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  1. Beautiful!! just great!!

  2. http://www.imdb.com/news/ni50104783/?ref_=hm_nw_mv_t2

    This looks cool. Would love to see that panel with Aaronofsky.

  3. Thursday night on the best tv channel:


    I’m assuming Vern will at least make an appearance in the “special thanks to…” portion of the credits.

  4. Mouth – When Clint talks to the empty chair, he’s actually talking to Vern but he’s been digitally erased because of [REDACTED].

    Also after that doc airs, one of Clint’s best movies WHITE HUNTER BLACK HEART will play.

    Good fucking movie.

  5. Clint has just cast Christopher Walken for JERSEY BOYS. God, I hope they do another film with Clint on screen.

  6. http://www3.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/26666/THUNDERBOLT-AND-LIGHTFOOT-1974/

    Can’t wait for this. It’s my 2nd favorite Eastwood movie (below UNFORGIVEN).

  7. “I looked in his eyes and saw that look of panic people have when they see their life passing before their eyes.”

    “Eastwood Saves A Life”


  8. So that puts him in with Harrison Ford and Mark Harmon as leading men who actually saved someone’s life. It’s oddly satisfying sometimes how life imitates art.

    I’m glad Clint’s doing AMERICAN SNIPER next. In his hands it could be possibly another classic.

  9. If only he’d concluded this act of mini-heroism with: “Do ya feel lucky?… well, do ya punk?”.

    I suppose this now exonerates him from the “doddering old goat talking to the empty chair” episode. Good job, Clint.

  10. Geoffrey Lewis RIP

  11. [visual-parse url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbcXbf7QIbY”]

    Clint and the late, great Keith Emerson briefly discussing Dave Brubeck for a BBC documentary.

  12. Clint is now apparently supporting Trump. This is just too much for me…

  13. [visual-parse url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMD4-bzqEac”]

    I’m really looking forward to SULLY in a way that I haven’t for Clint’s movies in awhile.

  14. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on SULLY, Vern. It might be his best work since MILLION DOLLAR BABY.

  15. I must admit I get kind of nervous every time I read a headline about Clint talking to the press. This time it was at the ongoing Cannes Festival and he talked about getting back to acting and some short answers to short questions about his working philosophy. But in the middle of it he got into his pet theory about how DIRT HARRY was the last politically uncorrect movie that was also a success. And then he said that we’ve lost our sense of humor in these matters. And I thought to myself; Is that what the right wingers think, that racism, malechauvinism, homophobia and vigilantism are funny?

  16. But, yeah, I’m all for him getting back to acting…

  17. “Is that what the right wingers think, that racism, malechauvinism, homophobia and vigilantism are funny?”

    Basically. Everybody who has problems that don’t directly affect them need to “lighten up.” They’re basically the political equivalent of the alpha douche who picks on people until they snap and then pulls the “I was just kidding, bro” card.

  18. “The last politically incorrect hit movie”.
    Damn, Clint either doesn’t watch many movies or he forgot lots of stuff that came out in the last few decades.

    And yeah, I’m totally sick of people wanting the “good ol’ days of political incorrectness” back, because let’s face it, what they are REALLY saying is: “Man, I wish I could call black people ni**er and beat up a bunch of fa**ots with my friends and grab random women by the pussy again, without anybody objecting to it.”

    I’m sure that many of them don’t mean it that way, but this is the time they want back. Once you bring back the rape and holocaust jokes, you bring back all the rest. (I know that sounds a lot like “Blame TV for our kids’ shitty behaviour”, but am I the only one who sees a connection between the rise of antisemitism, “rape culture” and all around shitty behaviour and stuff like Adult Swim and SOUTH PARK? It’s hard to tell someone “Hey, stop mocking rape victims and don’t yell Heil Hitler in a synagogue”, when he just has to point at a Seth McFarlane show and can say: “Hey, why can he say it and not me? Don’t be so PC, bro!”)

  19. It’s the sort of reasoning I’d hear a lot when I lived in New York. People would yearn for the days of big, bad, grungy 70s New York, and all I could think was, “So you’re cool with the rape and murder rate going through the roof as long as you get to feel like a cool bohemian artist?” They assume THEY would never be the one getting raped and/or murdered so they romanticize an earlier era that many who survived it (or didn’t, for that matter) would say was a nightmare.

  20. Yeah I’m all for the first 2 ammendments and all but people seem to be confusing respecting every living beings right to personal freedoms whether we agree or not with having something to justify their asshole shenanigans.

    I’m against a lot of the softness, watering down and anti-intellectualism that gets championed in media or art today. I do think there is a lot of hypersensitivity and coddling where it doesn’t belong which affects everything from art to news reports.

    At the same time I’m also someone who sees the merit in some of it and does feel that going all the way to the other side would be as or even more damaging.

    Frankly way too many people aren’t civil or emotionally mature enough to live in a more uncompromising but more realistic society. So this “PC culture” just amuses the shit out of me wheb it grinds peoples gears on either side of the ridiculous fight.

    Unfortunately it’s many of those uncivil ones that yearn for such a thing to add yet another label or category to justify whatever bullshit they really stand for.

  21. And yes by emotionally immature and mentioning ammendment 2 I did mean that as as I feel we should all bear arms way too many of us are unfit to responsibly ever do so.

  22. Keep in mind that I’m not a white american guy from middle america but a black dominican american from uptown NYC. So I understand that perspective may vary.

    Nevertheless I could never turn on any of our collective heroes here for their personal viewpoints. All I can do is avoid anything they do outside their work. Like Clint in his old age has said some of the most off the wall batshit crazy stuff ever said by a public figure; but that will never change the fact that the Dollars trilogy is still the greatest trilogy in film history.

  23. [visual-parse url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAhX6esloTs”]

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