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10 Things I Hate About You

Wednesday, March 31st, 1999

You know with the year 2000 and everything maybe my new year’s resolution should be to cut down on sex with young women. now don’t get me wrong 18 is my cut off point, I’m not going down again and that’s a fact, jack. But still this may be too young for ol’ Vern and let me explain why.

A lot of gals 18-21, although they are not all teenagers or in high school they still like movies about high school. that time period is still important to them so they enjoy to watch the movies. At first it is just a joke and they watch it with the whole irony type thing and everything but in the end they go “That was actually pretty good.”

Well the problem I have with this is they bring the video over to my house and I have to watch it and that is how I saw 10 Things I hate About You. The gal I believe her name was Katie or Kelly or something along those lines, she says this is based on a william shakespear play. It retells an old story in a contemporary high school type setting and in this respect, according to kassie, it is trying to recapture the formula of the movie Clueless. (read the rest of this shit…)