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Whoops, that’s right, we DID know there would be terrorist attacks. Our bad.

Hey, remember when I was a paranoid conspiracy nut? And I was saying this ridiculous stuff about Bush knowing about 9-11™ in advance? Not even a year later now and even the mainstream press admits… whoops, if I wasn’t right, at least I was closer than they were.

At the beginning of the Enron scandal the Bush regime said they’d had only a half dozen meetings with Enron. Now that they need to distract us from this one they’re saying at least 60. And who knows how toned down that figure is.

If we can expect the same pattern in the “whoops, we were totally lying when we said 9-11™ was out of the blue” scandal then it’s hard to imagine the horrors they will be confessing to in the coming months.

In case there is anyone out there who doesn’t think these latest revelations are a big deal, let’s take a look. Let’s pretend (even though the very idea is completely ridiculous) that everything they’re telling us NOW is true, and that their sins are no worse than what they’ve already admitted to. And let’s assume, since it’s what most people are assuming and since it’s perfectly reasonable, that they really didn’t know that the hijackers were planning to crash the planes into buildings.

EVEN THEN, we would have to face the fact that, knowing terrorists were likely to hijack planes, the Bush regime did not bother to take the usual precautions that are taken in that instance. On September 11th, there were only 8 air force pilots protecting the entire country, and most of them were weekend reservists, and they were on the ground even after everyone knew that 4 planes had been simultaneously hijacked, an event that has never happened before in history.

Whoops. If not sinister, it was fuckin retarded. If these guys aren’t evil, they’re incompetent, and extremely fuckin stupid, and they cannot be allowed to remain in these offices that they stole anyway. And you wonder why Bush and Cheney announced from the very beginning that it was a bad idea to, you know, try to look into what went wrong.

Another thing that would’ve helped would be to have gotten the cockpit doors reinforced on the planes so hijackers couldn’t break in. But back then, that was something Ralph Nader wanted, not the republicans. Hell, even honorary republican Clinton had it in his terrorism bill, but the official republicans shot that part down because it would cost too much money for the airline industry. (Or so they thought. It would be hard to be much more wrong than that.)

Sure, they took a few precautions. For example Ashcroft stopped flying commercial in August, and Bush hid out at camp. But that only protected those two scumbags, and not the 3,000 non-evil people who ended up being killed. None of them were even invited.

There’s no two ways about it. No matter why they did it, no matter how well intentioned it was (and believe me, it wasn’t), these morons fuckin blew it. Bad. Real bad. Worse than anyone ever did. And I know they will never end up in jail where they belong (and honestly I wouldn’t have wanted to share a building with these fuckers anyway) but if they don’t lose their jobs, then now it’s us who are in dereliction of duty.

At a business, if somebody steals from the safe, the manager in charge usually gets fired. Whether it was his fault or not. This WAS their fault, and it was alot worse than some missing money, and let me remind you again that these fuckers were never HIRED, in fact they totally blew the interview, but then they showed up wearing manager nametags, and we didn’t know what to do other than let it go.

And now, at a time when leaders with integrity would be doing whatever was necessary to protect our country, this regime is running around trying to cover its ass. And does it anger anyone else how blatantly they are willing to lie to us? For example, this bullshit about nobody ever imagining a plane could crash into a building. Apparently that specific angle to the hijacking was never mentioned in any of the warnings from the CIA, members of Congress, Israel, Britain, France, James Woods, and whoever else is on the list now of people who tried to warn us something was up. So, they claim, nobody had ever imagined such a possibility.

Well obviously that’s an irrelevant argument, since you stop a suicide hijacking the same way you stop a regular hijacking. But it’s also a bold faced lie. During the Genoa convention, Italy had warned Bush that terrorists wanted to crash a plane into the building, to kill his miserable ass. I’m betting he remembers that. He may also remember the popular Tom Clancy book (or book on tape, I guess) about crashing a plane into the capital, which Clancy was apologizing left and right for after September 11th. Or he might be familiar with the secret service, who consider a plane-into-White-House-scenario to be one major threat to worry about. Or the FBI report that speculated Zacharia Moussai wanted to crash a plane into the world trade center (which, it turns out, he did). Or the other islamic terrorists who wanted to crash a plane into the CIA headquarters. Or maybe the still other ones who wanted to crash one into the Eiffel Tower. I mean even the Columbine kids wanted to hijack a plane and crash it into a building in New York, and they were atheists. OF COURSE it had been imagined before, maybe not by our president or our national security adviser, but by just about everybody else in that business. So either we’re dealing with liars who shouldn’t be in office, or idiots who shouldn’t be in office, or more likely both who should be in jail.

So please everybody, take your cue. It’s time to stop being timid about our anger. Bring it up in conversations (when appropriate. not at weddings). Write to newspapers, magazines and web sights. Call radio talk shows. Write your congress and senators (believe me, you get great form letters). Somebody needs to make t-shirts and stickers and posters, and get them all over the place. (I wanted to make one that said “Woild Domination” before but I haven’t thought of a new slogan.) We need to make sure this does not die down, is not forgotten, is not covered up and misdirected and pardoned and gotten away with like “election” 2000 and Iran/Contra and Enron and Waco and slavery and every unarmed black dude that’s been shot by the cops in your neighborhood and everything else.

They’re gonna use the Chandra Levy thing to distract the press. And I’ll bet at least one democrat will be accused of some kind of lurid scandal in the next couple weeks. But this isn’t about democrats or republicans (and I’m neither one). It’s about us vs. these bastards who think they can get away with this shit. Don’t lose your focus, and don’t let the people around you.

I mean come on. What would Yoda do? Let’s get with it friends.

and we’ll talk about movies, too



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