Equal Impact


vhsThis week in my column at DAILY GRINDHOUSE I take a look at yet another VHS-only martial arts oddity, it’s called EQUAL IMPACT. Hats off if any of you have heard of it. This one stars one-and-done tae kwon do practicing twin brothers Joe and Jay Gates, plus Robert Z’Dar and Joe Estevez. And as I was watching it I was surprised to realize it was filmed in Seattle.

see my findings over on Daily Grindhouse

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4 Responses to “Equal Impact”

  1. He loves acting in questionable movies, but Robert Z’Dar could live comfortably for the rest of his life by taking up the profession of having his skull & chin x-rayed, autographing the x-ray photo, and auctioning off that magnificent close-up.

  2. “You broke THAT jaw?”

  3. This title sounds like one of those cable news talk shows or something.

  4. This movie is a showcase of martial arts. Anyone who has a full movie of this, or at least the clip of final fight scenes?? Please upload them on youtube. Please please please! Thanks!

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