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Just putting this out there

First of all, thank you all for reading and participating here, you are the best and this has been a really great year.

Second, this is a polite nudge to remind everybody that IF you participate in capitalism AND you use the “Amazon” type electronical service to do some of it, then you could really help me out by using my links. You pay the same amount you were going to anyway but those slick suckers slice off a little tiny piece of the pie and send it my way. So let’s say you are doing some Christmas shopping, or ordering a TV, or pants, or hundreds of dollars worth of office supplies for your work. Might as well give me a cut, right?

If you refuse to do it I will still like you but come on man help a guy out.

Anyway, thanks again everybody. Hope everybody got some sweet potatoes.

For some reason the Amazon UK search engines are not working on my page anymore. But until I figure that out if you click on one of these titles and then search for your item hopefully it works.

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16 Responses to “Just putting this out there”

  1. No sweet potatoes for CJ. Germans don’t play dat thanksgiving game. Still, I hope y’all had a good one and if I ever buy something from one of the English speaking Amazons again, I make sure I take the detour through your websight first.

  2. Thanks for all the great writing this year, Vern. Would be good to hear your thoughts on that thing that’s gonna break the Internet in a few hours time, even if just in the comments.

  3. If you’ve got one of these widgets for amazon.co.uk I’d be more than happy to start from there this xmas.

  4. Seconded. Got a ton of stuff I’ll be getting through amazon.co.uk this xmas. Happy to use a link here.

  5. The Original... Paul

    November 28th, 2014 at 10:15 am

    Thirded on the “.co.uk” posts. You got a lot of European readers, Vern, we have our own Amazons!

  6. Wait, is the UK Amazon thingy gone? I’m sure there was one one here!

  7. The Original... Paul

    November 28th, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    CJ – I’m not seeing it… and I don’t have Adblock or anything on. I just assumed that there wasn’t a .co.uk address,

  8. Okay, that’s weird. I came on here again and there WAS a co.uk widget underneath the US one. And now it’s gone! Either I’m losing my mind or there is some kind of technical glitch.

  9. So Vern, just to be clear on this, if I want to purchase a movie you haven’t reviewed before (or any type of product) and you don’t have a link, will you still get a cut if I enter the AMAZON site through an existing link, then proceed to purchase the product I wanted?

  10. Wish I thought of this the other day when I ordered a bunch of stuff. I’ll see if I can help you out Vern.

  11. Darren – Yes, or use the search engine box in this post or on the sidebar.

  12. I do a lot of ordering through Amazon at my work, but Ill have to add my voice to those clamouring for a .co.uk link, clicking on the existing one gets me to the US site, but I see there is a link there to get to the UK site, do you still get your cut if I get into it that way. Been meaning to do this for a while but keep on forgetting to!

  13. I have a question and it’s probably stupid, but I’m going to ask it anyway because I’m not one of those young hacker kids nowadays you see in all the movies. Do I need to come back to your site every time I search an item to buy? I would think that once I did one search through your site everything I purchase AT THAT TIME would give you your share, but wanted to make sure. I can’t imagine it would keep it saved in there if I exited out of Amazon and came back later, would it?

  14. Stander – Hopefully you can now see a separate Amazon UK search box above this and in the sidebar. You would have to go through there to make it work, because they make me have different affiliate codes for UK and US.

    Maggie – That’s a good question. A while back they changed it so if you go a certain amount deep it no longer counts as a referral from me, I’ll have to research the specifics. But you shouldn’t have to come back here every time.

  15. Next time I order some Shaw brothers films, I´ll try out the link on the right. never ordered from Amazon before. i guess now is a good time as any.

  16. I can see it now, thanks for the fix. Ill start funnelling any Amazon orders through that from now on, probably only in the new year since everyone at the school I work at is winding down for the holidays in 3 weeks time. Least I can do for the hours of enjoyment you’ve provided me with over the years.

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