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  1. Just finished watching RISING SUN which I picked up on Blu-ray because it was on sale a while back. It sat on the shelf for quite a while, I remember it being boring, but not sucking as bad as it just did. Gotta love the giant ’80s hair in a ’90s movie. Quite the cast, too, being a Crichton and all. Looks like I’ll stick with Connery for the palette cleanser, LXG here I come!

  2. never saw the movie but I tried reading the book but stopped because it was really racist

  3. How is Drop Zone not here? that’s a classic as well with a great Gary Busy performance as the bad guy.

  4. The Original Paul

    July 27th, 2015 at 4:17 am

    I always kinda dug RISING SUN.

    The novel came across as really racist, but the movie was a pretty decent mystery flick for me.

    Agree completely on DROP ZONE. One of my favorite retro-action movies.

  5. I also just remembered another one, MONEY TRAIN “nothing stops the money train” “you know what happens when you play with fire?” Snipes: “You get BURNED!” Damn, Snipes was pretty cool in the 90’s – I’m gonna re-watch these now.

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