New features: questions and suggestions

Thanks to the great Clubside Chris, outlawvern.com proudly unveils two new features which I encourage you to try out by clicking in the bar above the post, below the stunning new logo.

1. Suggestions.

This is a thing some of you guys have requested, a way to suggest movies for me to review. It has a weird voting system where you get 10 votes per month to spread between however many suggestions you want. I’m not sure I understand it yet but I think I will once you ladies and gentlemen of the internet start messing with it.

Don’t think I’m gonna be constantly reviewing all of these, ’cause I follow my whims and try to find stuff nobody’s heard of. But I promise I’ll keep an eye on it and do some of the more popular ones or ones that catch my eye.

2. Questions?

This is a thing where you ask a question and other people answer it, and… to be honest I don’t totally understand. I know it’s related to that thing I come across during Google searches where idiots with cartoon avatars ask questions and get terrible advice from other idiots with cartoon avatars. But we’re gonna do a better job, hopefully, with our badass cinema related questions. I’m not sure. But I’m trying it out because Chris’s suggestion to try Twitter seemed stupid at first but turned out to be a good one.

Please try these out if you have a minute and we’ll see if they’re worth keeping.

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40 Responses to “New features: questions and suggestions”

  1. Hey, Vern. Love the new look. Been reading since the geocities days and this is the best yet. I tried to vote for a suggestion (Prince movies) and it didn’t work. Maybe I’m doing it wrong or something but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

  2. Hey Dtroyt, it’s probably because you’re not logged in. Since we have no way to trap spam and CAPTCHAs suck I have both pages set to only allow registered users to vote, add new items, basically anything but read. I’m hoping to allow Facebook and Twitter logins by the end of the weekend if you’d rather not register a separate account here.

    Another reason to only allow registered users is that otherwise it tracks by IP which means when the whole family loves Vern, as they should, they’d only get one vote. And that’s hardly fair to the chilin’.

  3. um, you mean the questions are not if we want to ask you Vern, personally, a question?

    also, you made the gravatars bigger! awesome!

  4. Its supposed to be like Quora and StackExchange, just geared toward Vern stuff, and hopefully a lot more fun. Just recall one of the hundred plus comment derailments and instead it’s a starting point. Like one of the first questions is one I put up asking which was the best Die Hard sequel. It’s a regular debate with no right answer but now bored people searching the web who ask that question will come here see the debate maybe stick around.

  5. I have a shitty old computer and haven`t downloaded any programs to it since 2008. For some reason I can`t see those bars or recommendations or polls. The recommendations sounds fun though. I`ve recommended lots of movies over the last five years and Vern have ignored them all, except for a glib and short review of Audition. I actually like that it`s seemingly impossible to get Vern to review any movies and when it finally happens, it`s a great honor. But, I prefer it`s totally impossible to guess what Vern is gonna review next.

    It doesn`t matter though. I like this site because of Verns great writing and the interesting discussions.

    I suppose you`re trying to get more readers. How about actually getting IMDB to link to your reviews. When I hear about a movie, new or old, always go to imdb to read about and have found quite a lot of interesting websites by following their external reviews-section. Or sometimes they`re just mentioned in the comments-threads. Or you could choose some of you`re favourite reviews and add them as user-reviews on imdb.

    Another idea. I like when Vern has a theme going. You should collect some of the theme-based reviews and give them their own link, so they are like small e-books with chapters. Maybe with a nice cover and introduction. Like if you´re into Alvin and the Chipmunks, Mega-acting or Bruce Willis, then you can read all the reviews or articles about them in one go (or easily find them in one place).

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work.

  6. What browser are you using dna?

    You can jump to see the two pages with these links



  7. Clubside: how do you log in? I’m trying to nominate “atanarjuat, the fast runner” the baddest ass Eskimo movie you will ever see. Granted, i’m on an Android phone, so maybe that’s the issue, but everything else on the site works, all the fancy Javascript, etc.

  8. For now you have to use the Log In at the bottom of the sidebar Meta section. As I mentioned earlier I’m working on Facebook and Twitter logins so if you stay logged into either of those you’ll already be logged in here. I’m sorry, it’s not something I regularly think about so the user experience for now isn’t the best but I’m working on it.

  9. On the suggestions page, how do I add images and trailers and stuff? I want my suggestions to look as snazzy as everybody else’s.

  10. Hi Vern, Clubside Chris

    Nice work on the new look site, looks great. I have one question/request, if that’s okay.

    What happened to the “All Reviews” link? I can’t seem to find it. It was my favourite way to start a journey through the site, by loading up all the reviews, scrolling until I found one I hadn’t read before, and then following the trail from there. Awesome.

    I see you now have an archive section across the top, by date. That’s cool. But an archive by movie would really be the tits, if that’s possible.

    Thanks again, guys.

  11. Thank you Vern & Chris.

    I have already cast some votes in suggestions.

    My question is the same as Mr. M’s. I want to suggest DARK OF THE SUN, but I want to post the awesome poster art with it.

  12. Adding trailers is easy, just put in the YouTube link on its own line and WordPress will automagically convert it.

    For images and links you have to do the HTML yourself (or wait for me to come along and fix it as I did with the Forum items and other recent things).

    So for a link you’d put in “<a href=" and the URL

    For an image you'd put in "<img src=" and the URL

    Easiest to put each on its own line with a blank between them.

  13. Blapps as Majestyk said under the Home menu you’ll find All Reviews, Reviews by Title and Reviews by year. I’ll be adding these links into a non-menu footer soon, it’s just the sidebar was so packed I’m trying to open the page up a bit.

    I have a bit of work to get done but comin soon will be a timeline method of browsing all of Vern’s reviews. Hopefully that’ll be another cool discovery method for you Blapps.

  14. Thanks Chris. I will give it a try, but you may have to fix my post. I always mess stuff like that up.

  15. I tried it but it did not work. However, I am sure the issue is user error on my part. Chris, I am sure you have a lot on your plate, but if when you have the time you could tell me what I did wrong I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for all your hard work and help.

  16. The only thing you did wrong was not see what I counted on, knowing HTML lol. I can’t put in the full HTML because you wouldn’t see it, you’d see a link or an image, so I only provided the start assuming people knew the HTML.

    In this case you didn’t format the link at all. You would have had to do this

    <a href=”http://the.address.com”> http://the.address.com </a>

    The href is the actual address to go to, in between the a and /a is the text, which in the case of IMDb I’ve always just included the same, but you could just as easily have done this:

    <a href=”http://the.address.com”>Click this motherfucker!</a>

    For the images you didn’t close the img tag or include quotes around the image (or scale the image, but that’s another matter). A full img example would be:

    <img src=”http://the.address.com/picture.jpg”>

  17. Thank you for fixing it, and the detailed instructions.

  18. I gave it another shot and tried to post a suggestion for THE MISSION, the link worked fine but the image doesn’t seem to work. I will get it right one day.

  19. It’s no problem, I have to edit every entry for the time being anyway since the sharing plugin we use attaches itself to every suggestion which really fucks up the page. Hopefully I got the right trailer for ya.

  20. Can I rather send suggestions by mail? Licking stamps is easy.

    Stamps taste brown…

  21. Sweet, thanks Mr M and Chris.

  22. Thanks again Chris.

  23. Nice additions. Wish I’d read the guide here for image embedding before I added The Great Escape.

  24. No problem Stu, already fixed. I will try to ensure there’s a poster and trailer whenever possible when I go in to turn off the sharing bullshit (as I mentioned I have to do after each suggestion). Though if you do embed yourself I don’t gotta look shit up lol

  25. DNA – you have to manually submit your reviews to IMDb to get in the external reviews. I used to always do that but I stopped because I didn’t think people actually followed it much. But maybe I should go back through the last couple years and update.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  26. Thanks, Chris.

  27. What we need to do if find some way to make video reviews automagically from Vern’s prose to start a YouTube channel for all the addled whippersnappers out there

  28. I nominate Keith David or Sam Elliot to be the voice of Vern’s reviews.

  29. I have a couple suggestions, Killer Joe, and Beyond The Black Rainbow. Both are top of the heap among the most memorable flicks I’ve seen the past few months.

    Killer Joe is a noirish thriller/satire by William Friedkin, and it is crazy. People walked out! I totally understand why, because the scene that prompted that mass exodus was super harsh and rude. I exaggerate some – about 10 people left. It’s got a bunch of name actors, like Matthew McConaughey, and that dumb dude from Sideways, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple and Gina Gershon – I think Gershon is the new Karen Black!

    Beyond the Black Rainbow is a throwback SF horror that’s seems like it’s a lost film of the 70’s early 80’s, with a Cronenberg/Argento look and feel. It’s the first feature film by Panos Cosmatos, the son of George Cosmatos. The dad’s got a really great record of genre film directing, and that pedigree shows, because dude really brought it to this flick. It has a crazy story that didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, (the ending just kinda happens). Whatever though, because the ride is awesome, and Jaysus does it ever look cool. I’m totally looking forward to whatever he does next. Also, I dug on seeing all kinds of influence playing out on the screen too.

  30. This post was about new features stefaneechi. You have to go to the Suggestions page to add your ideas. Look up in the header, you’ll see a link on the menu bar below the logo that reads “Suggestions”. Click that, make sure the movies you’re suggesting haven’t already been added, then go to it!

  31. I want to cast my vote for PRINCE MOVIES but everything I click on doesn’t add a vote. Is this because I’m trying to do so on the mobile version? Which icon is the right one?

  32. If you don’t see a button below the large number of current votes that reads “10 Votes Left” or some such that means you’re not logged in which is a requirement.

  33. Sorry, if it says “0 votes left” that means you’re not logged in. In the Meta area at the bottom of the sidebar you can log in or create an account. As mentioned previously I hope to have Facebook, Twitter and other account linking available soon if you don’t want o have create yet another login.

  34. I just added another one, and I just posted the youtube link and added the html stuff for the poster image like you said, but the image isn’t showing up and the youtube video is just the link.

  35. Hey Stu, for YouTube you have to use the link available when you click the share button, which almost always has a youtu.be address. I don’t know what to tell you about the image since I can’t see any remnants of that code.

    I have a few issues with this plugin and the author is unresponsive (only seems to care about his themes) so I may be writing my own version after all and if I do I’ll just include boxes to paste those links into and handle everything behind the scenes.

    Sorry for the trouble I’m tidying up your suggestion now.

  36. Thanks. I didn’t use the share link because I seem to recall that not really working on other boards which are meant to automatically turn that into an embedded vid. I was using an imgur.com uploaded image for the poster, if that makes any difference.

  37. Don’t think it does though I’ve never used that service. WordPress is being finicky, they have released a plugin called JetPack which adds features to self-hosted WordPress sites (like this one) that would extend the embedding to comments but it comes at a hefty footprint and 7/8 of its features we’d never use. When we make the transition to a new host I’ll do some performance testing and if things have improved as I hope I’ll add in this really cool plugin that allows all sorts of comment embedding.

  38. I used the share link, but it didn’t work out. At least the link is visible. Don’t know what went wrong with the poster image, but it wasn’t a great poster anyway.

  39. My guess is you didn’t put a black line between your trashing of the trailer and the link itself lol. I’ve cleaned it up. I plan on putting some notes on the page explaining how I have to edit every entry no matter what because of the fucking sharing plugin and I have a great source for posters so I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll be “touching up” every suggestion. For Vern’s sake having the IMDb link, poster and trailer will make it easier for when he finds time to look at the reader suggestions.

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