sneak peek of ALIEN 3 on Patreon now

There are really two specific movies that were released in the summer of ’92 that were the primary reasons I wanted to do this Weird Summer thing. One of them is David Fincher’s audaciously anti-crowdpleasing ALIEN 3. I’ll be posting the review here on Monday but I thought I would give Patreonites a chance to read it early if you want. (It’s nearly 6,000 words, so it might take the weekend.)


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2 Responses to “sneak peek of ALIEN 3 on Patreon now”

  1. I won’t get to it tonight but I will read it. I love your long reviews.

  2. Love that you mention the warden getting pulled up into the ceiling, a moment similar to the classic “we’re on the same page now” moving finger reveal from PHANTASM and also something of a precursor to the iconic scene of Sam Jackson getting grabbed by the monster in front of everybody as he’s yelling at them in DEEP BLUE SEA.

    Also happy you brought up the Raimi-esque Xenomorph POV. ALIEN 3 was the first one I saw (which is maybe why the perceived callousness of offing Newt, Hicks and Bishop before the movie started never bothered me as much). My parents were friends with this cool, young married couple who were big into horror movies and invited me to come see it with them, something that would seem a little weird now (“Can we take your kid to see the new ALIEN movie?”) but was absolutely rad in the early 90’s. On the way back, they were raving about the POV shots and told me all about these two movies I had to see: EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2. First time I’d ever heard of Raimi, and of course after their description and I rented both immediately and it’s been love ever since.

    Feel like maybe I cut ALIEN 3 more slack than most because of these nostalgic memories, but I’ve always been a fan and I’m incredibly happy you took the backwards dive into its molten pit for this excellent appreciation.

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