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Worm on a Hook


Well, I finally went and did it – I published my new book Worm on a Hook. I want to be a little vague, but basically it’s a horror story about a group of friends who rent a cabin for Memorial Day weekend and run afoul of a seemingly-invincible killer back from the dead. And then, I promise you, it’s on. The goal was to find overlap in the conventions of traditional slasher movies and the ’80s and ’90s action I love, and meld them into one ass-kicking novel. I’m very proud of the results, and I think you’ll not only enjoy the story but get a kick out of spotting the ways I apply concepts from reviews and Seagalogy to my own storytelling.

I hope to find this one a bigger audience than I’ve managed for Niketown, so forgive me for going into promotions mode for a bit and leaving this as a sticky post above the new reviews. I’m available for podcasts and interviews – email me at outlawvern@hotmail.com for inquiries. And if you read it, let me know what you think!

NOTE: If you’re outside of the U.S. your local version of Amazon should have it too – try searching for “worm on a hook vern” to find it.

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60 Responses to “Worm on a Hook”

  1. Aaaaaaaand ordered. I was considering the Kindle version, but went with the physical copy. Should be there by Friday. (Don’t expect an opinion soon. I’m a slow reader when it comes to books.)

  2. I ordered it! Looks like a perfect October read. Hopefully I can actually do that and send in my book report.

  3. And congratulations on novel #2! In 2020! A feat of excellence!

  4. Just ordered my copy!

    When can we expect the Audible version!?

  5. Copped. Fuck yes

  6. Ordered my copy from the widget so as to maximize the kickback. That cover is a thing of beauty.

    Full disclosure: I was lucky enough to read an early draft of this a few years ago. It’s taken all of my willpower not to blab about it until now. It is jam-packed with awesome and I can’t wait to see how the final version came out. If somebody just filmed it as is and managed not to fuck it up, it would probably be my favorite movie ever. This crowd is gonna love it.

  7. Ordered from your link. Can’t wait to read it.

  8. Congrats, Vern! I plan to order it when I get home and cycle it into this year’s Halloween reading list.

  9. Well it’s either this or re-read IT for the 10th October in a row, so I just picked it up on Kindle!

  10. I really liked Niketown (and also Seagology and Yippe Kay Yea), and obviously I enjoy this site quite a bit. So, do you feel like you’ve gotta be into horror much to enjoy this, or will appreciation for your voice carry the day? Because I mostly don’t like horror believe it or not and will be less tuned into the things you’re probably commenting on in the book.

    But then again I don’t particularly like Seagal movies either (or watch very many of them) and I laughed my ass off with Seagology.

  11. heartfelt congrats, Vern! way to show 2020 that you weren’t going to take this shit lying down. was just wondering if there was an alternative sight to purchase from as Amazon won’t ship it to Australia??

  12. Hell yeah! Congratulations!!

  13. Ben: I think you’ll be okay. It’s got as much action/thriller in its DNA as it does horror. Think of it as an action movie with a slasher in it, like SILENT RAGE or COBRA, not a slasher movie with some action in it. Also it’s got Vern’s humor and personality to it. I don’t think you have to be a horror guy to enjoy it.

  14. Cool. I’m definitely reading this.

    Vern, which way can we order it and get the most money to you?

  15. Hey Vern,

    Check your email.

  16. Ordered! Looking forward to reading, congrats Vern

  17. The Undefeated Gaul

    October 5th, 2020 at 11:09 pm

    Congrats!! Just ordered a physical copy as well!

  18. Thanks everybody!

    Ben – I’m not sure what you’ll think, but no, you don’t have to be familiar with the horror genre. I wouldn’t say I’m commenting on it but I’m definitely trying to follow certain traditions, some of them obvious even if you don’t watch much horror (like setting it on a holiday).

    Mixalot – It’s on the Australian Amazon too:


    Now, if anybody’s objection to Amazon is moral unfortunately I don’t have an answer to that yet – they own the service I used for self-publishing. I want to have at least an ebook available elsewhere, but there were unanticipated formatting issues with that.

    Marc – Thanks for asking. The best possible way is to go through my links (like in this post or on Twitter) because then I get royalties + tiny affiliate percentage. But it’s a small difference.

  19. It’s also on German Amazon, god knows how that works. I picked it for reasons of fast delivery over the US one, otherwise I would’ve used your afilliate link, but “In these uncertain times” I always expect that my mail gets lost in the shuffle before it even leaves the States.

  20. thank you kindly!

  21. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it.

  22. Instant purchase from me. Looking forward to it, Vern.

  23. Ordered. Sounds terrific!

  24. FUCK YES. I’m looking forward to the ebook as there’s no way to get a physical copy now. Is Niketown available on ebook in a way where you get some extra money from the purchase?

  25. Ordered two! One for me, one for the homies. Probably won’t be the last copies I buy either. I’m so excited! Kinda wish you were a full time novelist, you have this Charles Willeford quality that I adore.

  26. Hell yeah! Christmas has come early. Will order a copy soon.
    I look forward to reading this. Absolutely loved your Yippee Ki-Yay Moviegoer book.

  27. Hearty congratulations Vern! have your Yippee Ki-Yay and SEAGALOGY sitting on my shelves and expect your latest to join them soon as I’ve placed my order on Amazon. Well not that soon, as I’m way over the other end of the world in Malaysia so maybe 2-3 weeks before I get my hooks around this worm.

  28. Wow! Max congrats!!

  29. Congrats, Vern! Easiest decision to order something in a while. Just finished Niketown and really enjoyed it so I am looking forward to this joint.

  30. Bought it through your link so you get the sale AND the affiliate credit. How meta is that?

  31. Sounds great, Vern. Paperback ordered!

  32. Just ordered my copy. This is going to be so rad (do the kids still say that?).

  33. Can’t wait to read this! I bought Niketown earlier this year for one of my pandemic reads (read it right after The Grifters, which made a nice pairing) and enjoyed it, so I get to have 2 great Vern yarns this year!

    Does anybody else hear Michael Wincott in The Crow’s voice when they read the title? Just me?

  34. Oh hey, I got a new book in the mail today! Can’t wait to dig in!

  35. Just bought a copy from your widget link thingy, I’m stoked to inhale it with my eyeballs. Thanks for serving us all this top shelf excellence, Vern!

  36. Congratulations! Ordered the paperback copy. I’ve just finished Brian De Palmas first novel and can now enjoy some autumn evenings with WORM ON A HOOK. The story sounds great, the cover art looks terrific and I’m a huge fan of your writing style and taste. I hope we can expect some genre typical sequels!

  37. One successful order and delivery here in the UK.

  38. Pacman2.0 – how did you do that? I can’t get it through UK Amazon at all!

  39. I like the little aside about him needing “a more professional website”.

  40. Thanks mate! The link worked a treat. I have no idea why I was just getting a ‘this title is not yet available’ banner instead. Anyway, looking forward to reading this next weekend.

  41. You’re welcome, enjoy!

  42. The Undefeated Gaul

    October 10th, 2020 at 8:09 am

    Yay, my copy from German Amazon just dropped on the mat!

  43. About halfway through, so no (serious) comments on the novel yet, but I was really hoping to see a bunch of characters with names like Subtlety, and PacMan, and CJ, and Winchester, and Majestyk, and so on. I am crying real crocodile tears over this.

  44. You have to read between the lines. Clearly, my analog is the Budweiser frog.

  45. I’m still stuck in chapter 1, but it’s 100% my fault. I just don’t find the time to read. At least when NIKETOWN came out, I had to commute daily on a train and had lots of dead air inbetween.

  46. Just finished it not 5 minutes ago. I’ve actually had a weird block about reading long form prose fiction since all the lockdown/Covid business. Non-graphic novels just haven’t been able to pull me in, I’d get 30 pages in and drop them even if they were great.

    Worm on a Hook broke that run so hard.

    I won’t go into why as it’s really one of those things where probably the less you know going in the better, but I flat out adored it and I’m certain I’ll read it again.

    Vern, congratulations on an excellent book and thank you for breaking that very long spell for me. All future Vern novels are now automatic preorders.

  47. The Undefeated Gaul

    October 17th, 2020 at 1:44 pm

    Just wanted to mention I finished the book today as well and it’s a hell of an enjoyable read. Well done, Vern! I’ve got some spoiler-free notes, will just list them below.

    – Stoneback is a fantastic creation, cool name, great backstory, sick kills! If this ever gets turned into a movie I’m thinking Spencer Wilding might be a good candidate (bad guy from GREEN STREET 3). Big dude, knows martial arts and is used to acting under lots of monster make-up.
    – You really excel at writing believable and natural sounding banter between the characters, and making them seem real in general. This is great, because it makes their death scenes hurt extra (especially since they’re all brutal as hell!)
    – Loved the badass main character/hero. I could muse about casting here as well but that might be a spoiler.
    – Also, although he’s probably not old enough, while reading I was seeing Woods in my mind as being portrayed by Richard Brake.
    – I’m sure I missed some, but the many references to movies, action/slasher movie tropes and your own stuff made me chuckle several times.
    – Only minor negative point: I think the pacing could probably have been improved a little by cutting down the number of hero/Stoneback confrontations that happen before the climax, as there was a bit of a repetitive rhythm to them. Hero tries something new, doesn’t work, fight gets interrupted in some way.
    – Also, this may be me, but during the climax the hero yells out something I feel they could not have possibly known about – unless I just missed something. Anyways, it’s really minor stuff, the book was a blast!

    I really hope someone takes you up on that podcast/interview thing, because I’d love to hear more about what went into writing this thing, how the little details came together, what research you put into it (weapons, MMA, location, tons more I imagine) plus how you handled the self-publishing, arranged for the cover etc.

    This book is honestly inspiring me to do something I’ve been trying to push myself to do for the past 14 years: go back to writing. I used to write lots of stuff, then self-published a sci-fi fantasy novel in 2006 and, demotivated by the lack of response, never went back. Worm on a Hook in a lot of ways is similar to what I’d like to be writing myself, and gives me that feeling that I should just stop overthinking shit and start typing some words.

  48. Thank you, Undefeated Gaul! I would love to discuss all that with someone. I really haven’t had a detailed conversation about the book other than with the two people who read it and gave notes before publication. I’ll be excited to do it.

  49. The Undefeated Gaul

    October 18th, 2020 at 2:05 am

    Well I don’t have a podcast or even a website/blog, but I’d happily have an e-mail conversation about this stuff. I’m genuinely interested in how you got it all together. I don’t know if you go into much detail on the Zebras in America podcast, but I’ll be sure to check out that episode as well!

  50. Finished it yesterday, and it was a blast. It was my second time reading it, but the first time I had my editor hat on and that tends to take the fun out of it when you’re sitting there weighing the pros and cons of every adverb. This time I just got to enjoy it. Much like someone above mentioned, I’ve had a hard time getting sucked into a book lately, probably because the ongoing slow motion bus crash that the world has become has completely fucked my attention span. That wasn’t a problem with WOAH. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to wake up in the morning and actually be excited to have a book to read. It was fast-paced and always on the go, helped immeasurably by perfectly bite-sized chapters that kept you wanting to read one more and an ingenious story structure that kept introducing new elements right when the hack-slash-repeat format of the main plot might be starting to get monotonous. The characters all delineated themselves well without the author having to tell you what they were like; their motivations and behavior were enough for the reader to form his own opinion. I particularly enjoyed the glimpses we got into Stoneback’s head, which is something we never get from a slasher film unless the slasher is a monologuist which, thank god, Stoneback is not. I thought his gradual transformation into a not-quite-mindless killer was believable and well done. And of course the action and gore was a hoot. I’d watch this movie a hundred times.

    When I recommend it to people, I think I’ll describe it as “If FIRST BLOOD was a slasher movie and the killer and the victim were both Rambo.”

  51. Thanks Majestyk! The short chapters are on account of my own poor reading habits. I always find it easier to get through a book when I can keep saying “Oh, just a couple pages and I’m at the next chapter.” And I’m glad people are noticing the FIRST BLOOD stuff. Maybe it’s obvious, but Stoneback making a poncho out of a tarp was one homage to it. At one point I took detailed notes on Rambo’s journey through the movie and wanted to make Stoneback’s exactly parallel it, but then I decided that was too much.

  52. caruso_stalker217

    October 18th, 2020 at 7:02 pm

    Just finished this and really enjoyed it. Here are some stray thoughts and observations before my lunch break wraps up:
    Never seen a pre-title action sequence in a book before. Awesome!
    I appreciate that the douchebag 20-somethings are actual sympathetic people and not just cannon-fodder. Like a greatest hits of my favorite Friday the 13th characters, except some of these ones get to live!
    (Seriously, why do all the cool people get offed in those movies and we get stuck with some lame-o Laurie Strode clone? Or Tommy Jarvis??)
    Cool protagonist, too. (no spoilers)
    Your sacrifice completes my sanctuary of 1,000 testicles.

    There are a few criticisms too but also other nice things that I’ll save for my Amazon review.


  53. I must ask…have you seen the Bruce Willis commercial for Die Hard batteries? Argyle got old. But the commercial is pretty good.

  54. Ordered your new book and a copy of “Niketown”. Looking forward to reading them

  55. Got it a last week, started to read it with my son yesterday.

    He’s thirteen and dyslexic, so it’s pretty hard to find books that engage him- we typically start three or four novels before we find something that he wants to stick with . I’m happy to say he’s well and truly… hooked. I’m sure no one has made that joke ever.
    When we finished the prologue and got to the title: “Just like in a movie!”

  56. Wow, thanks for telling me that. It did not occur to me that anybody would read it with their kid. That makes me so happy. I needed that.

  57. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this, particularly the villain’s origin story (origin stories are always the best part). Also, an island beer festival sounds fantastic, as long as a hulked-out, disavowed, genetic-monstrosity, kill-monster doesn’t show up.

  58. This might sound a little counterintuitive, but I just want to take a second here to sincerely appreciate that Vern has pinned this ad for WORM ON A HOOK at the top of the page. First, because I have been meaning to buy this book for weeks but have been really busy with work and if that wasn’t at the top of the page every time I came here I would have forgotten about it. (I bought it yesterday and can’t wait to read it.) Second, because this is visual proof of how proud Vern is of his work, and that makes me really happy to see — not that Vern hasn’t made work he should be proud of in the past, but that he has built the confidence to own this one in a different way. I think it speaks to how Vern has grown over the years and I’m here for it.

  59. Thank you for saying that. I was just worrying about if I should unpin it before people get too sick of it.

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