something http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/las-vegas-shooting-another-odd-batman-connection/

  32. RRA…I liked Billy Jack Bitch and Endorphinmachine off of “Gold Experience”. I didn’t care much for the Symbol album. Oh, wait, I did enjoy most of the “Chaos and Disorder” album.

  33. Ct – you didn’t like “Dolphin”???? :(

  34. RRA…no, not a bit.

  35. Well what about “Money Don’t Matter Tonight”? I love that song. It’s a flood of Parisian memories which is funny to me because that’s one place in the world where money matters all day and all night.

    In any case, I dare say “Gold Experience” is the best Prince album of the 90s.

  36. Electric Chair was the best song on that album. The ballad with the Danny Elfman music was cool too.

  37. That’s incredible, anaru. I had no idea that existed. Thank you.

  38. Oh jesus Griff, I hope you don’t read too much of that shit. I wonder if that guy knows that alot of things have connections to Batman because Batman has been a popular movie, comic book, TV and cartoon character for 75 years.

  39. I read it but I don’t take it seriously, I find it funny because of how ridiculous it is

    I do believe in synchronicity, but not conspiracy theories

  40. it’s just that this analysis of the Batdance music video reminded me of that guys analysis of modern music videos

    spoiler alert, every single song and music video these days is about Illuminati mind control (according to this nut)

  41. TexanFF…While that may be true, it’s akin to being the prettiest Waffle House waitress.

    Sort of a dubious honor.

  42. RRA- You’re probably right, dude, although that bums me out that I remembered it wrong. I liked it better when I thought he shouted “Prince!!” Either way, it still seems to me that Joker has Prince under some kind of exclusive contract.

  43. That cop in the middle is Jon Peters. He tried to get a giant spider in the music video, but Prince told him he should sit on the idea for a decade, and then handed Jon a Fresh Prince cassingle.

  44. TexanFromFrance – “Willing & Able” is my favorite track from DIAMONDS & PEARLS. I love that track.

    CaptainTass – Hey no bashing of Waffle House! Bash IHOP instead. I won’t complain.

    Vern – Not to be picky but the video for “Partyman” on the Batman DVD is the edited version. You can track down the longer version online where among the additions you have a bit where he pranks a chimp by giving him a banana which he peels open to reveal nothing but the words “PSYCH!” Oh geez, was Mr. Nelson taking a piss on a certain contemporary pop star from his era who had his own pet chimp?

    One of the revelations from the Dr. Murray trial (or was it the Jacksons suing the THIS IS IT tour promoters? I can’t remember precisely) was that Michael Jackson had wanted with TIT (taking place at O2 arena) to beat Prince’s O2 residency in ’07, which was for 21 shows. They were rivals to the end, though apparently of a more respectful kind after the 80s.

    Oh if only somebody had photos/shot video of MJ and Prince playing ping pong.

  45. To Vern’s point about soundtracks for modern comic book movies, soundtracks for summer blockbusters with hit singles seemed to die out years ago, probably at some point in between that “Hero” song for the first SPIDER-MAN and when Christopher Nolan wisely decided to let Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard be the lone musical voice of his Batman movies. There have not been many hit songs from movies lately I can think of, “Let It Go” aside.

  46. insert name here

    June 11th, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    In more positive Batman real life related news, some guy at the World Cup protests has been dressing up as Batman and protesting the evictions of the favelas. He looks pretty cool doing it too:


  47. I think that ubiquitous “Happy” song by Pharrell was from DESPICABLE ME 2: THE RETURN OF DESPICABLE ME.

  48. TexanFromFrance

    June 12th, 2014 at 1:31 am

    CaptainTass: I’ve met waffle hose waitresses that made me want to order the whole menu.

    RRA: You made me realize I was getting “Gold Experience” and “Diamonds and Pearls” confused but I like that tracks, too. The riff sounds a little bit like something that might have been on Paul Simon’s “Graceland”.

  49. Just here to note that THE CROW has a pop/rock song heavy soundtrack. I don’t think there was much original music written for the movie (maybe The Cure song), but instead they used covers of legit music by legit artists. Album charted at #1 for one week in 1994. I honestly don’t remember how many of the songs are highlighted in the movie vs. being something that’s playing on somebody’s boom box in the background.

    “Burn” – The Cure
    “Golgotha Tenement Blues” – Machines of Loving Grace
    “Big Empty” – Stone Temple Pilots
    “Dead Souls” – Nine Inch Nails
    “Darkness (Of Greed)” – Rage Against the Machine
    “Color Me Once” – Violent Femmes
    “Ghostrider” – Rollins Band
    “Milktoast” (also known as “Milquetoast”) – Helmet
    “The Badge” – Pantera
    “Slip Slide Melting” – For Love Not Lisa
    “After the Flesh” – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
    “Snakedriver” – The Jesus and Mary Chain
    “Time Baby III” – Medicine
    “It Can’t Rain All the Time” – Jane Siberry

  50. I thought it was ‘If a man is considered guilty for what goes on in his mind, etc, etc.”

    Batman was my first exposure to Prince, so obviously I love it. Apart from Arms Of Orion. That song is terrible. Since you been gone, I’ve been searching for a lover in the sea of tranquility..????!

  51. Jareth Cutestory

    June 14th, 2014 at 6:23 am

    I don’t know if it went to number one, but that little instrumental ditty from BEVERLY HILLS COP was really popular, along with a bunch of other stuff from the same soundtrack. Some of the MIAMI VICE television soundtrack instrumentals got a lot of airplay too.

    Soundtrack albums were huge in the 80s. Vangelis had a hit with his stuff for CHARIOTS OF FIRE early in the decade, and I think that opened the door to the suits being okay with the idea of releasing weird little instrumentals as singles. Though I’m sure they preferred the FOOTLOOSE or TOP GUN type scenario of wall-to-wall ballads and Kenny Loggins better.

  52. WB/Prince actually released “FunknRoll”(from Prince’s new album) on Youtube.


  53. Cannot believe someone finally found this.

    Pretty sure this was the first place anywhere a clip from the then upcoming 89 BATMAN was shown.

    Bat Special (The Late Show, 1989) - Very rare!

    15th June 1989 Documentary by BBC2's The Late Show, made to tie-in with the release of Tim Burton's Batman (1989). Interviews with: Frank Miller, Harlan Elli...

  54. So this is awesome. The new official Prince channel on YouTube uploaded the extended version of the Partyman video. Never saw this one. It’s not on any dvd or blu-ray as far as I know. Some great instrumental stuff on this version, Prince having a longer crack at playing the Joker, and an added Candy Dulfer sax solo.

  55. Okay, a quick internet search tells me it wasn’t that rare. Still cool to have an ‘official’ video of it though.

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